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Creams from the Dead Sea

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Last reviewed: 17.06.2018

Creams from the Dead Sea - like all cosmetics, which contain natural salts or Dead Sea mud - are able to effectively help in the proper care of the skin, including its deep cleaning, moisturizing, increasing elasticity and relieving inflammation.

Useful properties of the cream from the Dead Sea are due to a unique combination and high content of macro- and microelements that penetrate the skin, improve blood flow to tissues and supply cells with oxygen, activate metabolism and eliminate toxins, increase the ability of the epidermis to retain moisture. In addition, creams from the Dead Sea have anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic action, which increases the protective function of the skin.


Indications for the use of cream from the Dead Sea

In most cases, indications for the use of a cream from the Dead Sea - like any other cosmetic product - refer to the problems that are peculiar to a particular type of skin, as well as its age-related changes. This is increased fat or dry skin of the face and body, a tendency to irritation and various rashes, lethargy or flabbiness, premature aging.

Contraindications to the use of cream from the Dead Sea

Contraindications to the use of cream from the Dead Sea may concern those cosmetic products that are aimed at solving dermatological problems, not peculiar to your skin type. Or in those cases when the use of a cream from the Dead Sea is undesirable for individual skin features (hypersensitivity, peeling, vascular network, etc.) or with a tendency to allergic reactions.


Creams from Israel Dead Sea

Creams from Israel Dead Sea are represented by the products of such Israeli cosmetic manufacturers as Care & Beauty, Health & Beauty, Dead Sea Minerals (DSM), Dead Sea Premier, Hlavin, Mineralium Dead Sea, Ahava, Sea of SPA, SPA Pharma.

Dead Sea Face Cream - Night Nourishing Biomineral Cream Care & Beauty is enriched with macadamia oil, palmitoleic acid, containing fatty acids Omega-3, Omega-6 and Vitamin E, which help slow down the aging process of the skin. With dry skin, you can use this cream also during the day. A regenerating moisturizer with honey and propolis (Care & Beauty), in addition to the minerals of the Dead Sea, contains vitamins A, C, D, E and ultraviolet protective complex. This cream perfectly removes signs of skin irritation, soothes and nourishes it, and also reduces the depth of wrinkles.

Cosmetics with minerals of the Dead Sea of the company Health & Beauty is certified by the Ministry of Health of Israel. Cream with minerals of the Dead Sea. Multi-Vitamin Cream SPF-20 (Health & Beauty) includes a complex of vitamins C and E in combination with evening primrose oil, sea buckthorn, green tea, aloe vera, and UVA and UVB filters. The cream restores the moisture of the skin, helps increase the turgor and helps fight wrinkles. The cream is suitable for all skin types.

Dead Sea Moisture Cream Moisture Cream of Dead Sea Premier company, in addition to the mineral mud and water of the Dead Sea, includes seaweed, wild rose hips, jojoba, avocado, evening primrose, etc. This cream moisturizes and regenerates the skin, stimulating metabolic processes in its cells. Contains SPF 17 and, thus, is a protective against aging of the skin.

Anti-Aging Cream SPF-15 with avocado oil (manufacturer of SPA Pharma) contains Dead Sea minerals and vitamins (A, B, E) and provides the skin with all the necessary trace elements, increasing its elasticity and smoothing wrinkles. Protects from a wide range of solar radiation.

The company Mineralium Dead Sea produces a rejuvenating face cream from the Dead Sea Mineralium. The effect of this cream is directed to three main signs of skin aging: dehydration, flabbiness and age spots. Prolonged use of Mineralium (daily in the morning and in the evening) stimulates the synthesis of collagen, the renewal of elastin fibers and accelerates the synthesis of the cellular humectant hyaluronic acid.


Dead Sea Creams from Jordan

Creams of the Dead Sea from Jordan, we have little known, but the cosmetic industry of this country in the last two decades successfully develops and produces high-quality cosmetics based on the products of the Dead Sea.

Jordanian manufacturer of natural cosmetics Universial Labs LTD produces its products under the trademark C Products and exports it to almost four dozen countries around the world. An effective face care cream is the Dead Sea Sea Cream from Jordan C-DERM PLUS, which contains Dead Sea salt, glycerin, shea butter, aloe vera and vitamin E. This cream moisturizes, nourishes and provides the skin with optimal protection (SPF 25 ) from harmful sunlight UVA and UVB.

Another cosmetic brand Jordan - La Cure - produces Dead Sea Natural Beauty products, which include salt and mud for baths, as well as a wide range of creams. La Cure Night Cream (La Cure Night Cream) is a natural mixture of pure Dead Sea minerals, vitamin E and aloe vera, which are recommended to prevent dry skin of the face and neck. The cream also helps to cleanse and nourish the skin, making it healthy, smooth and silky.

Moisturizing cream La Cure (La Cure Moisturizing Cream) is enriched with Dead Sea minerals, vitamin E and natural extracts of apple and carrot. It calms the skin of all types well, prevents loss of moisture, improves the elasticity of the skin and protects it from the weather and the effects of hard water.

Dead Sea Creams from Jordan - anti-wrinkle cream Anti-Wrinkle Cream and whitening cream Whhitening Cream - are the products of the company Dead Sea FORTUNE. Anti-Wrinkle Cream contains natural Dead Sea minerals in combination with other natural ingredients that provide intense nutrition to mature skin and work to reduce the depth of wrinkles. And Whhitening Cream reduces unwanted skin pigmentation and protects it from the sun.


Reviews about creams from the Dead Sea

Reviews about creams from the Dead Sea are different. And this is a completely natural phenomenon, because even the most natural cream can not suit someone or even cause an allergy. But the fact that in most cases, Dead Sea minerals improve the skin, proves enthusiastic comments of thousands of consumers of these cosmetics from different countries.


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