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Cervical osteochondrosis: treatment

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Last reviewed: 20.11.2021

Before we know what cervical osteochondrosis involves, it is necessary to know what the disease is. Today is a very common diagnosis. And it is completely wrong to believe that this problem can only affect older people. A significant number of patients between the ages of 20 and 40 suffer from a disease such as cervical osteochondrosis whose treatment is now successfully carried out by different methods.

The disease develops as a result of displacement of the cervical vertebrae and pinching of the nerve roots of the spinal cord. Such processes are called degenerative-dystrophic.

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Causes of cervical osteochondrosis and risk factors

One of the causes of the disease is a wrong way of life: lack of physical activity, violations in the diet. Often staying in the wrong posture, which provokes muscle tension and spasms, is conditioned by professional necessity. Working in the office forces people not to stay away from the computer for a long time, during telephone conversations, fix the tube with the shoulder lifted to the cheek, leaving hands free to operate with the keyboard.

As a result, the posture is disrupted, the vertebrae are displaced, the blood supply of the brain is impaired. The latter is due to the fact that the vertebral artery is located in the orifices of the vertebrae of the cervical region.

The risk group includes people whose professional activities are associated with vibration effects. Heredity and trauma also play a negative role.

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Symptoms of cervical osteochondrosis

Patients experience a headache, often it is permanent. Pain increases with movement, accompanied by dizziness. Turning your head to the side is often painful.

Pain extends to the thoracic region, similar to angina pectoris. However, in contrast to paroxysmal heart pain, the duration of it reaches several days.

Due to the infringement of nerve endings, patients may also be prone to shooting, numbness of hands and tongue, and tingling sensations are possible. Similar phenomena are observed both during wakefulness and at night.

Often it is accompanied by fatigue, anxiety, sleep disorders.

Treatment with traditional methods

In the treatment of good physiotherapy, manual therapy, therapeutic and prophylactic gymnastics, drug treatment. A complex combination of several methods based on diagnostic results is possible.

The diagnosis is made based on the patient's complaints. Additionally, magnetic resonance imaging and x-rays are prescribed.

When the diagnosis of cervical osteochondrosis is determined, treatment should be selected individually.

The efforts of manual therapists and osteopaths are aimed at restoring the mobility of the spine, combating the damage to the intervertebral discs. The therapeutic effect includes recommendations for doing exercises, organizing the right posture during sleep. The doctor can draw the patient's attention to the condition of certain organs.

The course of magnetotherapy or treatment with laser therapy is based on the stimulation of the affected nerve centers through the skin.

Thermal imaging diagnostic method allows to identify the impact zones. At the same time, the work of the autonomic nervous system improves.

Therapeutic gymnastics gives a lasting effect. The complex of exercises is selected taking into account the patient's condition: it is difficult to perform certain exercises in the acute stage. The load varies depending on the changes in well-being. Positive results are achieved after regular exercise.

Medication is prescribed for the progression of the disease. Applicable NSAIDs, analgesics, vitamin therapy. External creams, ointments and patches supplement anesthesia.

Treatment with non-traditional methods

Among the additional or alternative methods is good phytotherapy, acupuncture, alternative means.

Clinics of Tibetan medicine pledge effective treatment as a comprehensive approach and diagnosis of the body as a whole. For recovery make a number of procedures, including massage, acupuncture, purifying diets, gymnastics, use of medicinal plants.

Yogis offer their ways of restoration. Classes should be conducted by a competent and reliable instructor.

Alternative medicine recommends the imposition of compresses of horseradish: the leaves of the plant must be scalded, allowed to cool and applied to a source of pain. The procedure is best done at night. Also can ease the state of infusion of garlic with lemon: the ground mixture is infused with boiling water and used on an empty stomach, ½ cup. Experts say that self-massage is effective.

Prevention of cervical osteochondrosis

In order to prevent the disease, you must lead an active lifestyle, avoid static situations for a long time. Daily gymnastics is the best method of prevention.

In the afternoon it is better to alternate sitting work with physical exertion: to do "physical pauses". It's enough just to walk, bend over several times, stretch.

If you have to perform a heavy physical load, you should avoid sudden movements. It is better to increase the duration of work by reducing the intensity.

Strengthening immunity in general plays an important role.

For the prevention of osteochondrosis, it is very important to prevent the development of scoliosis in childhood. It is necessary to ensure control over the correct bearing of the child, it is convenient to equip the workplace for the period of homework. It is advisable from the early age to attach the child to daily exercise. A good effect gives swimming.

Preventive treatment of cervical osteochondrosis

At occurrence of the first signs of disease it is necessary to spend as soon as possible diagnostics with the purpose of prevention of development of an illness. This will avoid drug treatment and restore metabolic functions in the cervical vertebrae faster. It is also important to prevent the development of complications: problems with hearing and vision, disruptions in the respiratory system. Eliminating the pain that accompanies cervical osteochondrosis, treatment will help the patient to return to the ordinary way of life.

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