How to choose the right product for weight loss

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Last reviewed: 10.08.2022

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To lose weight, people take vitamins, minerals, food supplements and other means to reduce weight. Are they dangerous and how to choose them correctly?

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Minerals and vitamins

These substances are considered micronutrients because of their small amounts that are necessary for the body. Vitamins and minerals are needed for us to convert substances from food into energy, which is necessary for life.

If vitamins and minerals are not enough, they need to be taken from pharmacy supplements. Not always in our diet there are all the necessary substances. In addition, we need more vitamins and minerals if:

  • The organism is in a state of prolonged stress
  • The person smokes
  • The person abusing alcohol
  • A person has chronic bowel diseases

All these changes require more useful substances, and the vitamin and mineral menu should be increased. But in order to control the weight with the help of all these additives, it is necessary to remember about their reasonable proportions. If a substance enters the body more than normal, it can neutralize the effects of the other.

Therefore, the dose should be calculated with the help of a doctor.

How to choose the right product for weight loss

Nutritional supplements do not always contain on the package the full composition of what is contained in them. Therefore, the manufacturer may not even know about the harmful impurities that are contained there.

If you have any doubts about the content of food supplements you are using, contact an independent laboratory to analyze this product. Otherwise, advertised means for losing weight can do more harm than good.

Vitamins for getting rid of obesity

Some vitamins are recommended as an additive to diets as an effective means of promoting weight loss. Let's figure out what vitamins can, along with other drugs, help get rid of fat deposits. These are vitamins of group B.

Characteristics of B vitamins

They help to release energy from food. Even with the help of vitamins, fats are burned, they contribute to the metabolism of carbohydrates, help the brain work better. With the help of vitamins, serotonin receptors are activated, which contribute to the improvement of well-being, give a person a sense of happiness and joy.

With the help of vitamins, nervous impulses are activated, which transmit signals to the brain. And with the help of vitamins, metabolic processes are activated.

When a person is in a stress situation, the stores of vitamins are depleted at lightning speed. Therefore, when a person wants to lose weight and keep all the useful substances for the body, you need full doses of vitamins, not minimal ones.

If there are not enough vitamins in the body, the muscles are weakened, the headache is troubling, disturbed sleep disturbances, there may be decreased hemoglobin and elevated cholesterol level in the blood.

Vitamin B1 (thiamin) - activates carbohydrate metabolism

Where to get B1

From meat, cereals, yeast, bran, nuts and beans. Vitamin B1 needs 1-2 mg per day.

B2 (riboflavin) - activates fat, carbohydrate and protein metabolism, and also helps to penetrate the blood into oxygen.

Whence to take В2

From milk, whole grain bread, green salads, nuts, eggs. It will be enough from 1 to 4 mg of vitamin B2.

B3 (nitzinamide) - helps the food to be digested and converted into energy

Where to get B3

From meat, fish, beans, vegetables green. It will be enough from 13 to 22 mg of vitamin B3.

B5 (pantothenic acid) - contributes to the fact that energy is released from food, as well as cholesterol and hormonal drugs.

Where to get B5

From meat, wheat (sprouted grains), nuts, seeds, milk. From 5 to 10 mg will be enough per day of vitamin B5.

B6 (pyridoxine) - activates the production of serotonin and dopamine, necessary for energy production. Pyridoxine promotes more active liver function and estrogen exchange, helps relieve symptoms in PMS.

Where to get B6

From vegetables, meat, beans, liver. Vitamin B6 will be enough from 25 to 30 mg to improve overall well-being, and in order to relieve symptoms of PMS, you need from 50 to 100 mg.

B12 (cyanocobalamin) - helps the development of red blood cells, activates the synthesis of DNA, strengthens nerve fibers and helps them grow

Where to get B12

Its sources are fish, milk, meat, eggs. For everyday intake, you need from 50 to 100 mg.

In order for the B vitamins to be better absorbed, it is necessary to take also folic acid. This will help to lose weight without losing useful substances, if you are on a diet.

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