"Divorce" on the diet Malysheva - beware of scammers!

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Last reviewed: 16.10.2021

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The diet menu Malysheva, TV presenter of the program "Health", thanks to the development of which, according to reviews, lose weight just at incredible speed, there is no public access. There are only approximate versions of this menu. With them we will now introduce you, as well as with what should be feared when you are offered to pay money for such a menu.

Malyshevoy diet menu: what to prefer

Breakfast - 08.00

Oatmeal cooked on water, yogurt without fat and fermented baked milk or yogurt

Breakfast - 10.00 am

Apple (2 pieces), tangerine (2 pieces). Choose: either apples, or tangerines.

Lunch - 12.00

Fish, baked or cooked, pork or chicken meat, 1 hard boiled egg

Afternoon snack - 16.00-17.00

Apple (2 pieces), tangerine (2 pieces). Choose: either apples, or tangerines.

Dinner - until 19.00

Salad from raw vegetables, kefir with zero fat content, hard boiled egg

If this diet is followed for 4 weeks, weight loss can be very significant - from 10 to 15 kg.

Important for losing weight!

Refuse sweet baking, alcohol, flour (except for black or rye bread) and do not overeat. Then the body will gradually rearrange for weight loss and you will lose excess weight without any effort.

In addition, normalize the work of their taste buds, which are used to sweets, salines and various flavorings in the food.

Elena Malysheva also recommends physical activity so that the food can be digested and absorbed better - this also contributes to weight loss.

As you can see, tips and recipes are simple, it is not necessary to spread money for them to someone who wants to cash in on your desire to lose weight.

Beware of scammers taking money for a diet

Malysheva 's diet became so popular that unscrupulous people immediately began to earn money on it. The essence of the "divorce" is that you go to the site for weight loss, or even to your own Skype or ICQ, and either a new contact or someone on the site offers you to answer a number of questions about losing weight.

You answer, then for you as if about an individual diet for Malysheva is being developed. And, as they say, absolutely free! To learn the features and menus of this individual approach to losing weight, you are offered to send an access code from your mobile phone.

Here you need to be on your guard, because when sending the code with you can remove a considerable amount and do not even warn about it!

Do not send money for a diet from the Internet!

Once you do this, you risk constantly getting spam to your mail, phone and Skype, that you need to improve your diet, that you are offered a new individual development, etc.

You are actively falling asleep with suggestions about individual diet development, buying the products you need at low prices and so on. The purpose of these messages is only one: to deprive you not of kilograms, but of your money.

And people who actively spam you with spam, can hide behind the names of famous nutritionists, stars and leaders. The site can be issued certificates and licenses, but to verify their authenticity will be very difficult.

Fake diet Malysheva. How it works?

  • Beautifully designed website with tips for losing weight
  • Authors of diets with "real" photos
  • Stories of losing weight
  • Test for the development of an individual diet for Malysheva (or someone else)
  • Proposals for the development of an individual diet (this is the main danger! For this they take money, often without warning you about this)

Follow the reasonable advice that provides free sites for you, specializing in health and weight loss, on time consult with doctors and do not succumb to the tricks of scammers.

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