Diet of Tatyana Tarasova: application

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Last reviewed: 16.10.2021

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The diet of Tarasova, the famous sportswoman, champion, figure skating coach, is based on one more principle (the previous ones we listed in the article Tatiana Tarasova's diet: features ). This principle is this: you want to lose weight - you need to eat less than you want. That is, get up from the table with a slight feeling of hunger

Tatiana Tarasova's diet: why stay a little hungry?

If the body spends more energy than you give it to the food, you necessarily lose weight. Energy, which is formed after eating food, is measured in kilojoules. They are equivalent to the calories you get.

Kilojoules (their number) you can always find on the packaging of any product directly opposite the information on the number of calories. It looks like this: Cottage cheese is lean. The energy value (caloric content) in 100 g of cottage cheese is 75 Kcal (313.8 KJ). Next comes the composition of the product. Do not let this information on the package, if you want to be healthy and lose weight at the same time.

Diet Tarasova: how to make an individual menu for yourself?

Make a document in which you list everything that you eat constantly. This will be 1 bar with products. Opposite each of them write a product that is more natural. For example, opposite the curd mass, write the natural curd, in front of the cookie with margarine - unsweetened cookies on stevia and so on.

Your goal - to exclude from your diet harmful chemical products. Make sure! The body will thank you very much, especially the liver and kidneys. We are poisoning them with substitutes and sweeteners, and then we are surprised at the bad health and the vile color of the face.


Porridge, cooked on the water. You can add 2-3 drops of olive or corn oil to the fat content. In an extreme case, sunflower. To her we eat half of the apple. Or another fruit, except grapes - it is very high in calories.

Alternative to kasha is a sandwich made of rye bread or bran bread and a pair of thin slices of hard cheese with low fat content.

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Breakfast №2

Yogurt without added sugar and starch and fresh fruit.


Choose meat, braised on water or cooked without spices. Eat it with stewed vegetables. Meat choose the way you like, just not sausages.

Afternoon snack

Your menu for weight loss - 250 grams of kefir or yogurt and bread (this time you can sweet).


Low fat cottage cheese with vegetables. Vegetables can be put out - so they will get better at this time of day

The result of the individual selection of the diet Tarasova

You can easily lose weight by 5 kg per month and more, if you do not deviate from the principles of diet for weight loss. More kilograms per month need not be discarded - it depletes the body.

Lose weight with us easily and with pleasure! A good figure for you and a delicious diet with Tatiana Tarasova's diet.

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