Diet for the 4th blood group: how to lose weight properly

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Last reviewed: 20.10.2021

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Diet for the 4 th blood group is completely different than for people with other groups. This is its peculiarity. How to lose weight on a diet for the 4th group of blood?

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Diet Features

Feature number 1. Since the 4th blood group is the youngest of all, the person with it is easier and faster adapting to changes in the diet than the representatives of other groups. It should be taken into account that representatives of the 4th blood group are more prone to infections, because the immune system "catches" very quickly various changes in climate, diet and physical activity.

Diet for the 4th blood group

Therefore, in the menu for the 4th blood group, you need to include more products that help strengthen the immune system, in particular, citrus fruits (the famous vitamin C in the composition)

Feature number 2. Because of their hypersensitivity to changes, people with the 4th blood group can not always eat food, which is recommended for those with the first blood group. For example, meat or bread with bran. Products, the basis of which is rigid, can have a bad effect on the state of the gastrointestinal tract and even irritate its tender walls.

Therefore, it is better for such people to adhere to a sparing diet without acute, salty, smoked and hard.

Feature number 3. Representatives of the 4th blood group are more likely than others to have cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, the diet should include products that support the work of the heart muscle. Raisins and dried apricots, for example.

In order not to become a victim of cancers, which are also inclined to representatives of this caste, the diet should include green zucchini, which contribute to the removal of radionuclides from the body, as well as tomatoes - excellent help in the prevention of cancer.

Feature number 4. Representatives of the 4th blood group are mostly people with a low acidity of gastric juice. That is why their body is difficult to digest meat, especially red or fatty varieties.

As you know, the product, which is poorly digested, is postponed later in the form of fatty deposits. And why do you need extra pounds? It is better to follow the recommendations of doctors and exclude from the diet meat, except mutton, rabbit and turkey, which are digested relatively easily.

Feature number 5. Lack of rough meat people with the 4th group of blood can completely compensate for fish and seafood - they are allowed as many as you want. This food, which nutritionists are very recommended to include in the diet, to enhance metabolism and enrich the bloodstream.

people with the 4th blood group

In this noble cause will also help green salads, seaweed, dairy and sour-milk products, as well as fruits. They will help with tasty and sufficient nutrition to become slimmer and look younger.

Feature number 6. For representatives of the 4th blood group, there are foods that slow the production of insulin in the blood and inhibit the metabolism. So, they contribute to the increase in fatty deposits.

This buckwheat, corn, beans, wheat and its products and beans. If people with a second blood group can eat these foods and lose weight, then representatives of the 4th blood group on a buckwheat or bean diet can, on the contrary, begin to recover. These products are better replaced by others, easier to assimilate.


Recommended menu for people with the 4th blood group

Exclude from the diet sausages (especially smoked), bacon, ham, seeds, corn and products from it, buckwheat and pepper, if you do not want to get better.

Very good for the body nutritional supplements in the form of ginseng root, valerian, hawthorn fruit, vitamin C in both citrus and in the form of individual vitamins. You can also support the body with zinc and selenium, which are contained in brewer's yeast (tablets are sold in the pharmacy and are inexpensive).

To the body received the necessary substances not from meat products, be sure to include in the menu tofu (it contains enough soy protein) and fresh vegetables to your liking.

Lose weight easily with our advice! Consider your blood type, but be sure to listen to your body. Your wishes and recommendations of an experienced nutritionist will help you to make the optimal diet for weight loss and recovery.

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