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Boron is a poorly understood trace element, so much so that even its daily dose is unknown. But boron is very useful for the body. Without boron, bone tissue can not do it, and not only in humans, but in animals.

Properties of boron


Properties of boron

Without this microelement cell membranes do not cost, and boron actively participates in the formation of bones. Boron is also actively involved in the formation of many enzymes in the body and the body's reactions. For those suffering from thyrotoxicosis, boron is a real gift, as this disease significantly weakens its grip if there is enough boron in the body.

Boron helps the body cope with insulin resistance, that is, with its dislike. Thanks to boron the level of sugars in blood decreases.

If the body lacks boron, the body grows very poorly, if there is enough boron in the body, a person's life expectancy increases.

Boron deficiency

  • If there is not enough boron in the body, the growth of bones and muscles is delayed, the organs can not perform their functions in the required volume.
  • With deficit of boron can deform the bone, the bone system does not fulfill its role
  • Increased risk of diabetes
  • Appetite decreases
  • A person can have vomiting, diarrhea, nausea
  • The skin tells of the lack of boron is very indicative: it begins to peel, it appears pigmented spots, a rash, this condition is called boron psoriasis.
  • Anemia, low hemoglobin
  • Inattention, memory absentmindedness
  • Bad sleep

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In what products is a lot of boron?

  • This apricot is 1050 μg
  • This buckwheat is 730 μg
  • This pea is 670 μg
  • This lentil is 610 μg
  • This is barley cereal - 290 μg
  • This beet is 280 μg
  • This oatmeal is 274 μg
  • This corn is 270 μg
  • This lemon is 175 μg

Bohr is needed for a person to feel good, so do not neglect this trace element in natural products and vitamin-mineral supplements.


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