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What is basal temperature and how to measure it?

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Last reviewed: 15.05.2018

Basal temperature is measured in the rectum. With its help, you can more accurately determine when ovulation occurs. For this, you measure the temperature in the rectum (morning and evening) daily. In this case, you do not need to enter the thermometer too deep into the anus. It is enough to enter it for 2-3 cm. Record the results of the measurements in a notebook so that you get a graph, where on the ordinate (the one that goes up) you set the temperature in the rectum, and along the abscissa (the one that is located horizontally ) - the days of the menstrual cycle from the first to the 28th day (if you have a shorter or longer cycle, then until the last day of your cycle).

What is basal temperature and how to measure it?

In this case, during ovulation (approximately on the 14th day), the basal temperature rises by 0.5 ° C. In addition, using this method, it can sometimes be determined that ovulation does not occur at all. This happens when infertility. Then the graph shows an almost straight line without raising the temperature during the period of supposed ovulation.

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