They are considered the most difficult age group. Do you know why? Yes, because this transitional age - from the childhood period, teenagers already seem to have come out, and have not yet reached their youth ...

In the period from 11 to 15-16 years in the body there is a restructuring, caused by the onset of puberty. The endocrine system of adolescents is in an unstable state, and all endocrine glands, especially the thyroid gland and pituitary gland, work in a strengthened mode. This ensures the physical and sexual development of the body, but often affects the work of the main organs and the well-being of the adolescent.

Parents should keep in mind that adolescents are extremely prone to emotional instability and depressive conditions that can lead to the development of many chronic diseases.

Depression in adolescents: What should I do?

In a recent study conducted by the Queen Elizabeth Medical Center in Western Australia in 400 younger adolescents aged 10 to 14 years, 10% had clinical depression recognized, and more than half of the children were judged by doctors as prone to depression in the future. Depressive adolescents believed that happiness is achieved only by fame, money and beauty.

Eight tricks to become self-confident

We are all human beings and all have shortcomings. But in adolescence, these shortcomings are seen under a huge magnifying glass. The teenager is inclined to play down (or not see) his dignity, but the disadvantages of hyperbolizing. Hence the global self-doubt. How does a teenager become self-confident? There are a few simple but effective techniques.

Seven Methods to Deal with Parental Over-Control

Very often, adolescents complain that parents control their every step, they do not allow them to breathe freely, and their lives become unbearable. In this article there are important ways that will help to better understand the behavior of the father and mother and cope with the parents' hyper control.

Teenage alcoholism: why and what to do?

Adolescent alcoholism is very unpleasant and dangerous, but, unfortunately, a real phenomenon. And you can not close your eyes to it. According to statistics, more than 75% of eighth graders take alcohol or tried it to some extent, and by the 11th grade this indicator increases almost to 100%. Scary numbers. What are the causes of teenage alcoholism and how to deal with the child's addiction to alcohol?

How to calculate the eating disorders in adolescents?

The task of parents - in time to recognize eating disorders in adolescents and gently reduce them to naught. Do teenagers know that their efforts are directed against their own health? The task of parents - in time to recognize eating disorders in adolescents and gently reduce them to naught.

How correctly to speak with teenagers?

How to communicate with adolescents?

What is the crisis of adolescence?

If parents knew that there was a crisis of adolescence, they would have reacted much more calmly to all the tricks and tricks of their imperceptibly grown-up baby.

Premature sexual development

In some individuals, the onset of the puberty period falls to an 8-year-old age and this may be a variant of the norm. If sexual development began earlier than this age, the patient should be examined.


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