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The storehouse, which contains frozen sperm in liquid nitrogen, is called the sperm bank. It is intended for further use as a treatment for infertility, such types of assisted reproductive technologies as in vitro fertilization and artificial insemination.

Sperm banks are organized with medical or veterinary facilities. Frozen sperm of a man is used to overcome infertility by the method of IVF or artificial insemination.

Storage of sperm in a bank is advisable before medical procedures that can lead to infertility in men. If there are problems with severe male factors, then sperm donation is used to treat infertility. After all, there are problems that are transmitted together with spermatozoa. These are hereditary diseases.

Use of donor sperm can be done only 6 months after she has been in quarantine. So it passes all the checks is optional. Because sperm should be of high quality.

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Sperm donor

Who is a donor of sperm and who can become one? Usually, spermodonor is a man between the ages of 20 to 40 years. But the age and quality of sperm in this case is not enough. It is desirable that a man already had a child. Experts believe that in this case there is great confidence that a person produces healthy offspring.

The donor must undergo a full medical examination. And this process begins with a visit to the therapist, and end with a venereologist. The last specialist finds out whether a man is a carrier of HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B, C or other hidden infections. It is worth noting that if a person pretending to be a donor has previously had sexually transmitted infections, then he can not become a donor.

Before starting a medical examination and taking tests, a man must write a statement of commitment to the sperm donor. After all these procedures are left behind, another contract is concluded. It states that "the future father" should forever remain anonymous for the child. In addition, he should not appear in his life and not make any claims. They are given only sperm and all.

Where can I freeze sperm?

In the bank you can freeze the sperm, or rather, it is stored there in this form. In the simplest case, before freezing it is worth adding a little glycerin to the semen, literally 10% of the volume. The additive is used as a cryoprotectant.

Sperm with glycerin is dialed into a special container for freezing. As a rule, these containers are made in the form of tubes, sachets or straws. Cooling is carried out in two stages. At the first of them, cooling is slow. Sperm is placed in refrigerated chambers with controlled cooling. The temperature should not be below 35-70 degrees. In the second stage, a rapid cooling is carried out. In this case, the container with semen is immersed in a vessel with liquid nitrogen. Storage is carried out in Dewar vessels, which are filled with liquid nitrogen. The container with sperm is immersed in liquid nitrogen.

Frozen sperm can maintain its fertilizing function for many years. Before use, it is removed from the liquid nitrogen and placed in a vessel with warm water to thaw it. Then you need to remove the cryoprotectant. This process involves repeated reprecipitation in a centrifuge, replacing the seminal fluid with a nutrient medium. Thus, the sperm becomes ready to use.

Storing the sperm

If we talk about storing sperm, then it must be observed properly. As a rule, all this happens in the sperm bank.

Before freezing, add a little glycerin to the semen. It is added as a cryoprotectant. The received "mass" is typed in a special container, in which it will be frozen. To sperm did not lose its basic qualities, it must be frozen in two stages.

The first type of freezing is slow. It occurs in a special cooling chamber. The temperature should not be below 70 degrees. Sometimes freezing in a refrigerating chamber is replaced with a pair of liquid nitrogen. The second stage is called fast. In this case, immersion in pairs of liquid nitrogen is used.

As for the storage itself, it is carried out in the vessels of the Dewar. Keep the sperm in this form can be for many years, and it does not exhaust its properties. But before using it, the sperm should be under observation for about 6 months.

Sperm Clinic

There is a special institution where you can turn in and get "raw materials" - this is a sperm clinic. What is it? This is an ordinary medical institution, where everyone can sperm. At the same time, they conclude a contract in which they indicate that they have no complaints about the clinic. Furthermore, full permission is given for the use of the sperm obtained.

It is worth noting that in such institutions they pay for the raw materials they have delivered. For this purpose, the clinic data were created. Thus, there is mutual assistance. A man receives a monetary reward, and millions of women have the opportunity to become mothers.

Such a procedure is practiced not so long ago. But it is quite popular. This is really a good help to those women who want to have a baby, but there is no partner nearby. Abroad, this procedure received its first recognition. It was there that they began to practice it. To date, this is one of the required procedures. Stored semen in special vessels frozen.

Insemination of sperm

Medical technology, which is an artificial insemination, was called insemination of sperm. If we completely describe this process, then it is not so simple. Thanks to this technology, a sperm is introduced into the cervical canal or uterus of the woman, which was obtained in advance of the sexual intercourse.

This procedure is used for medical purposes to achieve pregnancy. In the case of infertility couples or for single women who want to have a baby. It is carried out in an outpatient setting by a medical institution of a gynecological profile.

The procedure is carried out during the period of the period. As for the time, this question remains for the gynecologist. Artificial insemination can be applied both in the natural cycle of a woman, and with the use of special hormonal stimulants.

Sperm for intrauterine insemination is obtained immediately before the procedure or is used in a frozen form. For administration, untreated or processed sperm are used. Under the treatment is understood the separation of sperm from the seminal fluid. This is done in two or three stages. Treated sperm is used more often, because native raw materials can lead to anaphylactic shock.

Inside the uterus, "raw" is introduced through a plastic catheter with a syringe attached to it. The procedure is completely painless, after a few minutes the sperm will be in the required place.

How much does semen cost?

Many people are interested in how much a sperm costs and where it can be taken. So, you can buy "raw materials" in the sperm bank. This institution and stores all the diverse sperm that helps many women get a child.

How much can a man earn by surrendering one "portion" of raw materials? In fact, the amount is pleasant. So, for a similar "work" of a representative strong sex gets 100-200 hryvnia.

If you look at this situation from the other side, then the lady who wants to buy sperm should pay about 400 hryvnia per biodosom. Abroad cost can freely reach up to 300 dollars and it is quite normal. After all, the price includes storage conditions, processing, and the name of the clinic itself.

Naturally, many men notice so much the big transition between "selling" and "buying." But to do it, obviously nothing will come out. The sperm surrenders on a voluntary basis and does not commit to anything. In addition, one such biodoza can make one woman happy. Sperm given allows you to earn a very insignificant amount of money to a man.

Where to sperm?

Some men want to know where to sperm. So, you can turn in the "raw materials" in special institutions. As a rule, these are clinics and sperm banks. There are such institutions in almost every major city.

But it's just not possible to do it. Before you become a sperm donor you will have to go through all the doctors, starting with the therapist. Because only a healthy man can become a donor. Even if a man previously had serious illnesses, then the donor can not become any more.

Sperm should be obtained from a healthy man. Its color, smell, and consistency should be normal.

Once a year, a man must undergo a test with a therapist and a urologist. Every 6 months, a test for genital herpes, cytomegaly, gonorrhea, chlamydia. Once every 3 months, the analysis for hepatitis B and C, syphilis and HIV.

Sperm only surrenders once, if it is appropriate, then you can repeat this procedure 3 months later, then after the same interval. When this "test" is passed, sperm is surrendered every two weeks.

Can I sperm for money?

Where can you sperm for money, and how does this process happen? Before proceeding to the analysis of this issue, one aspect will have to be considered. It is necessary to understand that from the given sperm children are obtained. Despite the fact that many clinics remain anonymous, children may want to find their father. To understand this fact is worth it.

Theoretically, sperm donation in clinics is offered not only for money, but also anonymously. But as practice shows, this is a little unreliable. After all, it is enough to know the result of DNA analysis in order to find a biological father. Therefore, to understand this fact is worth it.

Now as for sperm delivery. This process takes place in a clinic or a special bank. But before this process a man needs to pass all the tests to confirm his opportunity to become a donor.

As for cash compensation for the sperm, it is about 100-200 hryvnia for one "portion". True, the price may vary slightly, depending on the clinic. So the man can normally earn, and the sperm given in it will help.


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