Preparation for childbirth

Preparation for childbirth helps pregnant women to approach the culminating moment of pregnancy consciously. That is, the expectant mother to the end of the period of bearing a child simply must have a clear idea of what symptoms say about the approach of birth, how they proceed, how to behave properly, how to breathe during labor and how to relieve pain.

Preparation for childbirth implies that a woman needs to know what is needed in a medical institution and even what questions should be asked by doctors and what to pay their attention in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Cardiotocography in childbirth

It was established that cardiac activity of the fetus in the I period, delivery in the absence of hypoxia is not subject to significant changes and the heart rate averages 120-160 beats / minute. Does not affect it, according to the authors, and autopsy of the bladder.

Functional tests for the evaluation of the fetus

Also of interest is a test with a low O2 content in the mixture, which is given to inhale the mother, causing hypoxia. This test is good for controlling the placental function.

Methods of recording contractile activity of the uterus

Diagnosis of abnormalities of labor can be carried out by analyzing clinical symptoms or by graphically depicting the opening of the uterine pharynx in childbirth in the form of partograms.

Roentgenopelviometry (roentgenocephalopelvimetry)

X-rays can be performed in 38-40 weeks of pregnancy, during childbirth and in the postpartum period for retrospective assessment of the pelvis after complicated delivery and for the prediction of future births.

Monitoring of objective indicators of fetal status with the help of ultrasound

Difficulties with the definition of the presenting part are usually observed in obese women, with polyhydramnios, with strong and frequent bouts. In such situations, with a high-standing head, even a vaginal examination does not resolve doubts.

Monitoring of objective indicators of the status of parturient women

It is known that during pregnancy and childbirth there is a functional reorganization of the cardiorespiratory system, reflecting increasing loads on the respiratory and circulatory organs and is most pronounced in pregnant women, whose pregnancy and childbirth take place against the background of obstetric and extragenital pathology.

Medical methods of preparing pregnant women for childbirth

The literature discusses the feasibility of preparing the cervix with the help of estrogens, vitamins and ATP. A number of researchers claim that steroid hormones activate the processes of cervical ripening and sensitization of the myometrium, others - have not received evidence of the involvement of steroid hormones in these processes.

Non-pharmacological methods of preparing pregnant women for childbirth

Electrostimulation is currently used by a number of authors to interrupt pregnancy at a later date for the purpose of induction in pregnant women with premature discharge of amniotic fluid.

Physiopsychoprophylactic preparation of pregnant women for high-risk groups

Primitives of the older age. A clinical analysis of the course of pregnancy and childbirth in 400 older women, who underwent physiopsychoprophylactic training, was conducted.

Methods of preparing pregnant women for childbirth

If there is a bad or insufficiently expressed maturity of the cervix (especially in the first and second of its varieties), the spontaneous onset of labor in the near future is unrealistic.


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