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It is rare for a woman to find happiness in learning about her situation in the first days of her offensive. As a rule, the manifestation of symptoms begins 2-5 weeks after fertilization. And as soon as it became known that the "miracle happened", women begin to consider pregnancy for weeks, days, hours, minutes. Normal childbearing lasts nine months, but midwifery counts are taken weekly.

To a woman in the situation, the surrounding people, for the most part, refer to the patient as a terrible disease. To all, it seems that she is very fragile, vulnerable and helpless. Of course, a woman needs help and support, but it is not worthwhile to fully protect and guard her. If you consider the bearing of a baby for weeks, then it is in 10-15 weeks that the expectant mother needs frequent walks, positive emotions, and a sedentary, passive lifestyle and a bad mood are contraindicated.

Nevertheless, this condition has its signs, which are more or less constant for all women without exception: 

  • absence of the menstrual cycle is the first and most obvious sign of the onset of conception; 
  • drowsiness, fatigue, general malaise; 
  • slight nausea, sometimes severe in the morning, at different stages after conception may go into vomiting; 
  • change in gastronomic preferences and inadequate response to habitual smells; 
  • frequent urge to urinate, not always productive; 
  • at later times, constipation and bloating appear; 
  • formation of pigmented spots with localization on the face.

Despite the clearly expressed symptomatology, the condition after fertilization to the disease does not make sense, because for the female body it is natural, which is confirmed by all internal organs which, without special changes in their structure or in the functions performed, "allow" the fetus to develop successfully.

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What are trimesters?

To consider pregnancy for weeks is important because of the rapid development of the fetus. However, obstetricians - gynecologists consider it also for trimester. There are three of them during the fetation. The trimester is three consecutive months. That is, one trimester is four weeks. Why such difficulties, you ask? We already partially explained the explanation, saying that the development of the embryo is proceeding swiftly, and to prevent disruptions in its formation, weekly observation is necessary. To doctors to address every week it is not necessary, but for themselves the woman should know, as on what week occurs or happens in its or her organism.

Pregnancy by week: 1-12

From the first to the 12th week the life is filled not only with positive emotions, but also with considerable unrest. There are many reasons for this. In the first three months or, if pregnancy is counted by weeks - the first 12-16 weeks, the probability of a miscarriage is high. That is why it is so important for future mothers to listen carefully to their body and try to be as cautious as possible during this period.

Formation of the fetus

The life that has arisen in these weeks has the appearance of several cells that actively divide, producing a hormone called hCG ( human chorionic hormone ). If a woman suspected "wrong" and, first of all, decided to take an analysis for hCG, then, the indicators, in the case of a fetus in the womb, will be equal to any three-digit index.

The fetus has a "bookmark" of all internal organs, including, the nervous system is formed, the heart, hands and legs are broken. Any violation in the body of a woman during this period can cause the fetus to develop incorrectly. At the end of the first month, the embryo has a tiny size, only 4 mm. In the second month, the embryo is actively developing the brain, there is a palpitation, the size of the fetus, by the end of the eighth week, reaches 2 -3 cm.

Considering the pregnancy for weeks, you can find that 9-10 weeks add to the growth of the embryo another 1-2 cm, there are digestive organs, articulate the gyrus of the brain. 11-12 week - the liver starts to work, bile is formed, the heart has an almost completed, four-chamber structure. The fetus already looks through the fingers and toes, you can see the face. At 14-16 weeks, the fruit has an "increase" of 10 centimeters.

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Pregnancy by week: 13-24

From 13 to 24 weeks there is the most exciting behavior of the fetus, which is not only waiting for mom. Dads also await with trembling the moment of fetal movement. Calculating the pregnancy for weeks, this moment should be expected, somewhere, from eighteenth to twenty-first of them.

Movements and tremors are a sign that the fetus has developed muscle and ligament apparatus. Fingerprints begin to form on the fingers, the child gets a fingerprint identification, gets his first personal code, which in adult life will make it unique, because fingerprints never repeat their drawing in different people.

During these weeks, the growth of the fetus increases rapidly. So, if in 4 months it is 15 cm, in 5 months - 20, then in six months is already 30 centimeters. Together with the growth is gaining muscle mass. The osteomuscular apparatus continues to develop, the genitourinary system is characterized by the development of the kidneys and the beginning of their work. Urine is produced, and the sebaceous glands begin their work. By the end of this period, the child has to acquire a gentle fuzz on the body, active movements are replaced by passive behavior (at these moments the child sleeps). Mimic facial muscles at this point are also well developed, and this allows you to consider, during the procedure of ultrasound, how the baby frowns or smiles. There may be times when a child hiccups or coughs.

With the development of medical equipment to observe the pregnancy for weeks became incredibly interesting, both parents themselves and doctors. Modern ultrasound machines allow you to see a color, full-scale image, on which you can view even the smallest details and nuances. This is not a black-and-white contour and obscure, namely "real" video about the life of a baby in the womb.

The child receives all the necessary development, but it is not enough for life support to a small organism, in case of premature birth. The viability of a six-month-old fetus, outside the mother's body, is very low. Although medicine knows cases of childbirth for a period of 6 months with a safe outcome. But these are isolated cases, and, born premature babies are kept for several months on artificial life support devices. They, as it were worn out by means of special kuvezov, where I provide children with the necessary temperature regime. So, despite the high level of technical equipment of modern medical centers, for a child, there is nothing better than the entire put time to spend with mom in the tummy.

Pregnancy by week: 25-36. Expectations and worries

Pregnancy for weeks, namely from 25 to 36, passes in excitement and anxiety, because the baby is already developed enough and can be born at any minute, even despite the fact that until the end of the whole 2 months. Counting the pregnancy by weeks, and going to the 28th, the baby can decide to be born. Born in this period, infants are very viable, despite the fact that their body has some physiological flaws. For example, a seven-month fetus has not yet developed subcutaneous fatty tissue, which is why the body's thermoregulation is broken. In other words, the newborn's body can not maintain the body temperature at a constant level. It threatens with severe hypothermia. Preterm infants who were born for a period of seven months should be under constant medical supervision. In addition to the absence of thermoregulation, the lungs are not sufficiently developed in the body, and the child can not breathe independently. To ensure all necessary vital functions, these children are placed in Kuvezy.

Suppose that the baby decided to stay in the womb all the time and get a complete physical, physiological and even initial psychological development. The eighth month, or the thirty-second week, if you count pregnancy by week, is completely devoted to preparing a child for birth. The senses begin to show their activity. The child hears, is able to react to pain. In the eighth month the weight of the fetus reaches 2 - 2.5 kg., The growth is close to 45 centimeters. Of course, all the indicators of growth and weight, at different stages of development, each individual. There are babies who are born in weight at 2.5 kg in 9 months, and the growth of only 47-50 cm depends on the constitution of the parents, on the correctness of fetal development and many other indicators. Therefore, the text shows the average indicators, which should be oriented, but do not necessarily take the benchmark comparison.

And, finally, the ninth month. Preparing the fetus for birth is continuous and "full speed". Light baby is completely ready for independent breathing. They are well developed, they are formed a special fatty substance that envelops the alveoli (the smallest bubbles with air, of which the lungs are composed), preventing them from sticking together. From the skin of the newborn "fades" fluff, remaining only on the head, the skin acquires smoothness and elasticity. The child assumes the position of the body, contributing to the unhindered flow of labor, the head falls into the pelvic area. The kid is ready to go.

Correct behavior of the mother - healthy development of the baby

When the expectant mother begins to consider her pregnancy for weeks, she, of course, knows what you can eat, and what can not, what you can do, and what is better to refuse. Surely everyone knows that during the laying of the fetus of the bone apparatus, from the mother's organism to the body of the child, go calcium, as the main building element. The fetus forms a skeleton, and the mother's teeth become damaged, nails are broken, hair falls out, the bone structure of her own skeleton suffers. At any stage it is necessary to adhere to simple rules that will help the baby to be born healthy and full, and the mother's body is not affected by the lack of vital substances and trace elements.

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1-13 weeks

  • complete rejection of bad habits; 
  • proper nutrition - vegetables and lean meat (preferably chicken, rabbit, beef) steamed must become the predominant diet; 
  • the reception of vitamin complexes, by the prescription of a doctor and under the control of laboratory tests of blood and urine; 
  • avoid colds and viral diseases and injuries;


13-24 week

Counting the pregnancy for weeks, you need to keep in mind that from the 12th week there is a very likely occurrence of swelling, a set of excess weight due to the constantly growing appetite, so sticking to a diet will already become a necessity. 

  • the food ration should be made up as much as possible from thermally unprocessed fruits and vegetables, include cottage cheese, preferably home-made; 
  • to avoid the formation of edema, to refuse or to minimize the intake of salty, sharp, fatty and smoked products; 
  • to introduce into the diet sour-milk products and sauerkraut, but not in large quantities, so that there was not a strong swelling of the stomach. There is nothing terrible in this, but the sensations will be unpleasant. The feeling of bursting in the stomach is not entirely pleasant; 
  • Do not forget to take vitamin complexes; 
  • protect your body from viruses, injuries and food poisoning.

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25-36 week

Slackening in the diet is still not desirable, you just need to dilute it with food that can have a laxative effect on the intestines and adhere to the previously chosen daily routine: 

  • follow the weight, do not gain surplus, which will be a burden to my mother and will not benefit the baby; 
  • Do not exceed the dosage of vitamins to prevent premature aging of the placenta; 
  • to avoid constipation, which is often repeated in later stages, it is advisable to eat dried apricots and prunes. The microelements contained in these dried fruits will benefit not only my mother, but also will be useful to the baby.

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Do not hold back happiness

Waiting for the baby is an exciting and very responsible period. Someone approaches him well-prepared, and for someone, the upcoming motherhood, becomes a real surprise. In any case, the news that you will have a child is happiness. Feeling of joy, sublimity, should not leave a woman for a minute. Waiting, brightened with a happy thrill, will make the baby cheerful. Count your pregnancy for weeks, imagine every stage of the child's development, talk to him, tell him how happy you are that he will be with you and everything will be easy, and the birth will go without complications.

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