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Diseases of the newborn arise for various reasons and have many different symptoms. First, the disease can be congenital, and such pathologies are not one dozen. Secondly, a child can get an infection that his mother has, during pregnancy or childbirth. Finally, the gastrointestinal tract and the airways of the child from the first minutes of life are beginning to be populated by microorganisms of the environment, among which there may be pathogenic ...

The most frequent diseases of the newborn are associated with skin, digestion and general intoxication when bacterial or viral infections enter the body. Be on the alert, and do not be lazy to replenish your knowledge to understand what diseases a newborn can take away from the joy of the baby's appearance in your family.

Remedies for colic for newborns: list of drugs

Remedies for colic for newborns are drugs that are used to treat colic in infants. The frequency of this problem makes parents often use such drugs.

Anemia in newborns: hemolytic, iron deficient, physiological

Anemia in newborns is a condition characterized by a decrease in the level of hemoglobin and a violation of its main functions by erythrocytes. In infants, this condition deserves special attention, because they are not able to fully compensate for the lack of oxygen.

Dysbacteriosis of the intestine in newborns: signs, tests

The causes and risk factors of this pathology are diverse, but for treatment the etiological principle is not so important. Therefore, if your baby has colic, a stool, he cries and worries - this may be one of the signs of dysbiosis.

Stomatitis in a newborn baby: signs, how and what to treat

Stomatitis in newborns is an inflammation of the oral mucosa in a baby. This causes a lot of unpleasant sensations, first of all, it breaks the process of feeding the child, which indicates a big problem of such a disease. Knowledge of the etiology and pathogenesis of the development of this disease is very important, since the tactics of treatment are different for different types of pathology.

Cerebral ischemia in newborns: symptoms, consequences, treatment

Violation of blood circulation in the cerebral vascular system of the child immediately after its birth, causing a lack of oxygen in the blood (hypoxemia), is defined as cerebral ischemia in newborns. The ICD-10 code is P91.0.

Diarrhea in a newborn baby: how it looks, what to do, what to treat

Noninfectious diarrhea - diarrhea in a newborn child in the first four weeks of life, according to ICD-10, refers to digestive system disorders and has code P78.3.

Frequent regurgitation in a newborn baby after feeding

If the baby returns part of the portion after eating, then do not worry too much about this - the doctors believe that frequent regurgitation, as a rule, is a norm for newborns, and not a violation.

Constipation in a newborn baby: causes, treatment

This problem refers to the most common reasons for contacting a doctor, which is indicative not only of its wide distribution, but also of the importance of the problem.

Acne in the newborn on the face

Outwardly, they resemble pustules, but this is not at all and should not be feared at once. It is necessary to distinguish, when such pryshchiki do not entail danger, and when it is necessary to address to the doctor.


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