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Diseases of the newborn arise for various reasons and have many different symptoms. First, the disease can be congenital, and such pathologies are not one dozen. Secondly, a child can get an infection that his mother has, during pregnancy or childbirth. Finally, the gastrointestinal tract and the airways of the child from the first minutes of life are beginning to be populated by microorganisms of the environment, among which there may be pathogenic ...

The most frequent diseases of the newborn are associated with skin, digestion and general intoxication when bacterial or viral infections enter the body. Be on the alert, and do not be lazy to replenish your knowledge to understand what diseases a newborn can take away from the joy of the baby's appearance in your family.

Bronchitis in a newborn: obstructive, without temperature, acute, allergic

This disease in the newborn very quickly flows and can become an impetus to the development of pneumonia, so it is important to know about the symptoms of the disease and the main principles of diagnosis.

Crowns navel in newborn: reasons

Parents should always know when the symptoms indicate the disease and you need to immediately contact the doctor.

What if the baby's lower lip is shaking?

This happens when the baby starts crying for no reason (according to the parents) or the lower lip is shaking in the newborn. About whether you should worry about this, we'll talk in our article.

Peeling skin on the body, head, face, hands and feet of the newborn: reasons, treatment

I must say that in certain cases this can be a normal phenomenon, but sometimes it really is worth thinking about the disease. 

Krivosheya in a newborn: set, muscle, congenital, neurogenic

This pathology occurs in boys and girls equally often and can have a different degree of severity. But taking into account the consequences of pathology, timely diagnosis and treatment are very important for the prevention of complications.

Dropsy of testicles in newborn boys: what to do, how to treat?

 To prevent the violation of the reproductive function of the boy, you need to know when exactly this is a pathology and what to do about it.

Newborn's cerebral cortex: symptoms, treatment

An increased level of cerebrospinal fluid in the meninges is a dropsy. Consider the features of this pathology in children, the causes, symptoms, treatment.

Klebsiella pneumonia and oxytocin in infants

Klebsiella in infants is the presence of a bacterium in the urine, the feces of a child, which can cause various diseases. But this is not always a cause for concern, because this microorganism is opportunistic and can be in a certain concentration and normal. 

High and low body temperature in a newborn baby: what to do

The temperature of a newborn baby is one of the indicators of the normal state of the baby in the first month after birth. Increase or decrease in body temperature in this period in the child can cause pathology. Therefore, monitoring the body temperature in the first month of life of a child is very important, as an indicator of its general state.

Cerebral edema in a newborn

In small children, the disease has very serious consequences, so it is necessary to diagnose the process at the initial stages.


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