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Diseases of the newborn arise for various reasons and have many different symptoms. First, the disease can be congenital, and such pathologies are not one dozen. Secondly, a child can get an infection that his mother has, during pregnancy or childbirth. Finally, the gastrointestinal tract and the airways of the child from the first minutes of life are beginning to be populated by microorganisms of the environment, among which there may be pathogenic ...

The most frequent diseases of the newborn are associated with skin, digestion and general intoxication when bacterial or viral infections enter the body. Be on the alert, and do not be lazy to replenish your knowledge to understand what diseases a newborn can take away from the joy of the baby's appearance in your family.

Enterocolitis of the intestine in newborns: necrotizing, ulcerative

Enterocolitis in newborns is not so common, but its complications are very serious and the child can suffer throughout life. It is very important to know the main causes of the disease and to prevent enterocolitis. 

What to do if a newborn child is festering and watering his eyes: what to wash, drops

The defeat of a child's eyes should always be alarming, since it affects not only sight, but also the development of the child in the future, because he knows the world around him with the help of vision, hearing and smell.

Hiccup after a newborn baby: how to stop?

Hiccups in a newborn are a common problem that worries young parents. But this does not always indicate a disease, sometimes it is just a manifestation of a drop in body temperature. Therefore, you need to differentiate the state when you need to contact a doctor, and when you can manage on your own.

Why is the newborn feces green with mucus, lumps and what to do?

The change in the color of children's feces can cause concern among young inexperienced parents. Sometimes it is justified, but mostly the greenish shade of infantile feces is completely permissible and does not in itself carry information about a child's malaise.

Erythema of the skin of newborns: causes, effects, treatment

Erythema of newborns is very common, and not always it is physiological. Sometimes the manifestations of erythema can scare parents, which in fact is not so dangerous. 

Red eyelids of newborn after childbirth

A small child brings joy and happiness to the house. But hardly anyone will argue with the fact that with the baby in the house there is also a constant excitement for his health. Well, what kind of mother can remain indifferent, noticing the red eyelids of the newborn? 

How to properly sunbathe the children in the sun?

Sunlight is good for the body, it improves its performance and speeds up metabolic processes, is a powerful antidepressant, both for adults and for children. Going on a summer vacation with the whole family, you need to know how to properly sunbathe the children in the sun.

Noises in the heart of a newborn: what does it mean

The period when a child is called a newborn (neonatal) is estimated to be four weeks from the moment of birth. Noises in the heart of a newborn child are often heard by neonatology pediatricians in the maternity ward.

Low hemoglobin in a newborn: symptoms, what to do, treatment

The lack of oxygen may not be very good for the development of brain cells and internal organs. Therefore, it is important not only to know about the clinical manifestations of this syndrome, but also to find the cause.


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