Nutrition during pregnancy

It is extremely important to take care of the well-thought-out diet of a pregnant woman.

Nutrition during pregnancy plays a crucial role and largely determines the characteristics of the course of the process of carrying the child, because for every mother it is very important that the baby is born healthy and strong.

Proper nutrition will ensure her good health, a burst of vitality, will give vigor and strength. In this critical period, the expectant mother should receive all the necessary vitamins, minerals, trace elements and nutrients, because her body undergoes major hormonal changes and stress.

In this case, the rational choice will be rational nutrition. It should be remembered that the amount of food consumed and the need for specific types of foods will change throughout the pregnancy in accordance with the increase in fetal needs.

Chips during pregnancy

Chips are definitely harmful products. In large quantities, these products are harmful to everyone, and the chips during pregnancy threaten two organisms: mother and child.

Citrus fruits during pregnancy

Citrus fruits are so tasty and useful that, it would seem, the more they eat, the better. This is especially true during pregnancy, because a woman expecting a child needs double portions and vitamins, and in general all useful than rich mandarins, oranges, lemons, grapefruits, limes, pomelo.

Horseradish during pregnancy

To give an exhaustive answer to the question "Can I have horseradish during pregnancy?", I need to look at its composition and how individual ingredients affect the female body.

Goat's milk during pregnancy

Goat's milk contains fewer vitamins than cow's milk, but this is no less valuable.

Useful products in pregnancy

The feeding of a pregnant woman should be given enough attention throughout the gestational period. After all, the embryo receives "building" substances only from the mother's body, and useful products during pregnancy are such a source for the mother.

Pumpkin during pregnancy

When choosing a pumpkin during pregnancy, pay attention to the color, the condition of the peel. Intense yellow or orange shade indicates a large amount of carotene, a thick and stiff skin - about a healthy flesh.

Tea with milk during pregnancy

For a long time people support the tradition of drinking tea with milk. Unequivocally answer the question whether a combination of tea and milk benefits or negatively affects the body, no one can.

Dill during pregnancy: about benefits and not only

In this article you will find grounded answers to many questions regarding the use of dill - fresh and in the form used in the treatment of various diseases of the decoction of its seeds - during the bearing of the child.

Sunflower seeds during pregnancy

With regard to seeds during pregnancy, there are many prejudices. Say, such food adversely affects the child and the generational process. We will not dwell on each of them, so that women do not take to heart the information based only on rumors.

Halva in pregnancy

Despite the high caloric value, doctors advise to include it in the menu of the pregnant woman, as it contains a large number of vitamins and nutrients.


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