Man and planning proper nutrition for pregnant women

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Changes in the style of life of the future popes

Now that pregnancy has become a reality, it's time to analyze the situation to find ways to help spouses achieve a happy, healthy pregnancy. Spouses want them to have a healthy baby, this is the goal of every pregnancy.

The way to ensure that the child is healthy is to ensure the health of the expectant mother. This requires proper and good nutrition, gymnastics, a supportive environment and emotional peace. As a future father, a man can be a very important participant in each of these components. You can provide good food, do some exercises with your spouse, keep the house clean, guard your health and safety, maintain morally.

Many spouses say that some of their best memories of pregnancy are caused by the changes that they have made with their lifestyle. Some of these changes will remain part of your life together even after the birth of the child.

Good nutrition for the mother is one of the most important keys to a healthy baby. When the future mother eats reasonably and correctly, her growing fetus receives nutrients necessary for growth and development. A man can be a part of this process, encouraging his wife to eat right.

Did the reader hear the expression: "A pregnant woman eats for two"? It's true, she eats for two - for herself and her child, but she should not eat twice as much! Some people are mistaken in this way, but the truth is that a woman of average weight during pregnancy is enough to receive about 300 extra calories a day to provide good nutrition to her baby. It's not so much food - a woman can get these 300 calories from a 225-gram low-fat yogurt and an average-sized apple.

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Man and planning proper nutrition

A man should help a woman in that he will give her an example, eating properly. You should not ask a woman to cook high-calorie food for a man, expecting that she will eat something else. Do not expect that both spouses will eat regularly in fast food. These changes towards a healthy diet will be beneficial for both of them.

  • What kind of food should be eaten?

A daily diet should provide the nutrients needed for a healthy pregnancy. Planning for a healthy diet includes dairy products, protein foods, fruits, vegetables, bread and cereals. It may take some time, but together the spouses will be able to draw up a meal plan that will suit them both. Planning a healthy diet will also help them monitor weight and avoid high-calorie harmful food.

Below is a list of day food products, which includes 6 groups of food. Use them together to draw up a plan for proper nutrition and a varied menu:

  • dairy products - 4-5 times a day
  • sources of protein - 3-4 times a day (168-196 g)
  • vegetables - at least 4 times a day
  • fruit - 2-4 times a day
  • bread, cereals, pasta and rice - 6-11 times a day
  • fats / oils 3-5 times a day

Perhaps the couple will want to make a meal plan together for a week. They should look at the list of products and the number of servings per day and assess what products and in what quantities will provide these needs. Despite the fact that this may not be what the spouses would like to do together, joint creation and observance of such a plan can strengthen marital relations. This will show the woman that the man cares about her health and the health of their growing child and they work together to achieve the important goal of proper nutrition.

  • How much calcium?

It may be difficult for a woman to determine how much calcium she receives from the food she is eating. Packages usually indicate the percentage of calcium in the product. It can be embarrassing, since it's hard to understand how much it's actually there.

The decision is based on the fact that there is indicated the percentage of calcium required per day for a non-pregnant woman (800 mg per day). If the package says "20% daily calcium intake," simply multiply 800 by 0.2, resulting in 160 mg. Your spouse can record how much calcium she received from each calcium-containing product. A pregnant woman needs about 1200 mg of calcium per day.

  • Product selection

FOR EDUCATION OF THERAPEUTIC CELLS IN THE CHILD. Choline and decosaheque-hay acid (DHA) will help the formation of brain cells in the child during intrauterine development and breastfeeding. Holim is rich in milk, eggs, peanuts, cereal bread and beef. DHA is found in fish, egg yolks, meat of birds, walnuts and wheat germ. A man should encourage his wife to eat these foods during pregnancy for the sake of the child's health. Also see the two following articles about fish.

SHOULD CHOOSE FOOD RICH. Food rich in fiber and low in sugars and fats is a good choice for a nutrition plan. Fruits and vegetables, as well as grain cookies and bread - an excellent choice. To prevent excess calories, include in the diet foods rich in protein, but poor in fat, such as chicken or turkey, peeled, boiled tuna, cod and low-fat (1%) or skim milk.

FISH is a BEAUTIFUL CHOICE. Fish can be a healthy addition to the nutrition plan during pregnancy. The fish contains omega-3 fatty acids, which can prevent hypertension. Caused by pregnancy, and pre-eclampsia. Omega-3 fatty acids are also very useful for the development of brain cells in a child. According to some studies, another plus of including various types of fish in the diet is that a pregnant woman will not give birth as early as she could give birth if she did not eat fish, so children are born with a large initial undoubtedly.

A large number of fish dishes in the diet does not carry a danger; as a rule, the fish contains a little fat, but it is rich in vitamin B, iron, zinc, selenium and copper. A large selection of fish is a wonderful healthy supplement to nutrition. "Good selection of fish and shellfish" includes catfish, shellfish, ipecKy, crabs, croaker, flounder, haddock, herring, lobster, mackerel, marlin, oysters, perch (freshwater and sea), ruff, Pacific halibut, saury, reef perch, salmon and marine language. There is no other fish, see the article below. In general, pregnant women are recommended to eat no more than 340 grams of fish per week. This amount can be divided at will: 2 times 170 grams, 4 times 85 grams, or any other varieties giving a total of 340 g. The goal is not to exceed 340 grams of fish per week.

  • Foods to be avoided or eat should be moderately

SHOULD BE CAREFUL WITH FAVORITE FOOD. If a woman watches how many calories she consumes, so as not to overweight, a man should not buy useless food. 11echsnie, chocolate, cakes, pies, chips, candy and ice cream co-larzhat a huge amount of extra calories. It is useful for both spouses to exclude useless food from their diet. Pro-Vuktas, which we call "useless", are usually high-calorie, fatty and at the same time contain little or no useful substances for the man, his wife and the growing child. You can eat useless foods in small amounts, but do not want to make them a permanent component of your diet. Maybe a man does not like this idea, but it's not for long. You yourself will find that eliminating useless products from the diet is also beneficial to you.

SOME PRODUCTS MAY CAUSE LISTERIOSIS. Some dairy products and other foods should be excluded from the diet of a pregnant woman because they are a common source of food poisoning, called listeriosis. Such products include unpasteurized milk, any products made from unpasteurized milk, soft cheeses such as Bree, Camembert, Brynza and Roquefort, not fully cooked poultry, not completely cooked meat, not completely cooked seafood and not completely cooked sausages. To avoid this problem, do not eat these cheeses and process any meat and seafood until ready.

SOME FISH DOES NOT CONSUME FOOD. Despite the fact that the fish is an excellent source of nutrients, some varieties should not be consumed during pregnancy, since they can contain hazardous substances as a result of environmental pollution by mankind. Studies have shown that pregnant women should not eat certain types of fish more than once a month, for example, shark, swordfish, royal mackerel, cafe and tuna (fresh or frozen). Canned tuna is somewhat safer, but only one 170-gram serving per week is allowed (it should be included in the usual 340-gram weekly rate, fully discussed above).

Some freshwater fish, such as perch, pike or lake trout, are also risky to eat. To be safe, look at the area reports on the safety of freshwater fish. Fish can also contain parasites, bacteria, viruses and toxins. Sushi is a fish dish that can contain parasites or viruses. Untreated clams consumed as food can cause hepatitis A, cholera, or gastroenteritis. Do not eat any unprocessed fish during pregnancy!

Other fish that should not be eaten during pregnancy include species that live in warm tropical waters - in Florida, the Caribbean Islands and Hawaii. Do not eat the following "local" fish from these areas: barracuda, lufar, gouper, mahimahi, tile and raw tuna.

  • Is it important when she eats?

Studies have shown that pregnant women, who take food during the day often and in small portions, provide their growing children with nutrients better than women who eat 3 times a day in large portions. Despite the fact that they get the same number of calories, there are differences.

We found that maintaining a constant level of nutrients (by frequent meals in small portions) is better for fetal development than eating large portions, and then a break in eating. Three meals a day means that the level of nutrients rises, and then decreases during the day, which is not very good for a developing child. Nutrition in small portions also helps to avoid such problems associated with pregnancy, like nausea, burning in the heart and indigestion.

Spouses can try to eat together. Portions of women write will be less, and she will probably take it sooner or later than a man is used to, but spouses can plan it. For example, you have breakfast together, at about the same time every morning. You should continue to do this. If a man can not come home for dinner, when a woman should eat, he should not eat as much as he usually eats at dinner. You need to leave some space for food and eat with your wife before bed. By mutual efforts you can help each other spend time together. And it must be remembered - this is for the good of the woman and the child to be born!

  • Is uncontrolled eating of food?

A man may be surprised by strange combinations of products that his wife is eating. Comedians for years use "pickled cucumbers with ice cream" to display the oddities of many pregnant women. A man can discover that his wife's preferences are not so strange, or they can be even stranger! We are not sure why women can acquire strange food preferences, but many studies prove that it is caused by the hormonal and emotional changes that occur during pregnancy.

For many pregnant women, strange food preferences are a normal part of pregnancy. The consumption of certain foods may be beneficial or harmful. If a woman eats food that is rich in nutrients and useful, it should be encouraged to use it within reasonable limits. If she eats foods that contain a lot of sugar and fat, full of extra calories, you should offer her to eat something more useful.

PEAK. This is the state in which a pregnant woman eats inedible things, such as ice, clay, coffee grounds, cornstarch, wax and others. This type of uncontrolled eating is called a peak, which is not very useful for a woman and for her child. It can cause problems such as a turn in the bowels, a lack of nutrients and strong constipation.

If a woman eats such caves, you should convince her to talk about it with your doctor. He can offer a replacement, usually iron, to help deal with this problem. Do not encourage the woman's eating eating inedible foods.

LIQUID NECESSARY FOR HEALTHY PREGNANCY. A man should convince his wife to drink plenty of fluids during the variability. Water is the best option, but other fluids are acceptable. Foods and drinks that can provide the right amount of liquid include vegetables, milk and dairy products, fruits and juices. Some herbal teas can be, useful for various problems associated with pregnancy.

Coffee, tea and carbonated water should not be used as a source of liquid during pregnancy - they can be high-calorie, contain sodium and caffeine, which acts as a diuretic. If you managed to find carbonated water with a low sodium content and without caffeine, a woman can enjoy it, but, in order to avoid excess weight, pregnant women should not consume a lot of sweet.

Eight 225-grammed glasses of liquid per day is a good goal, which you need to achieve together. A woman can drink boiled or bottled water, but if she prefers bottled water, you should make sure that she has passed the sanitary control. Water from urban water supply rarely meets the minimum sanitary standards. But the fact that this water from the bottle does not make it better. In addition, if spouses take water from a well on their site, they should discuss this in one of the prenatal consultations. Their doctor will tell them about the possibility of drinking well water.

The use of such quantities of liquid is important for many reasons. It allows the body to absorb nutrients, form new cells, maintain blood volume and constant temperature - all this is very important during pregnancy! After all, the volume of the woman's blood increases; the use of large amounts of liquid helps these changes. Most likely a woman will feel better during pregnancy if she drinks more fluids than usual. A man may notice that in many articles on the various conditions during pregnancy described in Chapter 3, we say that eating more than normal amounts of fluids can alleviate some of the problems. The use of large quantities of liquid also has the following benefits:

  • increased endurance
  • easier bouts
  • prevention of headaches
  • prevention of urethra infections

If a man drinks a lot of fluids to support his wife, it will also be useful to him. Studies have shown that most people, both men and women, do not drink enough to provide for their body's needs.

  • Artificial sweeteners

Studies have not found that aspartame (Nutrasweet) was harmful to pregnant women. Phenylalanine in aspartame is added to phenylalanine obtained from food, so if this is a problem for a woman, a man needs to be careful not to eat foods and drinks with aspartame. Saccharin is an artificial sweetener found in some foods and beverages; its effect on pregnancy has not yet been investigated. As for the newest artificial sweeteners, we are not sufficiently informed to tell readers how safe they are for women.

The best advice that we can give a woman is not to use artificial sweeteners or use them in limited amounts during pregnancy.

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