How to support a spouse in unpleasant conditions associated with pregnancy?

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In the process of developing a pregnancy, a man will find plenty of opportunities to show his wife that he cares about her and about the child. She needs his support. It is quite difficult to go through pregnancy, not having someone close, who is ready to support. The help and continuing interest of the man shows the woman that he cares about her health and welfare, as well as about the health and welfare of the child. If a man does something that will support his wife, this is the best gift that he could ever present to his child.

The efforts of a man during these months should include more than just sympathy for the uncomfortable conditions of his wife. In this chapter we write about many physical conditions and complaints that can accompany pregnancy. In each article, men are offered ways to ensure their spouses comfort and well-being.

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Common unpleasant conditions associated with pregnancy

This section contains discussion of many changes that can occur with a pregnant woman. Some of them cause inconvenience to the future mother. Others are simply changes that a man will undoubtedly notice, because he sees how pregnancy changes a woman's body. And it's not just the woman's opinion that it grows in size and changes!

Perhaps we are very much into the details of each state. This information is provided to provide men with a better understanding of the situation. We made a list of terms in alphabetical order so that it would be easier for men to look for them. Perhaps you want to look only at those that are related to the conditions experienced by your spouse, or maybe you decide to read about all the conditions.

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THE STATUS OF THE WOMAN. Back pain often appears as a result of the fact that your wife's abdomen is growing and the center of gravity is mixed. Pain can appear after a long walk, standing, bending, lifting weights or playing sports; it can also appear simply because a woman is pregnant.

DECISION. IF a man does his back massage to his wife, it will help to remove the unpleasant sensations of pain in the back. You can also apply heat or cold to it - both are safe during pregnancy. A man can also take on household chores associated with prolonged standing, tilting or lifting heavy weights, such as washing dishes, cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, hanging clothes or washing the bathroom.

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Bleeding gums

THE STATUS OF THE WOMAN. Pregnancy can cause pain in the gums, bleeding or swelling due to hormonal changes. Gums become more sensitive to irritation and can bleed while brushing teeth.

DECISION. A man should offer his wife to brush his teeth 1 or 3 times a day to control the problem. Regular visits to the dentist and timely help will allow a woman to avoid unpleasant sensations. Do not exclude visits to the dentist during pregnancy!

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Changes in body temperature

THE STATUS OF THE WOMAN. Metabolism of a woman can be accelerated during pregnancy, as her body uses more energy. Hormones of pregnancy also raise body temperature. Both of these causes can cause a woman to overheat or fever.

DECISION. A man should try to take this change into account if the future mother complains about how bad she is, and the man is quite comfortable. If a woman wants a window to be opened and a man cold, he can put on a sweater.

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Breast changes

THE STATUS OF THE WOMAN. During pregnancy with the mammary glands there are many changes. Approximately after the 8th week, the woman's breast increases. It becomes more sensitive, and aching breasts are common in the early stages of pregnancy. A man may notice that the areola surrounding the nipple becomes brown or red-brown and increases during pregnancy. Most women gain from 0.5 to 0.7 kg per breast by the time the baby is born.

DECISION. A man should be careful with the breast of a woman in intimate moments. Pushing them against each other or strong compression can cause a woman pain. A man can offer his wife to buy a bra for mothers, so that he supports the breasts when they grow.

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THE STATUS OF THE WOMAN. Many women experience constipation due to the fact that food passes through the digestive system more slowly. Perhaps a woman also takes iron or it contains her vitamins for pregnant women. Many pregnant women have irregular bowel movements and hemorrhoids when they have constipation.

DECISION. Increasing the amount of fluid consumed and exercising 3 or 4 times a week can help if a woman has this problem. A man should encourage her to drink plenty of water every day. Perhaps a man will want to play sports with her. Some juices, for example plum or apple, or soft laxatives, such as magnesia, methamucil or koleis, can also bring relief. Foods high in fiber, such as prunes, will help with constipation. A man can offer his wife such food.

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The constant desire is

THE STATUS OF THE WOMAN. Very many women during pregnancy have a desire to eat a certain product. When they want it, they often want it now! Some wishes may seem strange to men. Researchers believe that this is caused by hormonal and emotional changes associated with pregnancy.

DECISION. IF a woman wants to eat healthy food, everything is in order. She should eat it in reasonable quantities. If she wants "useless" poverty, a man should offer her more useful options. CLI woman eats inedible foods (a condition called a peak), as described earlier, a man should be invited to discuss this with a doctor. Perhaps a woman needs mineral substances, usually iron; the doctor can prescribe them.

Emotional change

THE STATUS OF THE WOMAN. A man can notice that his wife is crying over trifles, thoughtful or her mood is constantly changing. Her emotions are affected by the hormones that cause these changes.

DECISION. A man should try to provide her understanding during mood swings. When the reaction to something seems strange to a man, he should try not to get angry and do not react too strongly to it. If a woman is inattentive to her spouse, maybe she is thinking about the baby. A man can ask her attention. If she cries for something insignificant, a man should sympathize with her or at least try to understand. You should not take it personally and be upset.

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Exhaustion and fatigue

THE STATUS OF THE WOMAN. During the first part of pregnancy, all she wants is to sleep! She constantly feels tired and can not rest. Fatigue is one of the first signs of pregnancy, and the decline in strength is natural. Most women experience the strongest fatigue in early pregnancy, then they feel better. But this can last throughout the pregnancy.

DECISION. A man should convince his wife to take it easy and relax, when possible or when she feels that she needs it. You can also invite her to follow the diet and drink plenty of fluids. Fatty foods and dehydration can aggravate the problem. You should invite her not to use sugar, because it increases fatigue.

If a woman can not sleep at night enough to make her feel rested, perhaps a day's sleep will help her. A man should do housework, so that the spouse perceives it easier. Regular exercise can also help a pregnant woman feel better. A man can offer his wife to walk together after dinner or practice exercises on a video cassette (best of all - a videotape with exercises for pregnant women) together in the early evening. The bedroom should be kept cool - 21,1 C, it is close to the highest temperature at which normal sleep is possible.

A man should try to be understanding when his wife does not have the strength to get up on time. Perhaps one of its main goals in life is to get enough rest. He should support her in this - she really feels exhausted!

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Food intolerance

THE STATUS OF THE WOMAN. Some food can cause a nausea in a woman. This is usually during pregnancy. Hormones of pregnancy have a significant effect on the digestive tract, which can cause such a reaction of a woman to a certain food. Do not be surprised if she can not bear the kinds of food she liked earlier.

DECISION. If a man likes food that causes nausea in a future mother, you should not ask her to cook such food or even sit next to her while taking this food.

A man can cook it himself when his wife is not around or eat such meals outside the house as a dinner. When a man finishes eating, he should wash the dishes behind him. Even washing dishes after cooking such a meal can cause a pregnant woman to feel unwell.

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THE STATUS OF THE WOMAN. Forgetfulness may not look like a pregnancy, but most likely they are related. Some researchers believe that this is affected by an elevated hormonal background. Fatigue and insomnia can also affect memory impairment.

DECISION. A man can leave notes for his wife to remind her of duties, assignments or important events. If he perceives the situation with humor, this decision is likely to be accepted. And who knows, maybe this will become an important part of the married life of the couple.

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Frequent urination

THE STATUS OF THE WOMAN. One of the first signs of pregnancy is frequent urination. This problem continues intermittently throughout the pregnancy. Usually it becomes weaker during the second trimester, and then returns in the third trimester, when a growing baby presses on the bladder.

DECISION. A man should believe his wife when the future mother says that she needs to go to the toilet. She really needs to go there. When the couple are traveling somewhere together, they should plan more frequent stops. It also helps if a man knows where the toilets are. Groceries, pharmacies and shopping centers usually have public toilets. If a woman needs to go to the toilet and her spouse does not see any nearby, the man should ask someone in the store if it is possible to use the toilet.


THE STATUS OF THE WOMAN. Women experience stronger headaches during pregnancy due to sleep disorders, nausea, vomiting and stress (mental and physical). They can weaken in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy, when her body (and mind) will adapt to pregnancy.

DECISION. It is best to avoid unnecessary use of drugs during pregnancy. Ways to calm a headache without drugs are what the spouses can do together, including the techniques of deep breathing and relaxation, putting a bag of ice on the forehead or napkins on the neck of a woman and the belief that the expectant mother sleeps enough in silence.

If the woman's headaches do not stop using these methods, the man should be offered to take her usual or extra-strong paracetamol (Tylenol). If this does not help, he should be asked to discuss the situation with the doctor.

Burning sensation in the region of the heart

THE STATUS OF THE WOMAN. Burning in the heart is an unpleasant burning sensation (heartburn), felt behind the lower part of the sternum; this is one of the most common discomfort associated with pregnancy. It can begin in the early stages of pregnancy, although it usually becomes more pronounced during development. Burning in the heart is caused by ebbing (belching) the contents of the stomach back into the esophagus. This can be a greater problem during the third trimester of pregnancy, when the growing uterus squeezes the stomach and intestines of the pregnant woman.

DECISION. Sometimes this problem can be caused by food, especially abundant or acute. If she likes a man, but causes his wife this problem, he should try not to eat it in front of his wife and ask her to cook such food only for him! She should not eat before going to bed - it would also be useful for a man! When a woman lies, her head and shoulders should be raised; for this you can raise the head of the bed. Acid neutralizing agents can bring relief; it is necessary to follow the instructions contained in the instructions to the drug regarding pregnant women. Amphoyel, gelusil, magnesia and maalox can be used, but they should not be misused.

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THE STATUS OF THE WOMAN. Hemorrhoids are stretched blood vessels around or inside the anus. A pregnant woman can have hemorrhoids because her body tissues lose some of their elasticity. In addition, weight gain and the size of the crowning uterus exert pressure on the vessels and block blood flow to the pelvic area, which causes the formation of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoidal nodes can itch, bleed and ache.

DECISION. If a woman suffers from hemorrhoids, a man should try to provide her with sympathy. If it complicates her life, the man should be invited to discuss the situation with the doctor. There are many ways that will help make discomfort weaker.


THE STATUS OF THE WOMAN. Indigestion is the inability of the body to digest food or the difficulties associated with digesting food. This condition can occur during pregnancy, even if before that woman did not experience such problems.

DECISION. In the beginning, you should always try to solve the problem without using medication. A man should offer his wife to eat often and gradually or eat lean food.

Food that causes this problem, such as abundant or acute, should be excluded from the diet. A woman should also not eat before going to bed. When she lies, her head and shoulders should be raised, for this you can raise the head of the bed. A man should invite her not to drink drinks containing soda. He should make sure that at home there are only such drinks as fruit juices.


THE STATUS OF THE WOMAN. Itching may occur during pregnancy; it is experienced by about 20% of pregnant women. Usually he appears in the late stages of pregnancy. As the uterus grows and fills the pelvic region, the skin and abdominal muscles stretch to support it. These skin tensions and cause itching of the abdomen in many women.

DECISION. To relieve the itching of his wife, a man can do not so much, for example, to offer her rubbing lotion those itchy areas of the body to which she can not reach. Using a body moisturizer or, if these areas are hot and wet, cornstarch-based powders can also help. Do not use talc, because researchers believe that it can irritate the bronchi. Various creams, such as hydrocortisone cream, may help, but a woman should first consult with a doctor. A man should be persuaded not to itch, as this can cause even greater discomfort.

Cramps in the legs

THE STATUS OF THE WOMAN. Cramps in the legs can be painful, especially at night. The spasm is a spasm of two groups of muscles, causing intolerable pain in the foot and characteristic sharp fights in the calf of the leg.

DECISION. Stretching muscles helps ease cramps. A man should help his wife when she has cramps, gently pulling the upper part of her foot up until she lifts her knee (it may be difficult to reach her feet because of her growing abdomen). A man should massage her feet at the end of the day or whenever the spouse thinks it will help. You must offer your wife to avoid carbonated drinks, dry food and food rich in phosphates, because they can cause this problem. Prolonged Sculpting can also cause seizures in the legs. A man should help his wife with the housework she usually performs while standing, such as ironing clothes or washing dishes.

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THE STATUS OF THE WOMAN. Migraine is characterized by a strong pulsating pain, which increases with physical activity. Some women who often experience migraines, when they are not pregnant, do not suffer from them during pregnancy. Others may have more severe pain, especially during the first trimester. In some cases, there are no migraines in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. If a woman had a migraine before the pregnancy, a man should be invited to discuss it with the first prenatal consultation.

DECISION. If a future mother experiences migraines for the first time during pregnancy, she may want to try to cope with it first without the help of medicine. She can lie in a dark room with a cold compress on her forehead. Relaxation techniques such as listening to the cassette with relaxing music, deep breathing, or meditation, or yoga, can bring relief. A man should help his wife avoid things that can cause a migraine, such as ripe cheese, smoked meat, chocolate, caffeine, cigarettes or cigarette smoke, bright light, stress, sleep disturbances or a habitual diet. If these measures do not help, she should discuss this with a doctor who prescribes the safest available medication. Pregnant should not take any medication other than paracetamol in case of any headache, without discussing it with her doctor in advance.

Morning sickness or vomiting

THE STATUS OF THE WOMAN. One of the first signs of pregnancy in many women - nausea followed by vomiting or without it; this is often called morning sickness. This problem does not only appear in the morning; it can occur at any time of the day and can last all day. Researchers believe that this problem can be caused by an imbalance of vitamin Vb. This condition usually appears around the 6th week and lasts until the 12th or 13th week. In some cases, it may be present throughout the pregnancy.

Morning sickness can cause a pregnant woman a painful feeling, avoiding food or drink, losing weight and skipping work. Nausea or vomiting is considered a "chronic malaise" of pregnancy.

DECISION. Morning sickness can be debilitating, because a man should provide his wife with understanding and try to help her the way he can. There are several ways that a man can help his wife cope with experiencing unpleasant sensations. Before a woman gets out of bed in the morning, a man should bring her something to eat, such as dry crackers, toast or rice loaf to fill her stomach. A man should change the environment in such a way as to help his wife avoid things that cause nausea, such as strong odors, movement or noise. He should help the expectant mother to stick to the fluid intake - the liquid is easier to "hold" than solid food, and it helps to avoid dehydration. A man can bring water or any other drink whenever she wants it. A man can offer her to buy "candy candies" to help cope with this problem. Now there are candies with different flavors, which reduce nausea and a feeling of dryness in the mouth. You can ask about them in the pharmacy or at the grocery store.

You can buy some fresh ginger root (it is eaten or crumbled into tea). This is a natural remedy against nausea. You can also let her suck a fresh lemon when she feels nauseous. A man should make sure that his wife rests a lot. When she wants to sleep, it is better for a man to read or watch TV in another room. If a woman is usually involved in the preparation of food, a man may suggest replacing it in this, because heightened sensitivity can lead to her feeling nauseous. If the food that the spouses usually ate now causes a nausea in a woman, a man should not eat it while being near. You can buy a woman a bracelet against seasickness; it can help relieve nausea. A man should offer his wife to eat small portions, but often. A full or empty stomach can cause a woman to feel sick. Do not even mention food if it leads to nausea.

A man should let his wife see that he sympathizes with her because of the unpleasant sensations experienced. A man should explain to his wife that she needs to be exact in her requests, as far as she can, and that she needs to maintain normal communication.

Nasal bleeding

THE STATUS OF THE WOMAN. Some pregnant women occasionally experience nasal bleeding. This problem can cause blood circulating hormones in pregnancy.

DECISION. If a woman experiences nasal bleeding, you should buy an air humidifier for the home, especially if the spouses live in a dry climate. A man should make sure that he works well and provides comfort in the house. A small amount of petroleum jelly, which you need to lubricate a woman's nostrils, can also remove a feeling of dryness, so you must have Vaseline at home.

Pain in circular ligaments

THE STATUS OF THE WOMAN. Circular ligaments are on all sides of the uterus. With an increase in the uterus, rapid movements can cause stretching of these ligaments and pain; pain is felt on the sides of the navel. It will not harm the future mother or child, but it can be unpleasant.

DECISION. A man should help his wife when she needs it, avoid movements that can cause pain. Sometimes rapid movements can aggravate pain. Move slowly.

Pain in the sciatic nerve

THE STATUS OF THE WOMAN. A woman can experience severe pain coming from the buttocks down the sides of the legs; this is a pain in the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve passes in the pelvic area behind the uterus to the legs; it is believed that the pain causes pressure exerted on the nerve by a growing uterus. Pain can appear when a future mother is standing, walking or sitting down, and she may appear more often with the course of pregnancy.

DECISION. Do not let a woman lift weights. Standing can also be the cause of this problem, because a man should take on those occupations that require her to stand. If a woman should stand, no matter how long it takes, a man should be given her an object on which she can rest her feet; it should be from 8 to 10 cm tall, for example a thick book (phone book or dictionary will do!). This will help relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve. A man should invite his wife to lie on her side, on the side opposite to the one in which she feels pain, if she experiences pain in the sciatic nerve.

Sexual attraction

THE STATUS OF THE WOMAN. During pregnancy, the sexual attraction of a woman changes. Some women lack desire. Some experience an upsurge in attraction, most often in the second trimester.

DECISION. A man should be patient and understand how she relates to sex at this time. He should discuss the situation with her and find a solution that will suit both spouses. Spouses can apply imagination to find ways of enjoying intimate affinity, even when the woman's belly increases. You should take a creative approach and do not take everything too seriously.

Skin Changes

THE STATUS OF THE WOMAN. During pregnancy, many women undergo changes that affect the skin. In some, the skin becomes very dry, in others it is greasy and covered with pimples. Some lucky women discover that their skin becomes soft and less greasy. Others observe brown spots.

DECISION. A man should try to provide understanding when his wife discovers that she can not wear shoes or a ring. You can buy her a beautiful chain around her neck, on which she can wear her own rings. You can also help by massaging her legs or arms. When a woman lies down to rest, a pillow should be put under her feet. Suggest that she lie on her side (preferably on the left), because this can help to cope with the problem. Spouses should do sports together - this prevents the appearance of edema.


THE STATUS OF THE WOMAN. Varicose veins are stretched blood vessels filled with blood. They usually appear on their feet, but they are also possible in the delivery canal, called chloasma or pregnancy mask, redness of the palms called palmar eruptomy, red stripes on the skin of the neck and upper chest, called vascular spiders and the appearance of a dark vertical line in the lower abdomen, which is called the black line (tinea nigra). Some women discover the appearance of new or changes in already existing birthmarks. All these changes are caused by pregnancy hormones.

DECISION. Fortunately, skin changes do not always cause a nuisance to pregnant women; However, the appearance or change of birthmarks is always a reason for the attention of the doctor. If a woman undergoes skin changes, a man should support her. Sometimes it's hard to cope with, because these changes make women shy. A man should give his wife to understand that for him she is still beautiful. Skin changes are always temporary and mostly disappear after the birth of the child. If a woman has too dry skin, a man should advise her to moisturizing lotions and creams for sensitive skin. If a woman has acne, a man should be invited to discuss with a doctor who will prescribe some special skin creams. In some women, varicose veins are blue or purple-violet spots on the legs. They do not cause discomfort or cause minor inconveniences in the evenings. Others have swollen veins that require daytime support with the help of pulling stockings, and at the end of the day - rest with raised legs.


THE STATUS OF THE WOMAN. Stretched tags (stretch marks in common parlance) are stretched skin areas that can be discolored. They do not appear in all women, and there can be very few or many. Labels usually appear on the abdomen, as the growing uterus causes the skin to stretch; they can also be found on the mammary glands, lower back and buttocks. Usually stretched marks disappear after the termination of pregnancy.

DECISION. Stretch marks often accompany pregnancy. There are not many ways to deal with them, but a man can invite his wife to ask the doctor about the presence of creams or lotions, with which you can fix this problem. In some women, varicose veins are blue or purple-violet spots on the legs. They do not cause discomfort or cause minor inconveniences in the evenings. Others have swollen veins that require daytime support with the help of pulling stockings, and at the end of the day - rest with raised legs.


THE STATUS OF THE WOMAN. The body of a pregnant woman produces about 50% more than normal blood and fluid to meet the needs of the child. Some of this excess fluid can leak into body tissues. When the increasing uterus presses on the vessels of the pelvis, the outflow of blood from the underlying parts of the body is partially blocked. This pushes the liquid into the legs and feet of the pregnant woman, causing them to swell. Her hands can also swell. Foods that contain large amounts of sodium, for example very salty foods, pickles, fast food and drinks with soda, can be the cause of this problem.

DECISION. A man should make sure that the cushion for resting his feet is always there. If a woman needs to wear supporting tights, it should be noted that they are easier to wear when she has not gotten out of bed in the morning. In such a situation, make sure that she has pantyhose to wear them before she gets out of bed. Perhaps a man will need to help her with this.

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Weight gain

THE STATUS OF THE WOMAN. Pregnant women always gain weight; this is necessary for the good health of the child. A middle-aged woman is gaining from 11 to 16 kg during a normal pregnancy. It can look like a huge amount of weight, but a woman does not gain all these kilograms. The total weight includes the weight of the baby, amniotic fluid, placenta, and breast enlargement. The woman adds only 3 to 6 kg.

DECISION. A man needs to help his wife monitor her weight, providing good nutrition and moderate exercise, but should not act as a "weight control police". And one has to be careful with banter or rude comments about the changing body of a woman and weight changes. She can take it painfully.

Products that help to eliminate some of the troubles associated with pregnancy

    • Does the spouse's first aid kit have everything they need in the next months to cope with the many common discomforts described in this section? It would be good to make some supplies to have at hand all that is needed to relieve the ailment. Below is a list of products that can usually be bought at a pharmacy or grocery store, so that the spouses can do it right now.
    • Paracetamol - helps relieve the headache and some other pain (Tylenol).
    • A means for controlling acidity - helps to eliminate burning sensation in the heart (heartburn); liquids act better, because they also form a protective shell in the esophagus (amphoid-spruce, gelusil, maalox, magnesia).
    • Drugs that relieve itching - if itching becomes a problem, they can remove discomfort (calamine lotion, benadryl).
    • Lotion for the body - to moisturize dry skin and relieve itching.
    • Cough remedy - if a woman has a cold or coughs (robitussin). Drops for the nose - help to cope with the stuffy nose (chlorpheniramine, Sudafed).
    • Means against diarrhea - if a woman has stomach flu or she ate something that caused diarrhea (kaopectat, imodium).
    • Lotion for feet - for foot massage.
    • Cream, ointment or tampons against hemorrhoids - when a woman needs to eliminate pain or itching caused by hemorrhoids (anuzole, Ntax drug).
    • Mini-pads - to protect yourself from the troubles associated with urinary incontinence and relaxation of the vagina.
    • Bracelets against seasickness - these bracelets can help cope with morning sickness.
    • Anti-acne cream - there are many anti-acne medications that will help a woman cope with this problem.
    • Laxative - against constipation (koleis).
    • Means for softening the throat - to relieve the feeling of pain or dryness in the throat (strepsils).
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