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Last reviewed: 17.10.2021

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Colic is probably the first problem that the mother of a newborn child faces. The appearance of colic in a child is accompanied by crying, motor anxiety, sleep disturbance, increased release of gases from the intestine. As a rule, during this period young mothers are ready to do almost anything to alleviate the condition of the baby. Pediatricians claim that the most affordable and proven remedy is a baby's bottle warmer for colic. The effect of heat facilitates painful contractions in the intestines of the infant, so the use of such a method is entirely appropriate and justified.

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Indications for the procedure

Dry heat at all times was considered the best way to eliminate bloating and colic in the abdomen. Thermal action from the warmer facilitates spastic contractions of the intestine, relaxes the muscles of the abdominal cavity. As a result, a newborn baby gets rid of the pain and experiences considerable relief.

Of course, a hot water bottle from colic can not be the only way to solve the problem. This procedure should be used in conjunction with other methods:

  • easy massage of the newborn's tummy clockwise;
  • correct attachment to the breast, competent nutrition of the mother;
  • easy gymnastics (bringing legs, moving handles).

In addition, the baby can be offered dill vodichku, infusion of fennel seeds, and in extreme cases - preparations based on simethicone (Espumizan, Bobotik, Infakol, Colicides, Espikol, Espuzin, etc.).

Before you start using a warmer for a newborn, you need to make sure that the child's poor health is indeed caused by colic. This may be indicated by a number of characteristic features:

  • the child shows obvious concern - more often in the evening and at night;
  • tries to press the legs to the tummy, to relieve pain;
  • crying and screaming - loudly, sharply;
  • colic occurs almost immediately after the baby has eaten;
  • gases can be released, the tummy swells.

If there are other symptoms, then do not rush with the use of a warmer: the newborn baby should be shown to the pediatrician. Urgent consultations require cases that are accompanied by:

  • increased body temperature;
  • diarrhea, vomiting;
  • allocation of feces of a greenish color with blood veins;
  • a long period of colic (for several hours).

In the cases listed, the application of the heating pad to a newborn is prohibited, since it is necessary to establish precisely the cause of the poor state of health of the crumbs. Read also about the remedies for colic in a newborn.

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Who to contact?

Salt Warmer for babies from colic

This kind of heater has the appearance of a sealed package, the contents of which are a saline solution with chemical constituents. For a human body, such a solution poses no danger, especially since the package is hermetically sealed. The salt pad is equipped with a special button that activates the heating mechanism. As the package warms up, the package becomes denser and, as it cools, becomes softer.

Heating of this device is possible no more than to fifty-four degrees: such indicators are enough to ensure that the warmer for newborns has fulfilled its purpose and reduced manifestations of colic. This temperature is safe for a small person. Parents can be sure that the hot-water bottle will not cause burns or irritations on the sensitive baby skin. However, experts do not recommend placing the device directly on the skin: it is necessary to spread the diaper or the tissue cut (shawl).

On average, the salt filler is able to hold the temperature for four hours. Next, you should spend a little time to prepare the heating pad for later use. To do this, you need to boil it for 15-20 minutes, until the crystals of salt completely dissolve. During the boiling, the hot water bottle not only restores its properties, but also is sterilized.

Baby Warmer

The electric version of the heating pad is the most complex device, which is a linen bag, inside which heating elements are inserted. Heating begins after the electricity is supplied to the device. It is because of the principles of the operation of such a device that many mothers are wary of acquiring it for their newborn babies. Immediately it is worth noting: to ensure that the electric hot-water bottle from colic does not pose a danger to the baby, it is necessary to carefully inspect it before buying. What you need to pay attention to:

  • a quality heating pad can not be cheap (low cost should alert - perhaps it is a fake and such a device is of low quality, and therefore dangerous);
  • on the heating pad there must be a temperature regulator - this is necessary in order to avoid possible overheating or insufficient heating of the device.

The disadvantage of an electric heating pad for newborns is the impossibility of the device operating without the presence of electricity. But for longevity, this hot water bottle from colic surpasses all the others: in the future, when the colic of the newborns are left behind, it can be used to warm the baby bed in the cold season.

Gel warmers for newborns from colic

Now, gel colic bottles filled with so-called peat gel mass are very common. The proposed mass is considered an absolutely safe environmentally friendly substance. Depending on the manufacturer, various fillers can be mixed with the gel component, which improve the heating effect of the device. Such fillers are often used cereals, beans, berries berries, aromatic plants.

In fact, the gel pad from colic is a tissue bag of small sizes. Warm it up in a microwave cabinet or oven: literally a couple of minutes the filler will get the right temperature, which will hold for about an hour.

The gel heater has its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, it is safe and convenient to use. And on the other - short-lived, and it is impossible to wash it.

Like any other heating pad for newborns, the gel device is also applied to the skin integuments, having previously laid a cloth or diaper on them.

Hot water bottle for babies from colic

If the newborn child suffers from colic, and there is no suitable ready-warming bottle at hand, the following effective methods can be used:

  • Pour warm water into a small bottle of plastic (0.5 or 0.33 liters) (the temperature should not exceed 55-60 ° C). The cap is screwed tightly so that water does not accidentally spill. Next, the bottle is wrapped in a diaper or towel and applied to the baby's tummy for about 5-8 minutes. This method of colic is quite simple. The only negative: the bottle will have to be kept on the tummy all the time, so that it does not roll down or fall.
  • Make a bag or knot of cotton fabric. On a dry frying pan heat the filler (it can be salt, dry peas, rice) to about 55-60 ° C, pour into a bag and tightly bandaged. The resulting improvised hot water bottle from colic is wrapped with a towel and placed on the belly of the newborn for literally 5-8 minutes. The method is really effective, however it is necessary to closely monitor the temperature of the filler: if it is restrained in a skillet and overheated, the procedure can end badly, with the formation of persistent burns.
  • Take two flannel nappies. One of them is put on a heating battery or ironed with a warm iron, and then put on the stomach of the newborn. While the diaper has the necessary thermal effect, take the second diaper and heat it in the same way. So we alternate the diapers for five minutes: usually this time is enough to make the colic weak, and the baby calms down.
  • The most common and simple method is the application of a newborn baby with a tummy to the mother's abdomen. In this case, warming occurs naturally, and the child, feeling the body of the mother, quickly calms down and falls asleep. In addition, such a situation, when the baby lies on the tummy, promotes the fastest removal of gazik from the intestine.

As you can see, there are many effective ways to relieve colic in the newborn. And almost all of them are not very complicated. The main thing - to be patient and try to help the kid as much as possible.


Many young mothers at first doubt the advisability of using such a simple method of getting rid of colic, like applying a warmer. And completely in vain. The simplicity of this method goes along with its effectiveness. And if it is complex to influence the problem - for example, to combine a heating pad with a massage, and to apply the baby correctly to the chest, it is possible to significantly alleviate the condition of the newborn.

Warmers can be used not only for newborn babies, but also for all babies throughout the period of colic. Usually, for babies this period lasts up to three and even five months (this is individually). If the colic continues after this time period, then it is necessary to consult a doctor: there may be other reasons for the appearance of abdominal pain in the child.

When asked which of the heaters is better or more effective, there is no definite answer. Each parent picks up such a device at his own discretion: one popular gel gel is suitable, while others prefer a proven method of heating the tummy with diapers. According to the reviews, all known hot-water bottles show a visible effect in the fight against colic. And regarding the convenience of their application - everyone decides for themselves individually, according to the degree of comfort in this or that situation.

The main condition for the application of any warming procedure is compliance with the rules for the use of hot-water bottles and listening to the advice of the pediatrician. Any hot-water bottle for babies from colic, which is sold in pharmacies or children's stores, must have instructions for use. Read this instruction should be necessary - even if in the application of such a device, it would seem, there is nothing complicated. And you must not forget to track the temperature of heating - this is very important in relation to the sensitive and delicate skin of a newborn baby.

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