Garlic during pregnancy in early and late periods: for colds, for colds

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Last reviewed: 16.10.2021

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There is no such top-ranking list of products, the most useful for the human body, in which garlic would not be mentioned. In this case, he almost always takes the first lines in it. This plant contains a whole vitamin-mineral complex, synthesized by mother-nature, and not a pharmaceutical company. And, besides this, enzymatic substances, glycosides, phytoncides, organic acids and other usefulness. Its only serious disadvantage is the persistent smell, which is not easy to get rid of by eating this useful product in all respects. Deodorize the breath advise, chewing a slice of lemon, root or parsley greens.

Is it possible to eat garlic during pregnancy?

There is an unambiguous answer to this question: "Yes." Especially if you want, and pregnant women usually want to square or do not want exactly the same. Therefore, if pulling on garlic during pregnancy - eat health. So, your body needs it. It is very doubtful that even with a strong desire, a woman will be able to eat a large amount of garlic at a time, and a tooth-the other occasionally (if there are no contraindications to this product) will not hurt anyone.

Specific smell garlic is due to its main active ingredient - diallyl dithiosulfinate (allicin), which is formed as soon as we bite a slice of garlic or cut it. The whole undamaged lobule does not smell, and the components of this miracle substance are separated from each other in a garlic cell by a membrane. Only when the integrity of cells is broken and the synthesis of allicin begins.

The benefits of garlic during pregnancy are determined by the biological qualities of allicin and supplemented by other components that make this plant rich. First of all phytoncides. Always expressed pronounced antimicrobial properties of garlic - it inhibits the growth and development of microorganisms, is active in yeast fungi, staphylococci, causative agents of diphtheria and dysentery. This natural antibiotic destroys pathogenic microorganisms with internal application, tones up and disinfects the mucous membranes of the respiratory system, helps to liquefy and remove sputum. Allicin prevents the incidence of viral infections, blocking the production of enzymes that open the gateway to viruses for ingestion.

Garlic has a positive effect on the immune system, increasing the defenses of the body. With external application it has a disinfecting and regenerating effect on the damaged epithelial surface. For a pregnant woman - this is a wonderful therapeutic and preventive remedy for colds, fungal and bacterial skin lesions.

All the organs of a woman in the period of bearing a child work in a regime of increased workload. The ability of garlic to tone the heart muscle, normalizing the heart rhythm, provide spasmolytic and hypotensive action will facilitate the activity of the cardiovascular system. The use of garlic prevents constriction and thrombosis of the vessels, preventing the formation of cholesterol plaques on their walls and diluting the blood. This vegetable is useful for the digestive organs, activating the synthesis of enzymes that break down proteins, fats and carbohydrates and promote the outflow of bile.

Garlic - a source of vitamins and minerals, it helps to maintain strength and increase stress resistance. This vegetable has antioxidant properties, since it contributes to the natural synthesis of hydrogen sulphide in the body, the high concentrations of which are toxic. However, he also determines a lot of useful qualities - in addition to the antioxidant capacity, hydrogen sulphide normalizes blood circulation and has a relaxing effect on blood vessels.

Garlic contains vitamin B9 (folic acid), vitamin B6, iron - hemoglobin-forming components, necessary for both mothers and children to form blood, immune and nervous systems.

The opinions of specialists on the question of how much garlic is needed for pregnant women are ambiguous, and often diametrically opposed: from statements about the advisability of moderate use of this spice in the period of bearing the child before the danger of its use, especially in the second half of pregnancy due to the probability of bleeding. At the same time, the overwhelming majority of specialists, speaking publicly, adhere to neutrality in this matter and stands for moderation. Knowing about the indisputable benefits of garlic, usually, even opponents of his use during pregnancy summarize their arguments with conclusions such as: "If you can not, but really want - then you can!".

Harm to garlic during pregnancy

So, unconditional harm from the use of a moderate amount of garlic by a pregnant woman is not revealed. However, garlic belongs to the category of spicy spices, which slightly increase the tone of the uterus. However, cases of miscarriages provoked by the use of garlic are not fixed. So much it just does not eat.

Garlic as a spice, which has a rich taste and aroma, is a powerful allergen. It is this fact that should make a pregnant woman show caution to him, especially if she has had allergic reactions to certain foods before.

In addition to allergic reactions, garlic can provoke heartburn or tenderness of epigastrium. The future mummy is recommended to be very careful about products that irritate the mucous membrane, so when tasting dishes that are sharp-smelling garlic, you need to be careful. Actually, it's nice to listen to your body. If the garlic smell arouses your dislike, then, perhaps, the taste is not worth trying this dish.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that garlic reduces the viscosity of the blood. Therefore, if a woman has a tendency to nosebleeds, then during the gestation period, the child should not be pressed. In the third trimester of pregnancy is not recommended to get involved in garlic because of its ability to thin the blood and possible bleeding during childbirth. And women with bad coagulability of blood generally do not want to use it.

The use of garlic and dishes, generously flavored with garlic, causes thirst and can provoke swelling, and in pregnant women with excess weight - exacerbates the feeling of hunger and improves appetite, which they absolutely do not need.

Curiously, some women noticed that their unborn babies did not like it when Mom used garlic for food. They began to behave very restlessly immediately after consuming fresh garlic. And although the child can not feel its taste in utero, because the food comes to him through the blood completely digested, and its taste is completely reduced, but, nevertheless, the cases of such an exciting effect are confirmed by practical observations. In this case, it is better to refuse garlic.

Garlic contains toxic substances and therefore it is not necessary to absorb it in large quantities daily, however, grate it or eat 1-2 slices if desired, it is quite possible.

Application of garlic in pregnancy

During the gestation period, the choice between garlic or medicine for health problems should be stopped with garlic if there is no intolerance. In the off-season, when it is not difficult to pick up a viral infection in transport, at work, in a supermarket, for the purpose of prevention, it is recommended to eat 2 to 3 cloves of this vegetable every day. You can arrange the cloves of garlic cut into several parts in different places of the apartment, especially if there is a sick person in the house.

Treatment-and-prophylactic sandwich oil: crush two lemons (peel beforehand with boiling water) and a garlic head, mix with a two-hundred-gram pack of butter of room temperature (beaten with a mixer), put in the refrigerator. Spread on sandwiches to herbal tea.

Garlic during pregnancy for colds, sore throats, bronchitis, wet cough is used with milk:

  • a glass of curdled milk is poured into five chopped garlic slices, stirred and allowed to stand for about half an hour, used on a teaspoon, slightly heated, several times a day;
  • in a glass of whey (curdled milk, milk), add a teaspoon of garlic juice, drink throughout the day;
  • at the first signs of the disease stir crushed garlic with the same amount of honey and eat an hour later in a teaspoon.

For the treatment of colds, sore throats, flu, garlic syrup is used: take a clean jar and spread there the peeled and shredded slices of ten heads of garlic in thin layers, pouring in fine layers of sugar, insisting for two days, draining, using as any cough mixture.

Colds and viral infections can not do without a cold. You can bury garlic in the nose during pregnancy: measure a few drops of freshly squeezed its juice with a pipette, as much carrot juice, mix them with the same number of drops of vegetable oil, place in a small clean vial, bury it in the nose, shake the bottle before use. Or even easier - chop the garlic one or two garlic cloves, squeeze out the juice and add ten times more water.

Garlic from the common cold during pregnancy can be used as follows:

  • take a small bottle and put two or three denticles crushed on a garlick, inhale deeply the evaporation, bringing a bottle of garlic gruel to the very nose;
  • take an old teapot, cut into it five slices of garlic, each 3-4 parts, pour boiling water, breathe from the nozzle of one nostril, squeezing the other and exhaling with the mouth, then the other.

With sore throat, sore throat - rinse a large slice of garlic or two smaller and pour a glass of hot water, insist 60 minutes, strain and rinse throat.

For topical application, garlic gruel is mixed with oil and applied to the abscess or inflamed area.

A pregnant woman may have pinworms or ascarids. Medicinal anthelmintic agents are very toxic and have a lot of side effects that are not at all suitable for the body during this period. Garlic from worms during pregnancy - just a wand-zashchalochka. With garlic, nightly microclysters are made all night long throughout the week. It is advisable to begin the procedure with half a portion (the whole is one glass). If everything goes well, the following enemas can be done in full. But before this procedure it is necessary to consult a doctor, since an enema can be a danger of complication of pregnancy. The solution for the enema is prepared according to the following recipes:

  • Cleaned from the upper layer of the husks, a large head of garlic entirely cook until soft in 250ml of milk, after it has cooled - drain;
  • measure 10 g of purified garlic lobules, chop, pour a glass of boiling water, milk or whey, allow to cool, drain.

At the same time it is good to have an oral exercise every day: in the morning on an empty stomach to drink a little warm milk, then bite it with several cloves of garlic.

You can squeeze 15-20 drops of garlic juice in a glass of boiled milk and drink it for three meals during the day. This procedure can be used as an independent, if the enema is not allowed by the doctor, or in the evening reinforced by enema.

From worms take and pharmacy garlic oil, during a meal, dropping one drop on the bread crumb. It is also used to strengthen immunity, adding 3-4 drops to a glass of milk or vegetable juice.

Especially relevant as a preventive remedy for garlic during pregnancy in the early stages, when immunity is reduced, and it is not desirable to get sick - all the main organs and systems of the unborn child are laid. Drugs during this period are strictly contraindicated, and garlic and its fellow onion in fresh form is on sale all year round.
Garlic in late pregnancy is less desirable for the reasons described above, but it is still safer than any synthetic antibiotic if there are no contraindications to its use.
Onions and garlic during pregnancy in small portions are very useful - they are natural vitamin-mineral complexes. And the young stalks of green onions exceed the bulb in terms of its usefulness, and so does garlic. In addition, young garlic and luchok, less acute and burning, have a milder effect on the mucous membranes of the digestive organs. If you still do not know everything about garlic, then the onion of a pregnant woman can not only be eaten, but also necessary. Contraindications to the use of onions are its intolerance, and also - inflammatory and ulcerative diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

With garlic intolerance, onions can very well replace it for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.

Beetroot with garlic during pregnancy is a very useful combination. This healthy vegetable is very rich in vitamins and minerals, and also contains fiber, which is absent in garlic. Beetroot salad with garlic can be made in any variations, both with raw beets, and with boiled or baked. When heat-treated, the beet does not lose its valuable properties. This vegetable strengthens intestinal peristalsis, produces a sanation of the gastrointestinal tract through the destruction of putrefactive bacteria. A regular beetroot future mummy can not have anemia. It has diuretic properties, imparts energy, has a low calorie content. In combination with garlic, the effect of these vegetables increases, the irritating and toxic effect of garlic decreases, and the beetroot appetizer becomes acute and piquant. Such a salad normalizes pressure, digestion, heart activity, saturates the body with useful substances and does not burden excess calories.
Nevertheless, it often happens that a woman is just sick of the smell of garlic during pregnancy. At the same time, there are no contraindications to the use of this product in her. Anyway, if the organism of the future mother reacts so to the smell of garlic, then it is not necessary to use it. In this opinion, phytotherapists, gynecologists, and nutritionists are also unified.

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Prevention of infectious and viral diseases and their treatment; helminthic invasions; candidiasis and bacterial infection of the skin and mucous membranes, in particular, and the vagina; prevention of varicose veins; strengthening of the cardiovascular system, immunity; decrease in the level of glucose in the blood and blood pressure - these problems are quite possible to cope with this product alone or in combination with drugs.

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This spicy vegetable is not recommended for stomach ulcers, duodenal ulcers, hepatitis, gallbladder or pancreas inflammation, chronic kidney diseases, epilepsy, exacerbations of hemorrhoids, blood clotting disorders, increased uterus tone.

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