Black tea in pregnancy

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Last reviewed: 19.10.2021

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Nutrition during pregnancy does not exclude the use of habitual drinks. Value has other factors - such as utility, quality and quantity. Black, green, white, herbal - what tea to choose, so that it is tasty, and beneficial to the body? Black tea during pregnancy is not prohibited, but savoring a drink has some features.

Can I drink black tea during pregnancy?

In response to the question whether it is possible to drink black tea during pregnancy, I want to ask the counter: why not? Just because it contains caffeine? But this substance is dangerous only in large doses, and the woman is able to regulate the strength and quantity of the drink, that is, the caffeine that enters the body.

The risk is that caffeine penetrates the placenta, and this is undesirable for the fetus. Careful research on this subject there, so no categorical prohibitions, no recommendations, no one takes to express. And practice confirms that if you do not drink black tea during pregnancy with buckwheat, then the danger, in fact, is negligible.

Moreover, the modern view of pregnancy says that this is not a disease, but a normal physiological state of the female body. Whoever doubts about tea, can always coordinate the menu with a dietitian or obstetrician-gynecologist.

It is interesting that black tea during pregnancy can not only drink, but also eat, that is, chew dry raw materials. For some women it helps to get rid of annoying nausea.

More clarity in the matter of herbal infusions. Among them there are clearly dangerous, in particular, from those herbs that are able to interrupt pregnancy, provoking miscarriages. They include ginseng, mint, fennel, licorice, wormwood, hops, sage, chernobylnik, etc.

Unsafe are also mixtures, the components of which can be plants that stimulate the uterus. To rule out the probable danger, it is better to abandon such kind of drinks or choose ready-made teas for pregnant women.

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Black tea in early pregnancy

If there is unanimity in the nutrition of pregnant women, there are different opinions about drinks. Some categorically do not recommend any teas: neither green, nor red, nor black tea during pregnancy. With the caveat: if you really want, then you can - one cup a week, if possible, according to the doctor. The explanation of why it is harmful, very long and complicated, to be quoted in a popular article.

Others advise not strong black tea and forbid the green, others - on the contrary. Another option - to drink exclusively vitamin and fruit broths, alternating them among themselves. But not more than three servings daily.

To enjoy tea drinking, and black tea during pregnancy in the early stages did not cause harm, it is important to follow several rules:

  • prepare a weak brew;
  • add it to the milk;
  • do not abuse the amount;
  • do not drink at night.

In the second half of the term, black tea is not desirable in the menu of a woman preparing to become a mother. Risks are associated with the tonic effect of the product: it is capable of increasing blood pressure, stimulating uterine musculature, promoting late toxicosis.

Black tea with milk during pregnancy

The usefulness of tea with milk during pregnancy is that milk neutralizes harmful components, among which caffeine is in the first place. In addition, the drink has a peculiar smell and taste, and not only quenches thirst, but also saturates the body with the right substances - enzymes, amino acids, calcium, milk fat. Looking ahead, we note that this is a tried and tested folk way to increase lactation and the quality of mother's milk.

  • The tradition of drinking tea with milk came from England. They even conducted studies of the ideal recipe - per minute and per second studying the temperature, the balance of sweetness and bitterness, the opening of the aroma and taste bouquet of a tea-milk drink.

Not the fact that such a prescription is preferred by a pregnant woman who wants to drink tea immediately, here and now. Therefore, we will stop at an extremely simple way of preparing black tea during pregnancy: pour a little tea leaves into hot milk, add sugar and drink, relishing for your pleasure. And in general, with any method of brewing it is recommended to pour tea into milk, and not otherwise.

Such a drink:

  • has an easy diuretic effect;
  • stimulates metabolism;
  • beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract;
  • improves the mood and well-being of the pregnant woman.

Tea with milk and honey can serve as a medicine for colds, when a woman is risky to use pharmaceuticals.


Green or black tea during pregnancy

Nobody will definitely say, green or black tea is preferable during pregnancy. It depends on the individual taste, way of life, culture of consumption. Sometimes the taste of the pregnant woman changes and the product, without which it does not seem like a day, becomes an outcast, and the previously disliked dishes take priority places in the menu. Even cases of perversion are known, when one wants something inedible ...

It can happen with tea. But if we are not talking about extremes, but about a more or less normal course of the process, then the principle "is allowed that which is not forbidden". Neither green nor black teas during pregnancy are not banned. On the contrary, even recommended as a healthy drink, because the tea ingredients:

  • make up for the increased costs of vitamins and trace elements;
  • have an invigorating effect;
  • strengthen enamel and bone tissue;
  • stimulate forces;
  • improve well-being.

Black tea is useful for preparing with honey and lemon or with milk. You can combine tea raw materials with a sheet of mint: this combination of tea components eliminates dizziness, swelling, toxicosis.

If the future mother wants to drink herbal tea, it is better not to experiment with the ingredients, but to buy a special tea for pregnant women. It is safe in the sense of plants unwanted during the carrying of the child.

Benefits of tea during pregnancy

Favorite by many drink has not only a pleasant taste, but also useful properties. The use of tea in pregnancy (classical) is that it contains vitamins, minerals, theophylline, theobromine, positively affects the permeability and elasticity of blood vessels, adds strength to tooth enamel. The only caveats - black tea during pregnancy should be not strong.

And how are other popular teas? The leading place is behind green tea, recognized as an antioxidant, which has many useful properties. In particular, it normalizes the pressure, which is important in pregnancy.

  • Whoever is afraid of using a classic drink because of the caffeine content, can switch to the cercophage exotics, the so-called white tea.

It increases immunity, resists bacteria, reduces the risk of tumor pathologies. It also strengthens teeth and blood vessels, improves heart function and skin condition. However, there is one "but": connoisseurs say that real white tea can be enjoyed only where it grows, because this tender raw material does not withstand long-distance transportation.

Vitamin plant teas are also very useful in the diet of a pregnant woman. Decoctions of dogrose, raspberry and currant leaves, ginger root, mint have a beneficial effect on digestion, nervous system, the mood of the future mother. Caution is needed regarding the very useful in other cases of chamomile tea, which increases the risk of abortion.



The opinion is expressed that black tea is extremely useful for female physiology. Even contribute to the onset of pregnancy, of course, if a woman really wants this and is preparing in all directions, including leading a correct lifestyle. And if you drink black tea correctly during pregnancy, then for a healthy woman and no contraindications are special. The main thing is not to allow abuse of quantity and concentration, so as not to provoke the development of vices in the fetus.

But if in the history of the mother cardiac pathologies, a tendency to hypertension, glaucoma, then tea can provoke undesirable loads on these organs.

In dubious or controversial situations, a woman should take responsibility for herself and decide for herself, herself, or not drink tea during pregnancy. Awareness in the subject and aggravated intuition will help to make an unmistakable decision.


No drink, including black tea, is recommended to drink uncontrolled and unlimited in pregnancy. The golden mean is exactly what a woman needs at this time. Reasonable amount of popular drink and pleasure will deliver, and harm will not bring anyone.

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