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Bobotik for newborns are used very often, because the problem of colic worries many parents and children during this period. More often than not, parents are looking for a remedy that could easily rid their child of such symptoms. Medicine and the market of medicines are growing every day, and there are many means of colic. It is necessary to consider the advantages and mechanism of the Bobotik's action in order to understand when to apply it.

Drops Bobotik - a drug from the group of surface substances, which acts when ingested in the stomach on air bubbles. It has only one direction of action - air bubbles.

Indications Babota for babies

Indications for use of the drug are increased gassing in the digestive tract, use as a preparation before the examination of the digestive organs, as well as with some poisoning, as a defoamer. From colic the drug is used due to its physical properties. The preparation includes simethicone.

This medicine is used when the baby has a stomachache. These cases are often confined to colic, but also do not exclude other causes of pain in the tummy of the baby. In newborn babies, the digestive system is not fully adapted to the external environment. After birth and the first six months the baby only eats breast milk, which is the main food for the baby. But his body does not have an adapted digestive system. First, the size of the stomach and intestine in the child correspond to its weight, that is, they are small. The liver, pancreas perform their functions differently than in adults. Functional activity and the process of digesting proteins, fats and carbons in the wall of the small intestine may be imperfect. Therefore, despite the fact that the newborn has the main food during this period - it is breast milk, even such simple food can not go through the process of digestion. Partial products of hydrolysis of milk, being in the intestines of a child, can cause processes of swelling, fermentation, which causes all unpleasant sensations in the baby.

Also, the child does not fully develop the nervous system of the intestine. This leads to disruption of the innervation of the intestine. Therefore, the process of food movement and intestinal tone may vary depending on insufficient regulation to a greater or lesser extent. This leads to the fact that increased fermentation causes the formation of excess gases, which, due to disturbances in innervation and intestinal tone, can not be eliminated. These gases cause swelling of the intestines in the baby, which is manifested by strong stitching pain in the tummy. At the same time, there is no difference how many gases are in the intestine - even a small amount causes such sensations. This is what is the colic in children. Since inadequate development is more characteristic of newborn babies, colic occurs during this period.

Pathogenetically justified the use of such tools as Bobotik, in the case of colic. Some parents use this remedy for any problems in children - functional constipation or diarrhea, with regurgitation. But this remedy does not treat such problems purposefully, but only if there are gases - it works. Therefore, Bobotik can be the number one agent for colic in newborns, but with other problems this medication is additional in treatment.

What are the symptoms of colic? If your child cries for 3 or more hours a day, at least 3 days a week for 3 weeks, then it's more of a manifestation of colic. Colic is caused when your child has gas bubbles entering the gastrointestinal tract. These blisters are often formed when your child consumes excess air while eating. With such problems, there are other signs: it pulls the legs to the stomach, cries when feeding, has a swollen and hard belly, a red face. In such cases, if you can not be sure whether it's colic or not, you can use Bobotik as a test, if it helps, then it's definitely colic, but the drug will not do any harm.

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Pharmacodynamics of the drug is due to the mechanism of action of the main substance. How does the drug work? Simethicone, a part of Bobotik, acts on the verge of two phases, reducing their surface tension. Due to this, the surface tension of the gas bubbles decreases, they combine into large bubbles in the stomach, which are easier to carry, providing the child with almost instant relief from the feeling of colic in the abdomen.

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Pharmacokinetics drug Bobotik has no special features, because the drug is absolutely not absorbed and is excreted unchanged. The drug does not affect the absorption of other drugs, does not reduce the volume of the stomach. How much does the Bobotik work? Given that to start the action of the drug does not need any absorption, or activation of the active substance, the drug begins to act as soon as it enters the digestive organs, that is, after five to ten minutes. How long does the Bobotik work? As soon as all the molecules of the drug bind to air bubbles, they are removed from the intestine and cease to function. That is, the drug acts as long as there are gases. Therefore, after each feeding, the drug must be given again, because it acts for several hours while it is in the stomach.

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Dosing and administration

How to give and how many times a day to give Bobotik? The method of administration does not differ from other similar drugs - it is oral. Form release of the drug in droplets. Therefore, doses are limited for children up to a year - 16 drops per application. If it is difficult for a small child to give in drops, it can be diluted with water.

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Contraindications to use are limited only to individual intolerance, as well as intestinal obstruction, which is not found in healthy children.

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Side effects Babota for babies

Side effects are not identified, because the medicine is not absorbed. Therefore, speaking about the question of the age at which a Bobotik can be taken, it must be answered that from the period of newbornness it is due to the absence of side effects.

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Overdosage and interaction with other drugs is not observed, since the drug is not absorbed into the blood. There may be a slight binding to levothyroxine drugs.

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Storage conditions

The storage conditions and the expiry date have no special features and correspond to the instructions.

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Analogues of this drug are preparations with a similar active substance simethicone, which include Espumizan baby, Kuplaton.

There are also analogues, which are an effective alternative to simethicone. Plantex, Baby Calm, Sab simplex are preparations based on dill or fennel, which have a natural vitrogenic effect. Dill water for babies can also be used for colic, as an alternative to simethicone.

Espumizan for newborns can be used if the Bobotik does not help. Although the drugs have the same substance, but there are individual characteristics of your child, and if one drug does not work, then another can be effective.

Babotik for newborns - one of the most common means for treating colic in your baby. And the effectiveness of the drug is explained by its mechanism of action. The absence of side effects allows the use of the drug in newborns.


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