Slimming clay: blue, black, white, green

Almost any woman who is overweight, seeks to lose weight, and to achieve this goal uses a variety of methods. Among the huge range of products that exist today is clay for weight loss - this method is considered one of the safest for the body and health.

Indications of the clays for weight loss

The most effective clay (used for wrapping) will be in such cases:

  • elimination of small fat layers on the buttocks with hips, as well as on the abdomen and waist with hands;
  • if a woman has a maximum of 5-6 kg of excess weight;
  • presence on the skin of a noticeable "orange peel".

Release form

Blue clay for weight loss

Most often as a means to lose weight using blue clay, because this type of clay has no contraindications, so it is completely safe for the body and skin.

In blue clay contains a lot of vitamins, as well as micro- and macro elements. They help to cleanse the skin and tone it, promote elasticity and softness. The internal reception of this product allows you to remove toxins from the body and, in addition, qualitatively eliminates excess fluid - this property ensures the elimination of excess weight.

Black clay for weight loss

Black clay is a natural fat burner. It effectively removes fat deposits from the most problem areas of the body. With external use of this product, in addition to actually losing weight, skin rejuvenation occurs.

White clay for weight loss

White clay is usually used to get rid of contaminants on the skin, as well as clogged pores. In addition, it can be consumed inside (diluted), because it helps to remove toxins from the digestive tract and other harmful components, thus relieving and overweight.

External use of white clay helps enrich the skin with minerals and vitamins, and at the same time makes it elastic and soft.

Green clay slimming

Green clay also has many useful properties, which are determined by the substances contained in its composition. Among them are trace elements such as zinc with magnesium, selenium with calcium and copper, and also phosphorus. They have a stimulating effect on the skin, eliminate pathogenic microbes, prevent the aging process of the skin, and in addition prevent toxic effects.

Thanks to the elements of silver, green clay allows to stabilize metabolic processes inside the skin. It also has the following effect:

  • Clears the skin;
  • restores cells;
  • rejuvenates the skin and strengthens its elasticity;
  • Absorbs the secret secreted by the sebaceous glands;
  • removes swelling;
  • strengthens blood circulation.

Use of the clays for weight loss during pregnancy

Clay can not be used by pregnant women.


The use of clay also has some contraindications - it can not be used at high temperature, the presence of chronic illnesses in severe form, colds, skin lesions (open wounds on wrappings, fresh post-operative scars), gynecological and cardiovascular pathologies, and diseases of the hematopoietic system. In addition, clay can not be used for hypertension, diabetes, varicose veins, or problems with thyroid function.

Side effects of the clays for weight loss

External use of clay can cause allergic manifestations, and in case of internal reception of this agent constipation may develop.

Dosing and administration

The use of clay inside can occur on several graphs. The first of these is:

  • First week - drink on an empty stomach every day 0.5 teaspoon of a solution (clay diluted in warm water). This will cleanse the intestines;
  • 2nd week - drink 2 times a day (on an empty stomach, and also in the evening, before going to bed) a solution that consists of 1 teaspoon of clay, and also warm water (1 glass);
  • 3-rd week - 2 times a day (reception on an empty stomach, and before going to bed) drink clay dissolved in 1 glass of warm water (1 tablespoon);
  • 4th week - a little clay should be filled with water in such quantity that it allows to mold balls from clay. Every day you need to eat on an empty stomach for 10-15 of these balls (their diameter should be 5-7 mm) and drink them with liquid.

Another graph of the internal use of clay for weight loss:

  • 1st week - before eating, eat 10-15 balls of clay (3 times a day), washing the balls with liquid;
  • 2nd week - before eating, use 5-7 balls (2 times a day), washing down with liquid;
  • 3rd, and also the 4th week - dissolve clay (1 teaspoon) in warm water (1 glass), and then drink 2 times a day - on an empty stomach, and before going to bed.

Wraps with clay for weight loss

Clay can be not only taken inside, but also used for external wraps, which is also considered a very effective method for losing weight. This procedure is quite simple, so it can be done without problems at home on your own. For wrappings with clay, you need a scrub, food film and, in fact, the clay itself.

First, you need to prepare a clay mass that will be used in the procedure. For this, it is necessary to dissolve the clay in warm water using a glass container. In this case, the amount of substance depends on how much there are problem areas on the body, on which clay will be applied. After that, you need to take a shower (warm) and cleanse the skin from various contaminants (using a scrub).

After this, it is necessary to treat the problem areas with a small layer of clay (it is recommended to do this a little with wet hands), and then cover them with several layers of film. In order for the effect to be maximum, it is necessary that during the period of the procedure the body is well heated - you can do any physical exercises for this.

To reduce the body volume, it is necessary that the wrapping lasted about 30-50 minutes (using blue or black clay), and the procedure itself should be carried out twice / thrice a week.

Usually after 2-3 weeks of wrapping, a noticeable result appears.

Mustard wrap with clay for weight loss

Mustard is often used in the creation of mixtures for wraps, which are designed to eliminate excess weight.

The wrapping will allow to reduce the volumes, removing a few centimeters, thereby correcting the figure, and also will have a beneficial effect on the structure of the skin.

Skin mustard has a powerful warming effect, thereby accelerating tissue metabolism, and at the same time exfoliating the upper epithelial layer, which is already coarse. All this leads to the fact that the skin becomes soft with elasticity.

Clay is an ecologically pure natural component, it contains many trace elements (iron, as well as potassium and magnesium, etc.). They remove inflammatory processes, improve blood circulation and metabolism, and also eliminate the so-called "orange peel" from the skin.

All these properties make wrappings using clay and mustard as one of the most effective methods for improving the figure and getting rid of excess kilograms.

Blue clay and cinnamon for weight loss

Cinnamon is considered a very effective cosmetic means. In combination with clay it is often used as a component for wrapping procedures.

It perfectly removes cellulite - thanks to the presence in its composition of essential oils, which help stabilize metabolism and improve blood circulation.

Slimming clay inside

When selecting clay for ingestion, one should take one that dissolves slowly in water. The most suitable is plastic and suitable for molding, fatty clay.

Use clay is necessary only before eating (drink with tincture of herbs or plain water, not sweetening the liquid with sugar, although it is allowed to add a little honey to the water, and also lemon juice - a few drops). It is forbidden to combine clay with coffee, as well as milk and alcoholic beverages.

Baths with clay for weight loss

Since the baths with clay have a very strong cleansing effect, thanks to this procedure it is possible to carry out deep cleaning of the skin, and also to remove from the body the slags and toxins in it.

In the process of taking such a bath you can massage the clay of the area of the skin on which there are problems. This prevents the development of cellulite or reduces its severity in the presence of.

Thanks to clay baths, the skin is saturated with a lot of useful microelements, and also receives additional care.


Like any sorbent, clay in case of an overdose can remove vitamins from the body, as well as other useful elements. Because of this, it is recommended to conduct treatment procedures using this substance under the supervision of a specialist. Thanks to blood tests, it's possible to notice problems in time and adjust the dosage.

Storage conditions

Clay should not be stored in a metal container. It can be porcelain, wooden or glass.

Shelf life

The therapeutic clay for weight loss has an unlimited shelf life.


Slimming clay is very popular, because, according to the people who used this method, it is an effective and safe tool that helps to lose weight and adjust the figure.

It is important to know!

In a constant pursuit of the ideal, which is especially true for women, they can make a lot of effort to lose weight and achieve a weight that is seen as optimal. Read more..

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