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What is a professional face cream? What is different from non-professional? Unlike inexpensive mass products, professional lines are much more expensive; These creams are not produced by all brands and can not be purchased in regular stores. But the main advantage and difference is the quality, due to which the skin is really capable of being transformed.

Indications Professional face creams

An important indication for the use of professional face creams is that they help to really save on expensive salon spa procedures. Thanks to online stores, where the entire spectrum of professional cosmetics is presented, you do not need to spend time searching for the right product in ordinary cosmetic shops.

Professional facial creams are divided according to the type of skin and tasks performed (cleansing, whitening, renewal, protection, toning). When developing formulas, specialists take maximum account of the features of the skin, and harmlessness and effectiveness is confirmed by certificates.

  • In the free sale, they do not come mainly because the recipe uses powerful ingredients, sometimes in high concentrations. They are more effective than conventional cosmetics, but require competent and accurate application.

When appointing a professional tool, it is necessary to take into account the type and condition of the skin, the age and the specific patient's problem. Sometimes even the season or season is important.

Cosmetics of this type must be carefully stored and used only for the intended purpose. With all the criteria and timely appointment, professional face creams are really able to prolong youth and "reduce" the real age by several years.

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Release form

Most brands use exclusively natural raw materials and advanced technologies. Thanks to this, the products are characterized by efficiency, quality, harmlessness. Unlike some salon procedures, the use of creams does not cause painful or other unpleasant sensations. And the result is no less rapid and pronounced.

The formulas for professional face creams include the following components: peptide and bioactive complexes, extracts and oils of medicinal plants. Auxiliary substances such cosmetics contains a minimum.

Names of professional face creams:

  • Japan Bb Laboratories;
  • Christian Dior, France Capture Totale Multi-Perfection;
  • The revolt against wrinkles from Anesi;
  • USA EsteeLauder;
  • Rejuvenating Wish Radiance Christina Israel;
  • Super-humidifying OXYGEN Botanicals;
  • Updating HOLY LEND Israel;
  • Massage Green Tea with hyaluronic acid and nanosilver;
  • PLANTER`S (with hyaluronic acid).

Professional moisturizing face cream

Professional moisturizing face cream Dekleor with neroli oil is designed for dehydrated skin. It is actual with a lack of moisture, it provides moisture and protection for 24 hours.

Light creamy consistency, the presence of neroli oil covers the deficit of moisture, ideally protects from pollution and aggressive factors. In particular, oil saturates with vitamins, stimulates the formation of hyaluronic acid and collagen. Due to these properties neroli oil is present in all products of the French brand of natural cosmetics Dekleor.

  • Get the oil from an orange tree of a certain kind, only with fresh flowers. To produce 1 kg of product you need to collect 2 tons of fragrant flowers!

The second active ingredient, the extract of sea fennel, is extremely rich in vitamin A. It protects cells from oxidation, renews them, eventually rejuvenates the skin: smoothes wrinkles, restores color, gives grooming. By the way, sea fennel is so harmless that it is considered a food product.

Professional face cream Dekleor does not contain mineral oils and parabens, as well as pigments. All oils are of natural origin and of high quality.

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Professional face cream with hyaluronic acid

The Israeli brand Christina produces a line of professional face creams with hyaluronic acid. It is a fortified with moisturizing effect for different types of skin.

The cream "Elastin, collagen, placental enzyme" is created for fatty and combined type. Contains active substances that delicately remove hornfree. A moisturizing complex of eight components reliably protects from loss of moisture. Vitamins A, E promote regeneration. The extract of the zhiruha narrows the pores and destroys the bacteria. With regular rubbing of the product until completely absorbed, the skin changes.

The agent "Elastin, collagen, carrot oil" is able to restore the dehydrated skin. Under the influence of a complex of useful components, the skin is significantly rejuvenated.

For a normal type, a gentle cooling cream "Elastin, collagen, azulene" is intended. He maximally and permanently moisturizes the face, without an unpleasant feeling of fatness. Azulen eliminates dryness, irritation.

Cream for normal skin is used differently than the previous ones: during the day - under tonal make-up, at night - on the peeled neck and face. All three creams are available in packs of 60, 100, 250 ml.

Professional foundation foundation for face

Professional face creams for the brand Cinecitta are highly appreciated by make-up artists, stylists and make-up artists, as they effectively solve the set tasks: they mask defects and smooth the complexion. Professional face creams from Italian cosmetologists are used in film photography, television, to apply persistent make-up. Cosmetics from Cinecitta has the following advantages:

  • resistance;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • thermal stability;
  • quality composition;
  • perfectly shading;
  • does not accumulate in the skin folds;
  • Has the effect of lifting;
  • sparingly consumed.

Textures are produced from light to viscous, as well as a wide palette of shades.

In order for the skin to become tender and velvety, use light products such as Fondontina Lifting, Fondontina lunga durata.

For the "second skin" effect, Camouflage Color up, a compact base-primer or cream powder will do.

It offers a foundation with antibacterial properties. In the lineup - different shades; plus the product and that it does not clog pores.

Professional face cream of French origin

The French are the undisputed leaders of the cosmetic market. Noteworthy are the following brands of professional face creams made in France:

  • Christian Dior, which guarantees the quality of products;
  • Algologie - based on plant extracts and biocomplexes;
  • Algotherm is the leader in the use of marine raw materials;
  • Gezatone is a pioneer of innovative production;
  • Givenchy - one of the most famous companies;
  • La Biosthetigue - differs exclusivity and effectiveness of cosmetics;
  • Matis - has world wide popularity as a salon brand;
  • Payot - offers a detailed method of using their products;
  • Perle de Mer - is characterized by ecological compatibility, richness of natural components;
  • Vichy is a less expensive but quality company that produces professional face creams.

Professional face cream for Italian production

Feature of professional creams for the face of Italian production is that they are created on the basis of natural ingredients, which this country is rich in, using modern cosmetology technologies. Professional face creams from Italy are characterized by the following qualities:

  • effective and safe;
  • meet international standards;
  • act quickly and durably;
  • They are created according to a unique recipe based on olives, citruses, grapes;
  • beautifully packed.

By the way, grapes are one of the important components of Italian cosmetics. Professional face cream for Italian brands can eliminate any skin imperfections. It is interesting that many famous designers, born in this sunny country, produce, along with clothing, luxurious cosmetics of their own brands. Popular brands: Collistar, Cera di Cupra, DIBI, Bottega Verde, Etual, Egia, Frais Monde, Giorgio Armani, Gerard`s, Guam, Nouba, Pupa, Kleraderm.

Professional face cream for Israeli manufacture

Professional face cream of Israeli production occupy leading positions in a number of high-quality preparations, therefore they are actively used in beauty salons of different countries of Europe and America. They were tested in laboratories and in practice, evaluated by cosmetologists and makeup artists for naturalness and therapeutic effectiveness.

Almost all cosmetics from Israel contain unique ingredients from the healing mud of the Dead Sea. In addition to them, the preparations are enriched with vitamins, peptides, extracts of medicinal raw materials, seaweed, pearl powder, gold, natural oils, pink quartz, etc. Israeli specialists use full measure both local gifts of nature and imported "overseas", for example, alpine moss, Baghdad rose, Chinese matricaria.

It is clear that such products can not be cheap, but it's worth it. Wash cosmetics are represented in various series, each of them is aimed at solving a specific problem. Professional creams face the following brands: Holy Land, Premier, Christina, Gigi, Anna Lotan, Renew, Leorex. In the salon pick up the brand and line in accordance with the individual needs of your skin.

Professional face cream after 40 years

40 years is the age when the skin needs extra care. As a rule, it is necessary to select new means, since habitual cosmetics is already incapable of coping with the inevitable negative changes in the skin. To maintain the skin in a young state, you need to remember about professional face creams after 40 years.

Mature skin is subject to the following undesirable changes:

  • reduces elasticity and velvety;
  • dullness and unevenness of tone appear;
  • wrinkles are formed;
  • decreases the moisture content and nutrient components.

Often there are peeling and irritation, possibly a change in skin type.

Professional face cream after 40 years should eliminate these shortcomings and prevent further wilting. For this purpose, protein compounds (elastin, keratin, collagen, etc.), peptides, retinoids, coenzyme, ANA- and BHA acids are introduced into the prescriptions. All professional brands offer their own professional rejuvenating products.

The French brand "Phytomer" produces a cream for aging skin after 40 years, with the effects of lifting and tightening. Products "Phytomer" is based on active ingredients of marine origin. The company is considered a pioneer in the application of marine extracts in cosmetology.

Professional creams cover the skin and provide long-lasting hydration. In addition, the components of the cream stimulate the production of proteins that retain moisture, strengthen the fat barrier and intercellular cohesion.


Pharmacodynamics of professional face creams is not described. It is known that active components are absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin. The action depends on the purpose of the particular remedy.



The pharmacokinetics of professional face creams are not described.

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Dosing and administration

The way of using professional face creams involves the presence of salon equipment and a qualified specialist. Therefore, you should carefully choose the salon and the master.

Regular use of creams is an alternative to plastic surgery. It is necessary to resort to them from a certain age, when the skin begins to require increased care. It is important to adhere to the technique of application, so that instead of the desired result, do not get negative.

  • Professional face cream is applied on massage lines, patting and massaging with the pads of the fingers. Such movements warm the skin and stimulate microcirculation.

Under the eyes, the agent is applied from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner, on the upper eyelid - on the contrary. On the neck - from below to the chin, the lower part of which is vigorously triturated.

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Use Professional face creams during pregnancy

Professional face creams are saturated with active ingredients, deeply penetrating into the skin, and can harm future mother and fetus. Therefore use during pregnancy of such cosmetics, as well as visiting salons in general, is inexpedient.

Postponing visits for a while, you will be pleasantly surprised by the high efficiency of cosmetic procedures after the end of lactation.


Salon facilities are highly active, so in inept hands can be a threat and even a danger. For example, strong bleaching agents can cause side effects.

  • Contraindications to the use of professional face creams are pregnancy and lactation, individual intolerance of ingredients, neoplasms. When women's diseases are not recommended to apply creams without first consulting a doctor.

With a tendency to allergies, the presence of diseases and skin damage, potent cosmetics should be avoided.

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Side effects Professional face creams

Creams act on the deep layers of the skin and cellular structures. Designed for the skin with the first symptoms of wilt or obvious wrinkles. Their main advantage is an intense effect and a lasting effect.

  • To avoid side effects before applying a professional face cream, you need to study its composition. In the reviews, allergic reactions, pain in the stomach are noted. If such symptoms are present, the remedy should be discarded.

To prevent undesirable reactions, it is recommended to perform testing on the inner bend of the elbow joint. If after 20 minutes on the skin there are no irritations or rashes, this cream can be applied safely on the face.

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Cases of overdose of professional face creams are not described. However, taking into account the increased activity of individual ingredients, professional means should be used according to the instructions and recommendations of specialists.

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Interactions with other drugs

Interactions of professional face creams with other drugs have not been studied.

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Storage conditions

Storage conditions - a dry, cool, darkened room, unless otherwise specified, for example, a refrigerator. Do not throw away plastic caps, which protect the professional face cream from the penetration of excess air.

A jar or tube is important to screw tightly after each use of the contents. The stick for getting the cream from the jar should always be clean.

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Shelf life

The shelf life of professional face creams depends on the composition. Eco-creams with natural oils and extracts can be stored for no more than 8 months. Water based - up to a year. Alcohols in the recipe prolong useful properties up to 1, 5 years.

All these terms apply to untouched packages. By the way, in the products of EU countries do not specify a term, if it exceeds 2, 5 years.

  • The opened creams store suitability up to half a year. Later, the use of the contents of such packages is risky. It is also not recommended to mix the remains of creams, even one brand and type.

Unused sunscreens should not be left until the next season: during this time they may lose useful properties or even provoke an allergy.



Many good reviews deserve the soothing professional Jojoba face cream made by the French manufacturer Ella Bache. Especially it is suitable for winter, it is necessary to apply at night.

"Probiot calming" the same brand received the most positive reviews.

"Moisturizing azulenovy" from Christina user recommended for the summer.

"Protective" from Sothys (France), according to one of the reviews, caused irritation. Although the other three clients were satisfied with the effect and continue to use this cream.

"Whitening night" from Verona Professional (Hungary): the reviews are contradictory, although the positive ones prevail. Complaints concern the ineffectiveness of the claimed bleaching properties.

Rating of professional face creams

The ratings of professional face creams are based on various criteria. If you start from the skin type, then such a rating of the best creams is interesting, according to Internet customers:

  • night for dry and normal skin - Payot France;
  • for oily and combined - Christina Israel;
  • pharmacy for preserving elasticity - Vichy on thermal water;
  • for complex care - pharmacy Avene.

The universal general rating takes into account the cost (from expensive to moderate prices) and the effectiveness of creams.

  • 24К Gold;
  • Elisir Ridensificante;
  • Hydro-Stabilizing;
  • Botanicals;
  • With hyaluronic acid;
  • Kukui For Dry Skin;
  • Repairwear Laser Focus;
  • Wish Radiance;
  • Comfort Mask;
  • Moisturizing.

If the financial possibilities are unlimited, then proceed from the state of the skin. In the absence of age-related problems, it is sufficient to maintain the optimum level of hydration and protect against adverse factors. In the presence of rash, pigmentation, the first wrinkles, professional face creams that correspond to the individual features of the skin are needed.

The line of professional face creams contains the latest cosmetic developments. In principle, they are designed for salon procedures. You can also use creams at home if you choose them with a specialist and follow the instructions exactly.


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