Liposuction is a cosmetology or bariatric surgery for surgically changing the nature of fat deposition in a specific area (or several areas) of the body. Women usually turn to liposuction to remove fat deposits on the abdomen, waist, hips, buttocks, forearm, back, calves, knees, etc. Men in most cases want to remove fat deposits on the neck, chest, back, waist, abdomen and buttocks.

Complications after liposuction on the face and neck

As a rule, unlike potentially dangerous complications of liposuction on the whole body, the main complications of liposuction on the face and neck are small and temporary disturbances.

Liposuction on face and neck: postoperative period

Patients should be warned about the natural postoperative changes associated with liposuction. The bruises and bruises after closed liposuction are manifold and run through 7-21 days.

Liposuction technique on the face and neck

Liposuction on the face and neck can be performed in an open and closed way.

Preoperative marking for face and neck liposuction

The need for pre-operative marking is due to the fact that when the patient lies on his back on the operating table, fat accumulations are shifted and can become invisible.

Tools for liposuction on the face and neck

Successful execution of any operation requires not only the skill, but also the availability of appropriate equipment.

Methodological and physiological considerations regarding liposuction on the face and neck

The techniques used on the face and neck, although very similar in technique to those used on the body, should differ due to the peculiarities of the anatomy and physiology of these areas.

Indications for liposuction on the face and neck

Although the chapter focuses on the aesthetic use of liposuction on the head and neck, this intervention can also be used to resolve many other surgical problems.

Selection of patients for liposuction on the face and neck

Liposuction is not applicable in patients with unrealistic expectations or in patients with excess skin and a small amount of fat.

General principles of liposuction on the face and neck

Local obesity can be attributed to hereditary factors, hormonal imbalance, improper diet and lack of physical activity.

Evaluation of the results of the liposuction operation

The nearest result of liposuction is evaluated after 2-3 months, when the tissue state in the zone of operation is normalized.

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