Breast reconstruction

Красота женской груди в наше время практически возведена в культ, поэтому пластика на сегодняшний день является одной из самых востребованных косметических операций. Пластика груди - это хирургическая коррекция формы и размеров молочных желез. Данная процедура зачастую решает не только эстетические проблемы, но и психологические, а также проблемы личностной самореализации.

Реконструкция молочных желез после мастэктомии

Reconstruction of mammary glands after mastectomy is performed with the purpose of restoring appearance, loss of volume, size and shape of the breast.

Операции по уменьшению молочных желез

One of the types of surgical correction of the breast is reduction mammoplasty, that is, operations to reduce the mammary glands.

Операции по увеличению молочных желез

The body structure of each person is individual, and cases when there is discontent with this or that part of the body are not uncommon.

Массаж для увеличения молочных желез

Breasts are the pride of a woman. But there are many women who are not happy with the size of their breasts, they would like to increase it, but they are afraid of plastics. In this case, massage can help to increase the mammary glands.

Липофилинг молочных желез

At the end of the 19th century, a procedure was first performed, which in modern medicine is called lipofilling of the mammary glands.

Увеличение молочных желез: как сделать грудь больше?

Why do many women think about how to make breasts bigger? Because the breast is not just a glandular organ, it is a symbol of motherhood and femininity, beauty and attractiveness of the female body.

Операции при деформациях сосково-ареолярного комплекса

Deformities of the nipple-areolar complex include a nipple, hypertrophy of the nipple, areola of too large diameter, deformation of the areola in the tubular mammary gland.

Подтяжка молочных желез (мастопексия)

The omission of the mammary glands is a natural process that affects a woman's breasts throughout her life. About the presence of ptosis of the mammary gland it is customary to speak in those cases when the level of its nipple falls below the level of the pectoral fold.

Осложнения после редукционной маммопластики

Reduction mammoplasty is a fairly extensive surgical operation, during which large areas of tissues are sometimes removed, and the total area of the wound surfaces can also be significant.

Операции при гигантомастии

At the most expressed hypertrophy of mammary glands the most safe and reliable operation is reduction mammoplasty with a free transplantation of the nipple and areola, like a full-layer skin flap.

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