Physiotherapy methods for the treatment of alopecia

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Last reviewed: 19.10.2021

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Electrostatic and electromagnetic fields have long been successfully used for the healing of wounds of soft tissues and the fusion of bones. As a side effect, hair growth was shown to increase in areas of the skin subjected to electrophysiotherapy.

When studying the effect of the electrostatic field on hair growth, a positive effect was noted in more than 60% of patients, and 90% of them stopped hair loss. Extension of treatment to these patients for another year led to a significant increase in the density of hair.

Therapeutic procedures are carried out once a week for 12 minutes. The duration of the course of treatment is 36-48 weeks. The method is easy to use and convenient for the patient. The device looks like a stationary hair dryer in the hairdresser's. During the procedure, the patient sits in a comfortable chair, above the head (frontal-parietal region) is a cap that induces an electrostatic field. Treatment does not cause unpleasant sensations, side effects are not noted. It is proved that electrostatic exposure does not induce the appearance of tumors.

The mechanism of stimulating hair growth remains unclear. The positive potential is used to prepare the hair for the effects of negative potential, which causes a trichogenic effect.

Microcurrent therapy is a new safe method of treatment, in which a weak impulse current is used. The procedures are performed with the E-100 device in the mode of the tissue repair program, observing the following parameters: current frequency 0.3-0.5 Hz (up to 30 Hz), current strength 4-80 μA, voltage 11-14 V, the duration of the electric pulse is of the order of 500,000 microseconds. Since weak currents are used, subjective sensations are practically absent; individual patients note the feeling of "tingling with a needle" or "mechanical pressure". Already after the 3-5th procedure, hair loss or loss stops, general well-being improves, but it should be noted that the best results are observed with 10 or more treatment sessions.

Microcurrents have a wide range of effects on the body; they are capable of:

  • to remove the pain syndrome due to the release of enkephalin and endorphin, which are endogenous analgesics. This property is used in cosmetology practice with postoperative conditions, in particular, with hair transplantation.
  • stimulate the processes of cellular metabolism due to changes in the membrane potential of cells and the discovery of ion channels, including calcium channels, which leads to a 6-fold increase in the synthesis of ATP, the basic energy potential of the cell. Accumulation of ATP promotes the acceleration of cell differentiation and tissue regeneration.
  • improve microcirculation, stimulating muscle fibers to consistently compress and relax, and also affecting the smooth muscles of the arterioles themselves.

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