Massage for lifting the oval of the face at home

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Last reviewed: 05.07.2022

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The first thing we see in the person we meet is his face. By the face we judge the appearance, mood, sometimes - the health of a neighbor, acquaintance and first seen. To look young, fresh, well-groomed, some effort is required. In addition to cosmetic products, an effective remedy is massage for a facelift. We will discuss some of the methods below.

Massage for a facelift at home

In the arsenal of anti-aging procedures, there are those that are available not only in salons, but also for self-fulfillment. Massage for a facelift at home is convenient and easy to carry out almost daily. You don’t need to sign up for a massage therapist and rush to be in time for a specific time, depend on transport and other circumstances, pay money, and then rush again - instead of relaxing and getting the maximum benefit and pleasure from manipulation.

There are several massage techniques for facelift, with different results after a course of procedures.

  1. Classic: there is a general tightening, the contour appears clearer, the color is fresher.
  2. Pinched: the face is cleared of rashes, the relief is leveled, some defects are eliminated.
  3. Japanese: rejuvenation occurs.

Each technique has its own characteristics. So, classical massage includes stroking, tapping, circular movements with the fingertips along the main lines. Movements are light and precise.

The pinch variant belongs to medical procedures. Massage is performed with pinches, strong pressure and vibration movements.

The Japanese technique is distinguished by energy, intensity, and separate, especially strong pressure. These manipulations should affect the so-called beauty points and stimulate the lymph flow.

Active points are located as follows:

  • in the center of the forehead;
  • eyes - in all corners;
  • on the bridge of the nose between the eyebrows;
  • at the temples;
  • in the corners of the lips;
  • under the lower lip.

With regular massage manipulations, following the rules, they get an excellent result. Mimic wrinkles are hidden, puffiness is eliminated, the oval and surface are leveled, circulation in the blood and lymph vessels improves, the face acquires a healthy look and shade, wilting slows down. Massage procedures act like gymnastics, on the whole body, improving not only the appearance, but also the mood of a person.

Faceforming, natural tightening

Faceforming is a new word in anti-aging technologies, a painless and cost-effective alternative to plastic surgery. Faceforming is a natural tightening, invented and justified by a former Italian journalist, and then a beautician from Switzerland, Benita Cantieni. This is a complex of simple exercises, a kind of yoga for the face, available for self-fulfillment.

  • The author believes that aging is associated with a violation of posture and planting of the head. Therefore, he directs his massage technique for a facelift to activate the muscles responsible for the tone and firmness of the facial part.

The goal is to consciously create tension and shape your facial expression so that you look the way you feel. It helps not only to achieve rejuvenation, but also to improve facial features, if they do not like something. Recommended for ages 30+.

  • Deciding to deal with the system of Mrs. Kantieni, you should stock up on perseverance and patience.

First, you need to undergo special training to improve your posture, without which faceforming is unlikely to be effective. In any case, the author does not think so. Then, for three weeks, you will need to perform a full complex daily, consisting of 13 tricks. This is a training of facial muscles - to activate, activate, load active points.

Each appointment takes 2 minutes, in general, the procedure requires half an hour a day. Multiplicity - at least 5 times a week. Discipline is a very important point of the system.

  • But it only seems difficult and complicated at first. Being drawn in, you can discreetly engage in faceforming at work, in transport, at the TV, and even more so in your free time.

After this period, they promise a stunning rejuvenating result, to support which it will be enough to practice two days a week.

Japanese face lift massage

The most popular variation of the Japanese facelift massage was introduced by a famous stylist in her book, which drew both admiration and criticism from readers. The author has perfected long-standing techniques known to Japanese women. The book is called Facial Massage, and the facial massage technique is Asahi or Zogan. The translation, respectively, is “massage of the morning sun” and “creation of the face”.

  • The key rule of the Japanese facelift is to strictly follow the location of the lymphatic tract and study the lymph nodes, which allows you to effectively and quickly get rid of excess fluid and toxic components.

Massage is considered therapeutic. To eliminate wrinkles, it is enough to lightly press on the skin, mainly with two fingers. It is recommended to practice in the morning, on a cleansed and dried skin surface. It is best to use massage oil, in the absence of it, you can replace it with cream or cosmetic milk. At the end, wipe off the residue and wash with water.

Massage acts on both superficial and deep layers, up to the bone base of the skull. Carries out lymphatic drainage, increases muscle tone, due to which a tightening effect is achieved. According to the author, Mrs. Tanako, the procedure cleanses and opens the main energy channels. All this in combination rejuvenates the skin for at least seven years.

  • The technique requires the use of reasonable force. You shouldn't feel sorry for yourself if you want to get the desired result. Especially vigorous movements are necessary where there are no lymph nodes.

Massage should be abandoned only if there are contraindications: skin diseases, problems with the lymphatic system, ENT pathologies. The method is also not suitable for women with a thin face, because after the massage it will become even thinner. The body can react differently on critical days or in a tired state. Experts advise to observe yourself and decide whether to postpone the procedure or, conversely, apply it on such days.

Interestingly, the classic eastern position - sitting or standing, with a strictly maintained posture - is slightly relaxed in European practice: massage is performed in a supine position, when the muscles are more relaxed. Women are offered a choice of which method suits them best.

Japanese facelift exercises

In addition to massage, which affects the lymphatic system, there is a Japanese method of facelift exercises. The effect is achieved by pressing on the active points, due to which the water balance is restored. The method is called Shiatsu.

Massage for facelift exercises is carried out daily, according to strict rules, taking into account contraindications. Here are some conditions:

  1. Self-massage is performed twice a day on cleansed skin: in the morning - after hygiene procedures, in the evening - after removing makeup.
  2. Each session should include gymnastics for all problem areas.
  3. Before starting the main gymnastics, “warm up” the muscles with a slight kneading.
  4. Observe the breathing regime, repeat the exercises according to the requirement: from 4 to 10 times.
  5. Lubricate the skin with a cream or oil that does not give an allergic reaction. Useful product with warming properties.
  6. Remove hair under a bandage.

Japanese gymnastics is not recommended in the presence of pathologies of various organs and during menstruation, if it causes pain. You can not do massage for injuries, infectious diseases, oncological formations on the skin, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, hemophilia.

The Japanese technique consists of separate techniques designed for all areas: cheeks, chin, eyes, lips, forehead, nasolabial folds. There are also exercises that allow you to deal with wrinkling in several areas at the same time.

Acupressure massage for face skin tightening

A technique that combines gymnastics and exposure to active points is called acupressure for face skin tightening. Thanks to enhanced tissue nutrition and lymphatic circulation, muscles are strengthened, lifting and rejuvenating effects are manifested.

Before starting a massage for a facelift in a point way, you should study the location of biologically active points on the entire head. Schemes are offered as illustrations for thematic materials. On his head, everyone can feel the small indentations on the bones of the skull by touch, these are the right points. Rule number one - with firm pressure with your fingers, the skin on the face and on the head should not move.

  • There are many point methods, all of them are effective in non-started cases. With obvious signs of aging, the result is much weaker.

To achieve maximum effect, everything must be done according to the rules.

  1. Thoroughly cleanse the face of all kinds of dirt.
  2. Wash and disinfect hands.
  3. Take the oil ready or make a mixture. Unrefined olive oil is the best option.
  4. Each time to prepare the skin: lightly press with two fingers, starting from the eyebrows, go through the cheeks down.
  5. Self-massage begins with light strokes with your fingers, followed by circular rubbing and kneading, and finally - patting. Movements should be active enough, but not cause discomfort.
  6. Before the procedure, do not drink a lot of liquid so that swelling does not form.
  7. The frequency of manipulations is 2-3 r. A week, at bedtime, if possible - without passes.
  8. At the end, lubricate the face with a preparation according to the type of skin.
  9. If there is a slight redness, this is normal, because as a result of manipulation, blood circulation is activated.

Facial massage lines for lifting

In articles on cosmetic topics, the phrase “massage lines” is very common. Do all readers clearly know where they are located and why facial massage lines are important for a facelift?

This term refers to the zone of minimal stretching of skin tissues. You should move along these conditional lines during all manipulations: washing, applying cosmetics, cleansing, care and, of course, during facelift massage. This is one of the main cosmetic rules, the observance of which allows you to delay wilting and the formation of wrinkles.

  • The bottom line is that when exposed to places where there is less stretching, collagen fibers are preserved intact, leaving no chance for wrinkles.

Considering that we carry out such actions on a daily basis, the preventive effect can hardly be overestimated (if you follow the recommendations of specialists). And how much harm you can do to yourself if you ignore the advice of professionals!

Now the main thing: where are the notorious lines?

  • forehead: from the middle to the temples;
  • near the eyes: from the inner corners along the upper eyelid, through the outer - to the inner;
  • nose: from the bridge of the nose to the tip, from the wings to the ears;
  • lips: upper - from the center to the ears, chin - from the middle to the ears;
  • neck: from the chest and the center of the neckline - to the chin, along the edges - downwards, heading to the collarbones.

It is best to visually see the massage lines in the illustrations. And apply this information not only for self-massage, but also in everyday care.

All over the world, women, wanting to prolong their youth, are looking for an alternative to expensive cosmetics, plastic and hardware technologies. Do-it-yourself facelift massages have proven effective for millions of people. To delay withering, you do not need to invent a wheel and pay easy money; just choose a way and bring beauty with your own hands.

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