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In cosmetology, you can often meet the use of masks with different purposes. This can be as a therapeutic procedure in the fight against rashes, and "rejuvenating." Mask with peroxide is considered an effective way to improve the condition of the skin, giving them a healthy appearance and eliminating the excess secretion of secretion of sebaceous glands. In addition, with regular cleaning, sanitation of contaminated foci occurs in the form of acne and pustules and their speedy healing.

In all recipes based on hydrogen peroxide, it is necessary to use its 3% solution. The mask should not be applied to the area around the eyes, lips and mucous membranes.

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Mask for face with peroxide

As a means for removing make-up, as well as for medical purposes, a face mask with peroxide is widely used. Of course, for simple cleansing, peroxide can be used without additional ingredients, however, in the case of a mask, it is advisable to follow certain rules for preparation and use of the product. Caution is the main point in applying peroxide, as it is a powerful component of any cosmetic product, so it is capable not only to clean and degrease the surface of the skin, but also to harm healthy cells.

Mask for the face with peroxide has a high efficiency, because it is able to clean and reduce the fat gloss of the face due to the narrowing of the excretory ducts of the glands. Observance of the rules of using the mask will prevent the occurrence of burns and allergic reactions on the skin. To achieve the desired goal and avoid adverse reactions and complications, it is necessary to clearly control the amount of peroxide used for the mask, as well as the duration of its application.

Benefit of peroxide for facial skin

In order for any cosmetic product to be useful for a particular type of skin, you first need to familiarize yourself with its composition and the effect of each component on the skin cells. Thus, considering the structure of hydrogen peroxide, we can distinguish its two components - water and oxygen.

The benefit of peroxide for the skin is that oxygen, getting to the surface, reacts with the available products of vital activity of bacterial infection and other contaminants. As a result, they rise to the surface of the skin, where with the help of water they are removed. Peroxide, thanks to its components, simultaneously cleanses the foci of infection and removes them from the skin.

As part of the mask, the benefits of peroxide for the skin is the ability to disinfect the skin surface, clean the contaminated pores and rashes, have an anti-inflammatory effect, and also lighten the skin and fight off traces of acne. Thus, the intensity and prevalence of irritation, inflammatory reaction decreases, and the skin is cleansed of acne, rashes and pigmented areas after acne.

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Mask with hydrapic acid and hydrogen peroxide

Mask with water and hydrogen peroxide is used as a remedy for acne and pigment spots and scars after cured rashes. The mask should be used in the period of the year when the activity of solar radiation is minimal in order to avoid the appearance of additional pigmentation.

The properties of peroxide are already known, but as for the body-water, it is necessary to isolate the exfoliating, improving the local blood supply of cells and the recovery effect.

To prepare a mask, you need a scraper in the form of a powder and hydrogen peroxide itself. The proportion of ingredients should be such that a thick mass forms. Then, for a minute, it begins to increase slightly in volume with the formation of bubbles (foam).

Mask with a hydrapic acid and hydrogen peroxide is applied to the affected areas of the face, gradually rubbing into the thickness of the skin. The therapeutic mass should completely cover the area without gaps. Over the next 20 minutes the mask is drying. After a certain period of time, it must be removed with water of a comfortable temperature.

Mask with peroxide

After using this product, the skin can acquire a red tint and even peel off, there is a slight irritation, so it is recommended to use talc to soothe the skin. Hyperemic skin can last up to 2 days, so you should use the mask no more often than 2 times a week.

In some cases, the skin reaction to peroxide may persist for up to a week, so the following procedure should be carried out no earlier than skin repair. The effect is observed after the first use, but to fix it you need to apply the mask 5 times, after which it takes a break about 4 months.

Mask with yeast and hydrogen peroxide

Yeasts are successfully used not only for bakery and cakes, but also for skin regeneration. The medicinal properties of yeast are provided by the presence in the composition of the necessary vitamins for the skin, such as group B and vitamin PP, and various enzymes, proteins and minerals.

A mask with yeast and hydrogen peroxide is able to make the skin velvety, soft, with a smooth healthy shade and pleasant to touch. Due to a decrease in the diameter of the excretory duct of the gland, the skin gets rid of fatty gloss. This mask is perfect for a normal and greasy type of face. However, in addition to its use for the face, you can apply the mask on the neck or hands.

To prepare the mass for the mask, take 15 g of yeast (fresh) and 5 ml of peroxide (3%). Before mixing them, you should knead the yeast in a mortar, and then add the peroxide. Stir it all the time until a thick, uniform mass forms. By consistency, it should resemble sour cream.

Mask with yeast and hydrogen peroxide should be applied to the skin and held for up to 20 minutes. It is advisable not to talk or laugh during the procedure to relax the mimic muscles. After the time has elapsed, the mask should be removed with water of a comfortable temperature. After that, it is recommended to moisten the dry skin, and then wash off the decoction of chamomile to reduce irritation and inflammatory reaction.

Mask with oatmeal and hydrogen peroxide

Oatmeal is considered a congestion of a huge number of trace elements and vitamins, so it is used not only to get an energy reserve for the day, but also in cosmetics.

Not only oatmeal, but even its broth is recommended to use for washing, previously diluted with water. Mask with oatmeal and hydrogen peroxide is used to get rid of acne, inflamed skin and purification of contaminated pores.

There are several recipes for this mask. The first - involves the use of crushed oatmeal flakes with peroxide for the fatty and normal type of skin. The received mass should be put on the amazed sites of a skin for duration no more than 5 minutes. During this time, it is advisable to lightly massage the areas with the applied product, trying to rub it into deeper layers and clean the pores.

Special caution concerns the properties of peroxide, because the mask with oatmeal and hydrogen peroxide is capable of provoking a skin burn if the proportion is not respected during cooking, and also lengthening the time of its presence on the face.

The second recipe includes the use of soda, peroxide and oatmeal. To prepare, you need 15 g of each ingredient. After their connection, it is necessary to evaluate the consistency of the mass, if it does not acquire a dense character, then you can add a little water.

Prepared mask should be applied to skin areas with rashes and acne "points" and leave for 5 minutes, periodically massaging. After the time has elapsed, the product must be removed with water.

Whitening masks with hydrogen peroxide

Whitening masks with hydrogen peroxide are universal and suitable for all types of skin. Recipes from the preparation are simple, so you can use at home. There is far more than one way of preparing such masks, however, it is necessary to stop on the most common ones.

For the mask you need white clay, zinc oxide and hydrogen peroxide. The volume of each ingredient is as follows: white clay - 40 g, zinc oxide - 10 g. After their connection, take 5 g of this mixture and dilute with peroxide. In the end, you should get a thick mass, which is used as a mask for 15 minutes.

Whitening masks with oxygen peroxide have not only a clarifying effect, but also a cleansing and drying. Another recipe is based on the use of one egg white and peroxide. For one whipped into a foam protein, 5 g of peroxide is needed. In some recipes, they suggest adding 50 grams of cottage cheese. The resulting mixture can be used to apply not only to the face, but also to the neck area for several minutes. After the time has elapsed, remove the mask with water.

Mask with clay and hydrogen peroxide

Mask with clay and hydrogen peroxide has a mass of positive qualities with which the skin becomes elastic, regenerates and cleans faster. White clay is widely used for cosmetic products. It is part of masks for deep cleansing and getting rid of acne eruptions, helps to get rid of microbial contamination and active regeneration, and also saturates the skin with microelements.

Especially often clay is used for sensitive skin type, which is prone to peeling, dry skin with age-related changes.

Mask with clay and hydrogen peroxide is prepared with clay, magnesium carbonate, purified talc, borax and peroxide. By the amount needed 5 grams of clay, 4 grams of magnesia and borax, as well as 3 g of talc. All the ingredients are mixed and diluted with peroxide to form a thick mass.

The resulting mixture should be applied to the skin of the face and neck and wait about 10 minutes. To remove it, you can use a cotton swab and water. For greater efficiency, it is recommended to use herbal decoctions for washing.

Reviews of masks with hydrogen peroxide

Reviews of masks with hydrogen peroxide include more positive reviews than negative ones. Dissatisfaction with these masks was observed in people who did not comply with the rules of its use. In addition, after the use of masks with peroxide, skin care is needed, so it is quite an aggressive means for affecting cells.

In addition, do not forget about the individual reaction to the components of the mask, among which you need to highlight allergic reactions from the skin. In order to avoid this, it is recommended that a test on the front surface of the forearm be performed before applying the face mask. It is necessary to take a small amount of the prepared product and apply on the wrist. If after 10-20 minutes the reaction does not occur, then it can be used on the remaining areas of the skin.

Positive feedback on masks with hydrogen peroxide occupy almost 85% of all reviews. Such masks help to get rid of rashes, clean pores, help smooth out scar tissue after acne, and also whiten skin. In addition, the mask with peroxide allows you to forget about the pigmentation of the skin, if properly used.

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