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Mask from the egg for the face is quite useful and prepared with ease, quickly and does not require significant financial investment compared to shop masks. Another, and most important, advantage of this mask is its naturalness, which makes it even more valuable.

The use of a mask from an egg for the face provides quality care for the skin of the face without leaving the house. Mask from the egg for the face can be made from both protein and yolk. Both ingredients that are in the structure of the egg improve the properties of the skin - the protein part will dry the fatty skin and level out minor wrinkles, and the yolk part calms and provides moisture to the skin of the face. Masks manufactured at home can be used more than twice in seven days, compared to store masks.

Mask from egg for face

When using eggs through face masks, you need to know the main points:

  • apply exclusively fresh eggs with no cracks, 
  • before you remove the protein and yolk, the eggshell is better to wash, 
  • extracted yolk and protein to apply immediately, without waiting for their drying, 
  • Do not use if there are allergic reactions to eggs.

Benefit of egg whites for the face

The use of egg protein for the face is known for a long time, in connection with what it is often used in cosmetology practice. The egg protein has a positive effect on the skin condition of the face, tk. Contains important amino acids that the human body can not produce itself, and a complex of vitamins from group B. The egg protein has the following effect on the skin of the face: 

  • tightens and eliminates small wrinkles, 
  • has a disinfectant effect that eliminates even very strong irritations on the skin of the face, 
  • cleans and narrows the pores, 
  • dehydrates oily skin and reduces its greasy sheen, 
  • together with a lemon effectively whitens the skin of the face.

Using the protein part of the egg, it is possible to prepare a variety of masks with the addition of various natural ingredients that can be found in your home. After applying the protein mask, the desired effect is noted after the first use.

Indications for the use of egg protein through face masks:

  • skin of high fat content, 
  • problem areas on the skin with inflammation (acne, acne), 
  • presence of areas of excessive pigmentation (brightens the spots from blackheads, freckles), 
  • skin changes related to age (the presence of minor wrinkles), 
  • for the purpose of cleaning and nourishing the mixed skin type.

It is not advisable to use masks based on protein for very thin, dry skin, as the protein dries and exhibits a pulling action.

Benefits of egg yolk for the face

The use of egg yolk for the face is high, as well as from protein. Yolk is quite common and is a frequent ingredient in the manufacture of face masks. Because it is rich in macro - and microelements, vitamin complex B, A, E and D, which significantly improves the properties of the skin: 

  • saturates the skin with moisture and nutritional substances, 
  • has a calming, antioxidant effect and increases the tone of the skin, due to its content of lecithin (phospholipid, which is a building material for the renewal of damaged cells, and also serves as a vehicle for delivering vitamins and essential substances to cells). 
  • helps restore the protective properties of the skin.

Using egg yolk for the skin, will make it healthier, younger and prettier. It can be used in any cosmetic mask if there are no allergic reactions.

Indication for the use of a face mask containing egg yolk: 

  • severe dryness of the skin, accompanied by peeling,
  • presence of cracks in the skin, 
  • fading and flabby skin, 
  • dull skin tone, 
  • to saturate the skin of any type with moisture and nutritional substances.

Quail eggs for the face

Quail eggs for the face are of high value. There is an opinion that quail eggs are even more useful, because: 

  • less likely to cause allergies, 
  • in them is 2.5 times more vitamins B and A, 
  • the content of macro- and microelements is 4.5-5 times higher.

Quail eggs since ancient times are popular in the manufacture of face masks. Quail eggs for the face have a pronounced rejuvenating effect on the skin, strengthening effect and increase its tone due to a more saturated vitamin composition, amino acid and mineral composition.

Mask for face with honey and egg

Mask for the face with honey and egg well fills the skin with moisture and the necessary substances. To prepare this mask, the yolk is used, and the lecithin entering it provides more efficient and deep penetration of nutrients into the skin and the renewal of its protective functions. Prepare a mask in the base, which contains honey and eggs perhaps as follows: 

  • Honey (five grams) is mixed with raw yolk and spreads on the skin. After a lapse of fifteen minutes, you need to wash. 
  • To saturate the skin of the face with the necessary substances, for sensitive and delicate cleaning, you can add another fifteen grams of oatmeal (or oatmeal porridge without sugar and salt). 
  • For the purpose of making nutritive face mask of honey (fifteen grams) and eggs (one raw yolk) it is recommended to add olive oil (fifteen milliliters). After plaster on the skin of the face and wash after fifteen minutes. There is no need for a cream after the mask. Olive oil can be replaced by another vegetable oil: almonds, peaches, flax, apricots, pumpkins, etc. This mask will be good for very dry skin, accompanied by peeling. 
  • With dry face skin, the mask is good, consisting of honey (fifteen grams), olive oil (half a teaspoon), rose water (five milliliters) and one egg (and yolk, and protein). The egg is pre-whisked, honey is heated on a water bath and all components are mixed. Spread the mask for fifteen minutes and wash.

Mask for face with egg white

Face mask with egg protein is most often used in people with a fatty skin. This mask dries, removes sebaceous shine, removes inflammation, narrows the pores, which are enlarged and impregnate the skin with nutrients. In addition, this mask brightens pigmented skin spots (freckles, spots from acne).

Face mask with egg protein is prepared with the addition of a wide variety of natural ingredients. 

  • One of the simple masks with protein - extracts the protein from the egg and moist it is spread on the skin, if desired, you can whip it into a foam. After drying the protein, you need to wash.
  • If in addition there is a need for lightening of the skin or pigment spots on it, it is necessary to mix raw protein from one egg with juice from a lemon (five to ten milliliters). This mask is spread over ten to fifteen minutes and washed. Lemon juice can be replaced with any other sour juice, only take fifteen milliliters (for example, cranberries, pomegranate, sour apples, grapes, etc.).
  • To degrease, add and matte the skin, you can combine raw protein from one egg with sour-milk products (fifteen to thirty grams). From sour-milk products you can take yogurt, yogurt, low-fat yogurt, whey, sour milk. The mask is spread on the skin and after ten to fifteen minutes it is washed.
  • The drying and cleansing mask of protein can be made with the addition of flour (wheat, oat, rice). Flour to one raw squirrel is poured until a pasty consistency is obtained. Spread the mask for fifteen minutes and wash. In this mask, you can take nut flour, which you can prepare yourself from different nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts or almonds). Nuts are ground, and fifteen grams of crushed nuts are mixed with protein. Spread the mask on the skin and spend light massaging movements for two minutes. Next, the mask is left for about ten minutes and washed.
  • For too oily skin, you can add cosmetic clay (10 grams) to one raw egg white. If there are areas of inflammation, acne is better to take blue clay. The ingredients are well stirred, so that no lumps remain, and spread on the face for about fifteen minutes, after - wash. This mask has not only a dampening effect and removes the sebaceous shine of the skin, but also removes inflammation.
  • For a combined skin type, mix one raw egg white with honey (five grams) and olive oil - fifteen grams (avocado or grape seed oil can be replaced). The resulting mass is mixed with cottage cheese or sour cream (fifteen grams). After that, the mask is spread on the face and washed in fifteen minutes.
  • For oily skin, a vitamin mask that contains one raw protein or fifteen grams of grated apple is useful. Apply a mask to the skin of the face and after fifteen minutes wash. Instead of an apple, you can take any other crushed fruits (strawberries, grapes, raspberries, currants, pears, orange, etc.).
  • To achieve a clarifying effect for a fatty skin type, use a mask that includes one raw protein and thirty grams of parsley (you can take sorrel, dill or chopped cucumber). The resulting mixture is applied to the face (for freckles, pigment spots) and washed after fifteen minutes.

Mask for the face with quail eggs

Mask for the face with quail eggs is no less effective than with chicken eggs. The mask can be prepared both with a single egg, and separately from protein or yolk. Masks containing quail eggs can be prepared with the addition of various natural ingredients. 

  1. For a dry skin type, use a mask in which three quail yolks and fifteen grams of vegetable oil are added. The thoroughly mixed mixture is applied by massaging movements for fifteen to twenty minutes and washed off with warm water. Thus, the skin is moistened, impregnated with the necessary nutrients, resulting in: 
    • becomes more elastic, 
    • acquires a healthy and even complexion, 
    • restores its protective properties, 
    • and also wrinkles are smoothed out.
  2. For a fatty skin type, a raw non-whipped protein is used, which is spread on the skin layer by layer as it dries. After fifteen minutes, the face must be washed. Result of the mask: 
    • cleaned pores, 
    • eliminates greasy shine, 
    • the skin becomes more taut. 
    • minor wrinkles are eliminated, 
    • irritation is removed.
  3. For dry skin, you can prepare a mask containing three whipped quail yolks, liquid bee honey (five grams) and oatmeal - add until a thick cream is obtained. Apply the mask for fifteen or twenty minutes, then wash off and apply a compress.
  4. You can prepare a universal mask, which is prepared from two quail eggs, fifteen grams of vegetable oil and one or two drops of lavender oil. All components are whipped and smeared on the face, you need to wash in fifteen to twenty minutes.
  5. To eliminate acne, use a mask containing three quail proteins and five grams of crushed cucumber pulp. Smear the mask for twenty minutes and wash your face.
  6. Another mask from acne, which contains one whipped quail egg, thirty milliliters of strawberry juice and fifteen milliliters of grapefruit juice. It is smeared for a quarter of an hour, then it is necessary to wash.
  7. A nutritive universal mask that contains four quail eggs, one chicken yolk and a mashed pumpkin flesh (one glass). Smear for twenty minutes, then you need to wash
  8. For normal skin, you can prepare a mask containing three whipped quail eggs, half avocado (pulp), five grams of mayonnaise, five grams of soda and honey, a few drops of lemon. Spread on the face skin for twenty minutes, then you need to wash your face.

Mask for face with eggs and lemon

Face mask with eggs and lemon will be useful to those who want, along with improving the properties of the skin to get the effect of whitening. The mask at the base, which is a protein, is used for mixed skin and fatty types, and the mask, based on the yolk - mainly for dry skin, as well as combined. •

Crude protein (one) must be mixed with avocado (the flesh of one fruit) and a half teaspoon of lemon juice is added. The prepared mixture is applied to the skin until it is dry and washed off.

  • The protein of the raw egg is pre-whipped into a strong foam, mixed with the juice obtained from half a lemon and whipped again. The mask should be applied to the face and wash in fifteen minutes.
  • One egg whipped egg whites are pre-mixed with lemon juice (five milliliters), cognac (five grams) and cucumber juice (30 grams). Apply the mixture to the face before it dries and is washed off.
  • Mix one yolk, vegetable oil (fifteen grams) and lemon juice (five milliliters). The resulting composition is gently rubbed into the skin of the face and washed off after fifteen minutes.
  • You can whip one whole egg and add lemon juice. Then apply such a mask layer by layer, on each dried layer. It will be about three or four layers. Such manipulation takes about forty minutes, but the effect is stunning - puffiness is eliminated, skin color and its properties improve, small wrinkles are eliminated.

Egg face cleaning

Cleaning the face with an egg gives good results and is often used to eliminate black spots and inflammation. Cleaning the face takes from an hour to one and a half. For maximum effect, it is necessary that the skin before cleaning is clean, without make-up. 

  • It is necessary to divide the yolk and protein. Whisk the protein and apply to the skin (eyebrows do not touch), on top of the squirrel densely lay paper napkins (or disposable handkerchiefs), on top of the napkins, you must again apply the protein for about fifteen minutes until the mask dries, then carefully remove the paper and wash. After - the remaining yolk just whisk and impose on the face, after a lapse of twenty minutes, wash and rub with a lotion for moisturizing.
  • Cleaning of the face can be done using the following mask: cottage cheese is ground (15 grams) with honey (three grams), the egg is added (one) and whisked well. This mask is applied to the skin and washed in fifteen to twenty minutes. After the mask is washed off the skin is wiped with ice.
  • For normal and dry skin, a delicate scrub mask, consisting of a shell of egg, ground to a consistency of flour (eight grams) with the addition of one yolk, is perfect. Apply the prepared mixture with the help of light movements of massaging character and after about 10 minutes they wash. Egg shell can be replaced with ground nuts or oat flakes.

The use of egg masks causes a narrowing of the pores, improves the tone of the skin, eliminates black dots. In general, all masks, which contain eggs at the core, contribute to the cleansing of the skin.

Cleaning the face of the house is not desirable for people with very dry skin type, abundant pustules and other inflammations, as well as in the case of very close to the surface of the skin of the vessels. In such cases it is better to contact a doctor-cosmetologist.

Korean eggs for face

Korean eggs for the face from Tony Moly - a set of four eggs for face care. In the set of Korean eggs there is a gel for washing, a mask, a primer and an egg for pore care. 

  • Gel for washing helps to cleanse pores and eliminate black spots, moisturizes the skin well. The presence of camellia extract has a calming effect on the skin. Inside the egg is a gel of transparent color, containing large yellowish and white, dark gray fines. When applied to the skin, these particles dissolve, in connection with what changes the color and structure of the gel - white and watery. This gel is applied by massaging movements on the skin for several minutes and washed off.
  • A mask that also helps to clean and narrow the pores. It provides deeper cleansing of the skin from excess sebum and dirt, and also contributes to the narrowing of the pores, due to the presence in its composition of such clay components as - kaolin and betonite. Apply the mask for fifteen to twenty minutes and wash off. The skin becomes clean, fresh and smooth.
  • Primer - is used for the purpose of grouting pores, smooths wrinkles and other skin imperfections. It gives the skin a smooth appearance, making it softer. Calendula in its composition helps to purify the pores, enhance elasticity, matiruet and tightens the skin. Can be used for any type of skin and as a base for a cream.
  • Egg for pore care contains protein and yolk, extracts of camellia, olives and aloe. It effectively nourishes, cleans, moisturizes, whitens, soothes the skin and narrows the pores. This tool inside looks like a real egg, and you can use it in different ways: separately protein or yolk, and you can mix them together and apply in the morning and evening or once a day.

Korean eggs for the face are unique, they contain exclusively natural ingredients and can be used for any type of skin.

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