The magic of skin regeneration

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Last reviewed: 20.11.2021

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Most often, by buying an expensive cream from wrinkles or going to a beauty salon, women hope for a miracle. Contrary to all the arguments of reason, most believe that there is a tool that will fix the skin like a watchmaker repairing a spoiled clock. If the cream or cosmetic procedure does not give the desired effect, then the means is chosen incorrectly and you just need to find another, more perfect. Similarly, patients who go to the doctor, and doctors, taking up the treatment of diseases, argue. The main thing is to find a magic remedy that will stop the victorious procession of the disease. Many people, like Humpty Dumpty, sitting on the wall, hope that in the event of a catastrophe they will be able to call for help "all the royal cavalry and the whole royal army" who will be able to collect pieces of their destroyed organism.

This belief is very useful both for manufacturers and sellers of cosmetics, and for cosmetologists. It is because of this belief that women are willing to spend huge sums of money on cosmetics and spend hours in beauty salons, it is targeted at advertising and it is for her sake in cosmetics and introduce "magic ingredients." Advertising convinces - no matter how worn out your skin, whatever happens inside it, you can find a remedy that will solve all the problems - eliminate wrinkles and pigment spots, moisturize dry skin, increase its elasticity, give it the tenderness of the baby's skin and the color of the petal of the apple tree . In reality, everything is much more complicated. If we analyze in detail the mechanisms of action of the most modern and scientifically based cosmetics, it becomes clear that cosmetics, even "magic", can do only a small part of the work, and the main magic lies in the depth of the skin. It is on the regenerative and protective powers of the skin that all means of miraculous rejuvenation, all magical means and "fountains of youth" are calculated.

For example, cosmetic products that stimulate the renewal of the skin do not act by themselves, but are based on the recovery potential and vital potential of the skin and the whole organism. Therefore, if two cosmetic products activate the renewal reaction at the same time, the agent will have an advantage that contains less substances that depress the functions of the cells. If two women are forgiven the same procedure with the same cosmetics, the result will be better for the one whose recovery systems are in better condition.

It is understandable that everyone wants a miracle, and therefore it is on that, perhaps or it is impossible to get the magic result from cosmetics, are focusing their attention on ladies looking for cosmetics or a cosmetologist. And yet it is worth paying attention to the much more amazing thing that happens every day and constantly - the work that the skin cells carry out, maintaining the balance of physiological processes, despite the many factors that seek to balance this. Is it not a miracle that, being surrounded by microorganisms and toxins, exposed to many other pathogenic factors, the skin wears out so slowly. Examples of the power of the healing power of the body we see constantly - the healing of wounds, abrasions, sunburn, and infection cure.

There are a number of conditions in the body in which its ability to recover is weakened. Weakening the protective and restorative systems of the skin lead to the fact that it begins to cope worse with its main task - to be a barrier, which leads both to damage to its own cells, and to disruption of the vital activity of the whole organism.

Thus, we can formulate a new approach to the choice of cosmetics, based on an understanding of the needs and capabilities of the skin, when cosmetics work in concert with the restoring forces of the skin. Of course, in order to apply this approach, one must know the structure of the skin, understand a little about its inner life, and also know the mechanism of its reducing and protective systems, as well as the mechanism of action of the main damaging factors. This approach treats the skin not as a passive target for cosmetic products, but as an active participant in the recovery process.

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