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Millions of people around the world are concerned about preserving youth and beautiful appearance. On these natural, but sometimes unrealistic, aspirations, entire business empires with sky-high cash turnovers are built. Cosmetology, plastic surgery, hardware technologies, laser lifting - more and more new ideas are brought to life with a single goal: to create more beauty around, which, as you know, should save the world.

Indications for the procedure

Fibrillar proteins, collagen and elastin, are the compounds that make connective tissue strong and elastic. When these qualities are lost, the skin suffers first. The question inevitably arises as to what to do about it. One answer is a laser lift that can solve this problem. The folds on the neck, near the lips, eyes, forehead, “tired” face are clear indications for such a facelift.

  • Manipulation is also carried out in other areas exposed to age or adverse factors of a different kind, including intimate organs.

It should be clarified that the laser is not a one-time procedure that once and for all eliminates the problem. To accumulate or maintain the result, as a rule, it is recommended to repeat the lifting two or three times, with a certain interval. The exact amount is prescribed by the beautician, depending on the situation.

  • The condition of the treated skin improves immediately, and then the effect increases.

This happens because the existing protein fibers are first reduced, and subsequently new ones are synthesized. The synthesis process is "pushed" by the influence of laser beams. (Actually, these are not laser, but infrared rays. For some reason, a different name “took root”, and the fame undeservedly went to him.) The peak of the result is achieved after six months, and this maximum lasts up to 3 years, after which the laser course is recommended to be repeated.

The age range for the procedure is from 18 to 70 years. Although the extremes are rare. More often, those who are over 30 turn to cosmetologists.


Many anti-aging procedures require one or another preparation. In this case, it starts two weeks before the date of the procedure. During this period, a potential patient who decides to have a laser lift should not take sunbaths and a solarium, use antibiotics and sulfonamides, perform chemical peels and similar manipulations. Even earlier, they begin to lubricate the skin with special creams and drink drugs to prevent herpes sores.

  • Three days before the appointed time, it is forbidden to swim in pools, take water-hygienic procedures, use alcohol preparations to wipe the skin in places of the upcoming lifting.

Looking ahead, we will inform you that the same restrictions must be performed in the 2-week period after the laser procedure.

On the part of the clinic staff, the preparation of equipment and everything that is provided for in the protocol of the procedure is carried out. The client's skin is thoroughly cleaned of dirt, cream and cosmetic residues, eyes are protected from flashes with special glasses. The subsequent application of a special gel improves the penetration of active energy into the depth of the layers, provides additional cooling of the treated area.

Who to contact?

Technique of the laser facelift

Laser technologies are used at an age when cosmetics are no longer able to hide defects or stop the aging process. There are two types of devices used for laser skin tightening: ablative and non-ablative. Both solve the same problems - eliminate age-related defects of the skin.

  • The former act with temperature on the upper and heat the lower layers, the latter penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin. There is a cumulative effect.

Lifting of problem areas of the body is mainly performed by a fractional ablative device. This is an advanced method that consists in layer-by-layer “burning” of wrinkles and cellular metabolic products. This technique does not damage neighboring areas, but stimulates regeneration processes, especially the synthesis of elastin and collagen fibers. This leads to rejuvenation and restoration of skin elasticity.

Laser resurfacing is performed in a non-contact way. This means that the device that generates the rays does not come into contact with the surface, which reduces to zero the likelihood of infection or injury to skin areas. Slight swelling, redness disappear on their own after a few days.

To prevent hyperpigmentation or burns, treated exposed areas should be protected from ultraviolet radiation and dryness. For this purpose, the use of SPF-50 and moisturizing creams over the next 2-4 months is indicated.

Laser facelift

Laser skin resurfacing is a non-surgical procedure. The patient does without stitches, long-term rehabilitation and minimal complications. This is the advantage of technology. When examining for a laser facelift, the cosmetologist is obliged to find out the data on the presence of contraindications.

A non-ablative procedure is offered at ages 25-40. The laser locally heats defective tissues, forms new layers of cells, forcing them to work as if they were young. As a result, turgor increases, small wrinkles are smoothed out, and the formation of new ones is delayed in time. The face acquires a healthy glow. The first changes are noticeable after two weeks, and the final changes after 2 months.

Fractional resurfacing is recommended for people 25–55 years of age. It consists in thermal microdamages of the epidermal layer. Due to the removal of cells, the result is immediately apparent. Deeper defects, stretch marks, capillary networks, spots are removed. A lift is traumatic, after which a rehabilitation period should be completed.

  • First, the treated skin turns red, then bronzes, and after 7 days it is updated.

The patient should be guided by all the recommendations of a cosmetologist for facial care after exposure to a laser that makes the skin particularly sensitive. Sauna, exercise, hot water, sun exposure are prohibited for several months in advance. During the regeneration period, even hygienic washing is carried out using a spray gun, without getting wet and without wiping the skin. The skin is treated with a salt or acetic solution, special preparations and sea buckthorn oil.

  • For pain, Nurofen is recommended, for masking spots - foundation, for makeup - green tones that neutralize unnatural shades.

Laser eyelid lift

A new word in aesthetic surgery is laser skin tightening. In most cases, the technique is used for cosmetic purposes, occasionally for medical reasons. For laser eyelid lift, one of these indications is a violation of peripheral vision.

  • Some external flaws also annoy people: overhanging or drooping eyelids, fatty hernias, asymmetry in the shape of the eyes, excess skin on the eyelids.

Beam-assisted blepharoplasty is much less traumatic to delicate skin than a traditional surgical scalpel, avoids incisions, heavy bleeding, and prolonged healing. The list of contraindications is much shorter, but the effect lasts quite a long time: 4-10 years.

The advantages of the technique include safety, delicacy, painlessness, efficiency. Depending on the severity and localization of the problem, there are 5 types of correction:

  • upper eyelids;
  • lower eyelids;
  • circular (both eyelids);
  • eye cut;
  • canthopexy.

The latter term refers to correction in case of violation of the ligamentous apparatus in the area of the eyelids. The shape of the cut of the eyes is usually changed by Asian women who want to look like Europeans. The cosmetologist in such cases removes the so-called Mongolian fold and forms a Caucasoid one.

Laser chin lift

One of the innovations in the aesthetic medicine market is laser lipolysis. This is the destruction of subcutaneous fat cells, which are in the intercellular space, and from there are removed in two ways. Partially - during the laser chin lift procedure, the rest - through the lymphatic vessels.

Unlike conventional liposuction, lipolysis warms up the skin from the inside, which leads to stimulation of collagen synthesis, strengthening of skin ligaments and lifting of the chin. The procedure is performed in the clinic, under local anesthesia. Preparation includes laboratory examinations, detailed anamnesis.

By laser lifting, the following effects are achieved:

  • visible rejuvenation;
  • tightening problem areas;
  • removal of excess tissue;
  • disappearance of small and reduction of visible folds;
  • smoothing the surface, tone, removing spots and scars.

The procedure is recommended for people aged 40-45+, in whom there is a weakening of the ligamentous apparatus and sagging of the skin. This also happens with sudden weight loss. Massages and masks, which are effective in milder cases, do not work in such situations, so you have to turn to aesthetic professionals.

  • Laser resurfacing is many times more effective and efficient.

Depending on specific indicators, 2 to 5 procedures are required, with short rehabilitation periods. For care, special creams are offered. You can admire yourself in a few weeks, and the final result is visible after six months.

Laser tummy tuck

"Extra" skin on women's tummies is formed in two cases: after childbirth or due to sudden weight loss. It is good if the skin shrinks on its own. But usually the body does not have enough own resources to return to its original state.

  • Laser tummy tuck is the best option to help such an organism.

The impact of the laser activates the work of fibroblasts, which produce elastin and collagen, which improve the turgor and density of the skin. Laser lifting is performed by one of the devices, more or less aggressive. It depends mostly on the indications.

  • The Fraxel laser improves the quality of stretched skin and tones it. For effectiveness, 3-4 procedures are performed. The rehabilitation period is up to 2 days.

The Acupulse co2 device has a more aggressive action. To improve the quality and eliminate stretch marks or scars, he evaporates a certain amount of tissue. Fresh defects are easier to remove, while older ones require more effort.

  • The procedure is painful, so anesthetics are used during it.

Recovery also lasts longer: a week and a half. The skin turns red, flakes, tightens, but the patient's patience is fully rewarded with the result. Procedures are also needed less than in the first case: only two visits to the clinic may be enough.

Laser breast lift

Ptosis, that is, sagging of the mammary gland, is an inevitable condition that time and gravity lead to. Other natural factors also contribute to the process: pregnancy, sudden weight loss, intensive jogging, smoking.

  • It was previously believed that breastfeeding was “to blame”, in connection with which some women unreasonably refused to feed their babies. Modern medicine claims that the hormonal background affects the breast more than a change in the volume of fatty tissue and body weight.

Laser lifting is able to correct the position of the female glands and restore their aesthetic appeal. Four degrees are distinguished by severity; they are determined depending on the position of the nipple relative to the lower part of the breast. The procedure is carried out regardless of the size of the breast.

  • Among the variety of options, laser breast lift stands out with its advantages. First of all, because it is without incisions, more affordable in comparison with the operation and much safer. Does not hurt, does not leave scars, does not give complications.

The essence of the technique is that a pulsating beam, when exposed to breast tissue, improves their condition and functioning. This leads to tightening of the glands and elimination of sagging. The desired result is obtained after a 6-procedure course, with a 2-week break each. Everything about everything takes 3 months.

Laser neck lift

As a result of laser lifting, the skin of the neck becomes younger: the light beam activates the production of collagen and the process of cell renewal. Noticeable results come after 3 laser lifts, the effect lasts up to 2 years.

Laser techniques leave virtually no traces and save time. Necessary for the restoration of the body. The process is non-contact, as they say, non-painful and supposedly does not require anesthesia. However, this is not always the case.

  • Laser rejuvenates not only the neck, but also the face, décolleté, hands, reduces convex defects, acne, rosacea, erythema.

The procedure has no age limits, but, according to practitioners, the most effective results are observed in clients of the middle age group (30–45 years). Skin type, season and other nuances are insignificant.

  • The procedure is carried out in stages, starting with an examination and assessment of the state of health during an interview between a doctor and a patient.

Depending on the individual parameters, the cosmetologist sets a date and announces the restrictions that should be observed in the preparatory period. If there are contraindications, they are discussed separately.

Modern devices operate in such a way that the laser beam is divided into many microbeams. Each of them removes a microparticle of the skin, which is subsequently replaced by young and healthy skin. And in deeper layers, in response to microtrauma, active renewal processes are launched. They positively change the structure: strengthen, improve firmness and elasticity, thereby providing a tightening of the skin.

Laser vaginal tightening

More than half of women almost in the prime of their reproductive age, and more specifically, after 30, experience vaginal atrophy. It is not customary to talk about this with anyone, even with close people. Women accept intimate discomfort as inevitable and do not suspect that a competent doctor can suggest a solution to the problem. Such a solution can be a laser tightening of the vagina.

  • The causes of unpleasant symptoms are difficult childbirth, gynecological operations, injuries, hormonal disorders, age-related changes in the genital organs.

The woman suffers from dryness, pain, itching, urinary incontinence. Objectively observed hyperpigmentation, loss of tone of the walls of the vagina, prolapse of the genital organs, decreased libido. If, without false shame, you turn to a specialist in time, then a modern laser lift will correct the situation without surgical procedures and taking hormones, which is a significant advantage of the technique. Moreover, cosmetologists use special devices for painless and effective intimate procedures.

During an outpatient session, machine rays remove the top layer of the epidermis in problem areas in just 10-15 minutes. The multiplicity and frequency is determined depending on the individual parameters. Usually it is 2-4 procedures with an interval of up to 1.5 months. After eliminating unpleasant symptoms and restoring intimate health, a woman regains a sense of fullness, which is impossible without this side of life.

Contraindications to the procedure

Despite the relative softness, not everyone and not always can plan a laser facelift. In particular, manipulation is not carried out when:

  • infections and inflammation in the area where the manipulation is performed;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • oncology, mental problems;
  • the presence of individual contraindications to conduct;
  • pregnancy, breastfeeding;
  • systemic blood pathologies;
  • history of taking roaccutane.

You can not use the laser on tanned skin, after a sauna and chemical peeling. Such skin should rest for at least two weeks.

Consequences after the procedure

Many texts on laser facelift talk in a light style about what a pleasant procedure it is, painless and completely safe. And only a few mention the features of the preparation and the consequences after the procedure are not so pleasant. We are talking about anesthesia: sedatives, local anesthesia and even general anesthesia necessary for manipulation.

  • Strong painkillers are also recommended after the procedure to relieve irritation, pain, and the desire to scratch the treated area.

Here crusts are formed, which should be endured: to look after, but not to tear them off. A rosy face after a while becomes a natural tone. It’s better to take a vacation from work these weeks so as not to be embarrassed by the curious looks of colleagues.

The consequences after manipulations in the intimate zone are to return the pleasure of sexual intercourse to the woman.

Complications after the procedure

Facelift, that is, laser tightening, is considered the best way to quickly rejuvenate. Subject to the technology and indications, complications after the procedure are unlikely. However, they are not excluded. They belong to:

  • bright spots (purpura) at the treatment site;
  • itching for hours or days;
  • herpes infection, hepatitis;
  • burn, crusts, peeling;
  • changes in skin tone and texture;
  • hyper- or hypopigmentation (temporary or permanent);
  • scarring (in rare cases).

Mild complications soon go away on their own. Keloid scars form in 3% of cases, which is considered a serious complication. There were no complications during the tightening of intimate organs.

Care after the procedure

The doctor informs the patient about the rules of care and rehabilitation after the procedure at the time of discharge, which will take place in a few hours. Usually these days do not require long and complex actions that take a lot of time.

  • The essence of care after laser lifting is reduced to maximum protection from external factors.

In the first three days, a cream with dexpanthenol is used. After the cessation of swelling and redness - a drug with hyaluronic acid. If the doctor recommends restorative creams, then at the same time they will strengthen local immunity.

An important step is protection from solar radiation, also by applying cream and wearing glasses. In no case should you sunbathe, steam in the sauna, use scrubs. The recovery period is not the time for makeup and lifting masks.

The next 14 days, or rather nights, you will have to sleep on your back, do not abuse alcohol and cigarettes. It is desirable to abandon these habits forever, because they are harmful to all cells - both "old" and renewed.


According to reviews, women are more interested in anti-aging procedures. Mostly they are satisfied with the results of laser lifting. With the help of the procedure, dullness, sagging, wrinkling of the face are eliminated.

About the tightening of other zones respond not so unambiguously. In particular, one of the clients called manipulations in the intimate area doubtful, because she did not get the expected result for a lot of money.

It is difficult to understand the terminology and methods of laser lifting on your own: everyone praises their technique and the equipment used. Introductory information gives an idea of anti-aging services and the possibilities of cosmetology establishments. And to determine what exactly to stop the client is the task of qualified personnel. And may you be lucky to eliminate all the flaws and become even more beautiful!

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