Irritation after shaving underarms

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Last reviewed: 17.10.2021

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To date, a large number of various cosmetics for depilation has been developed, but nevertheless, both women and men prefer a time-tested method of hair removal - shaving. Often on the treated area, including the zone of the armpits, there is irritation, and sometimes itching. If such a phenomenon is frequent, then it can provoke a complication in the form of ingrown hairs into the skin. Irritation after shaving underarms should not be ignored, but should be treated.

Causes of irritation of the armpits after shaving

Not infrequently, the reason for the irritation after shaving the underarms is the non-sterile shaving device. Replacing the blades should be done regularly. Also disposable machines should be used only once, and not for a long time.

The razor blade should be sharp, since a blunt instrument not only does not remove hair, but also damages the skin in the treatment area. And as a result - irritation. The best option - machines with strips of aloe, since they have a disinfectant effect.

Another reason for the irritation may be the performance of the event right before you leave the house, when you put on your clothes on the shaved area of the skin.

Do not remove hair without the use of special tools or, without moistening the armpits with water beforehand. As they soften both the skin and the hairs, so after the procedure do not appear irritation.

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How to get rid of irritation after shaving underarms?

There are a number of ways that will remove irritation after shaving underarms. One of the proven methods is the treatment of the skin in the area of localization of unpleasant sensations by decoction of chamomile, as well as calendula, celandine or alternating streaks. Using a cotton swab, generously moistened in a freshly prepared broth, wipe the axillary cavity.

Eliminate the problem by using an alcohol-containing solution or hydrogen peroxide, after which a baby powder should be applied. By the way, dermatologists recommend the use of children's cream based on calendula or chamomile, as they have a calming effect.

Get rid of unpleasant consequences after hair removal will help affordable and effective antiseptic ointments - Miramistin, Actovegin, Chlorhexidine, Solcoseryl, which should be to every home medicine cabinet. They prevent infection in the body, resulting in micro-wounds heal much faster.

Eliminate irritation will also help and balm of oils, which you can prepare yourself: mix 1 tsp. Tea tree oil and 4 tsp. Any vegetable oil, apply to the problem area. 

Eliminate discomfort will help lemon juice.

A good way to remove irritation is a mask of eggs and aloe. Egg white need to be beaten, rub the aloe. Both components must be combined and mixed thoroughly. Apply to the affected area. After drying, rinse with warm water.

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How to avoid irritation of the skin with armpits after shaving?

Everyone knows that any problem is easier to prevent than to solve it later. To avoid the appearance of irritation after shaving the armpits, the skin before the procedure needs to be heated - taking a shower or bath. Use only high-quality shaving cosmetics. Also do not forget that for depilation you should use only a clean and sharp razor. Operate cautiously, slowly, so that there are no scratches and damage. Shave the hairs in the direction of their growth, otherwise the irritation can not be avoided. In the end, rinse the underarm zone with cool water and gently pat the towel. Then use a cream with a soothing effect. Do not rush to wear tight clothes, it should be free and made from natural fabric. This cosmetic procedure is best done in the evening, so as not to use a deodorant that clogs the pores. But if the application is inevitable, then it should contain moisturizing components and vitamin E.

If the irritation does not go away for a long time, and only progresses, causing painful sensations, you need to see a doctor. Perhaps, these are symptoms of getting into the body of an infection, with the development of folliculitis or a furuncle and without special treatment can not be dispensed with.

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