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Any flaws in the skin are very upsetting for women. Excessive vegetation especially spoils the female appearance and mood, so at all times it was removed by all possible means. Facial depilation creams help to make the skin clean and attractive painlessly and easily. They delicately clean the hair without disturbing their roots.

Facial hair removal with depilatory cream

Many people practice facial hair removal with depilatory cream due to its convenience and simplicity. Indeed, the procedure has several real benefits. It is painless, non-traumatic, inexpensive, and gives a prolonged result. How do facial depilatory creams work when in contact with the skin?

If a razor, sugar paste, wax or an electric depilator act mechanically, that is, they cut or pull out hairs, then cream depilation belongs to chemical methods. The creamy mass dissolves them, but also does not destroy the bulb. The main ingredient is calcium theol glycolate. It turns keratin, the protein of hairs, into a liquid state, as a result of which everything together is easily washed off with water. Additional components take care of the depilated area.

  • For dry skin, it is better to choose a preparation with a high content of oils, for oily and combi - with extracts of chamomile, calendula and similar herbs. Olive oil is a versatile ingredient.

Part of the cream goes deep, where it destroys the subcutaneous part of the hairs. Thanks to this, the surface remains clean for several days, and then the hairs grow thinner and in fewer numbers.

If you strictly follow the instructions, then chemical depilation is harmless. As an exception, irritation, allergies may appear, a burn is possible on very delicate skin. Particular attention should be blondes with thin skin. To avoid trouble, it is recommended to conduct a test on a small area of \u200b\u200bthe skin. In addition, do not use soap and alcohol-based lotions.

Since cosmetics of this kind usually do not smell very pleasant, it is necessary to perform the procedure in a ventilated room or with the hood turned on. If possible, in the absence of children or adults prone to allergies.

Indications Facial depilatory creams

Perhaps not everyone knows that, in addition to depilation, there is epilation. The difference is that the epilation procedure removes hair along with the bulb, that is, for a long time - almost forever. And depilation destroys only the visible part of each hair, so soon they again together “stick out” from the skin and become more or less visible.

Facial depilatory creams eliminate hair of any length. It is recommended to use them no more than twice a week.

Facial depilation creams are used in the following cases:

  • in the presence of abundant hair on the face, and not only;
  • in men - with an allergy to daily shaving.

In some cases, indications for use are professional requirements for specialties (for example, for athletes).

Release form

The names of depilators do not always indicate a clear purpose. Some facial depilatory creams are used exclusively for the face, while others are suitable for other parts of the body. And vice versa. It is not advisable to experiment on your own, since in different places the skin of unequal sensitivity and hair of different stiffness; it is better to use drugs, guided by the instructions or after consulting a cosmetologist.

Many manufacturers offer entire lines of preparations designed to remove hair on all problem areas and for all types of skin. Among them are Veet, Sally Hansen, Byly depil gold, Byly aloe, Nad`s, Lady Caramel, Avon, VELVET Camomile, Baptiste, Bielenda Vanity, Eveline, Phytocosmetics, Tanita, Vitex, Sanico. In this cosmetic abundance, it is not difficult for men to find a branded depilator for their needs.

Byly depil gold

The name Byly depil gold is true: the face depilation cream of this brand contains particles of cosmetic gold. It has soothing properties, thanks to which it is used to remove hairiness from the most sensitive areas of the body. The noble metal protects against pain during and irritation after the procedure.

  • The set includes a tube and a plastic spatula. When applied to the face, the active substances dissolve the hair shafts without harming the skin.

Additional components care for the surface of the skin: moisturize, soften, smooth. Colloidal gold, included in the depilatory formula, stimulates respiration and cell metabolism, tightens and smoothes the face. In this case, the result is stored for a long time.

The procedure with Byly depil gold is simple and easy to do at home. The cream is evenly applied to the skin washed with warm water and dried with a spatula - in places where vegetation should be removed. After 5 minutes, they try to remove it along with the hair. If they are not completely removed, the product is left for a few more minutes. The mass is also washed off with warm water, dried delicately, without rubbing the face.

In order to avoid undesirable consequences, it is impossible to extend the procedure for more than 10 minutes. Do not depilate if the skin is irritated, covered with wounds, rashes or neoplasms.

Byly aloe

One of the gentle and skin-friendly facial depilatory creams is Byly Aloe with a unique 100% natural composition. This is a Spanish product containing aloe and an extract from the Boswelia Serrata tree. Aloe moisturizes, softens the skin subjected to the procedure. The extract cools and soothes, prevents inflammation, and prevents discomfort.

The procedure is performed on washed and dried face skin. The effect is pre-tested on a small area. The cream is applied and distributed in a thin layer. Leave for five minutes, at which time they wash their hands thoroughly. If the hairs are not removed well, wait a few more minutes and then wash off the preparation with warm water. Dry the skin without rubbing, at the end of the procedure use a napkin, which is attached to the preparation. The napkin is needed to moisturize and soothe the skin.

Do everything according to the instructions. Do not apply the drug to irritated, inflamed, sunburned and damaged areas, as well as to moles and other neoplasms. The cream should not remain on the skin for more than 10 minutes.


Veet France is one of the most famous developers and manufacturers of depilatory products. Gels, sprays, creams for facial depilation are produced in bottles, tubes, cylinders, with dispensers and all sorts of additives in the composition - all for the efficiency and convenience of customers.

  • According to reviews, traditional tubes are the best packaging from a practical point of view.
  • It is convenient to use the drug equipped with a dispenser.
  • Sprays are recognized as uneconomical, since with dense application one bottle is enough for only one procedure.
  • Veet for depilation in the shower disappointed many. It turns out that when applied according to the rules, it does not remove hairs.

The French cream is designed for vulnerable skin, used for large areas of skin, but has proven effective on the face. Veet Hair Lightening and other preparations of this series are in demand. Unlike most other brands, Veet smells quite tolerably.

The cream is applied to a clean face in places of hairiness. Withstand time sufficient to affect the hairs, and remove with a spatula or sponge. You should move against growth, gently removing the creamy mass with separated hairs and without injuring the skin. Then the treated area is thoroughly washed and cleaned. The procedure is considered completed after lubrication with a tonic or nourishing cream. Such care soothes and protects from irritation.

Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen US products are classified as luxury. Users believe that the high price is justified. Starting with the package: each face depilation cream of this brand is sold together with a spatula, a brush, a bottle of balm for treating the depilated area. A big plus is high quality and a minimum of adverse reactions. It lasts for a long time even when used not only for the face, but also for the bikini area.

  • When removing the antennae, you should hold the drug over the lip or on the chin for 3-8 minutes, then carefully remove it with a cotton pad. Then wash thoroughly with soap-free water and lubricate with the supplied vitamin E balm.

According to reviews, the hair grows back slowly, they are lighter and thinner than before. The advantages include cost-effectiveness in use. The disadvantages are the “chemical” smell and the likelihood of burns if used improperly. The manufacturer warns: it is strictly forbidden to apply the drug on the eyebrows and in the eye area.

Sally Hansen offers a range of creams to remove and lighten unwanted hair. Cream with a brush-applicator is created according to a new formula. Contains avocado oil and tea tree honey, promises immediate effect and complete absence of discomfort.


"Impeccable smoothness" - that's what the creators of the face depilation cream from Avon called. Classified as a means of mass market. This is a special cream that not only removes unwanted vegetation, but also delicately cares for the skin: it moisturizes and soothes. Meadowfoam oil makes the surface of the dermis soft and tender. Chemical components are balanced by other natural substances: oils and extracts. Shea, aloe, witch hazel, jojoba, amaranth seeds, white willow bark - these ingredients are designed to provide post-depilation skin care.

  • The packaging is equipped with a beveled spout, which makes application convenient. The drug has a characteristic smell, but not as sharp as, for example, foot depilators. However, it is not pleasant either.

Before the main procedure, an allergy test should be performed. Usually the cream works in two and a half minutes. The time can be extended, but not more than 8 minutes. The depilator can be easily removed with a tissue.

With high sensitivity, the skin tingles slightly, hyperemia is possible, which soon disappears. All this is warned by a long instruction enclosed in a cardboard package.

According to reviews, discomfort at the depilation site may persist until the next day. The effect lasts depending on individual characteristics - from a week to two.


The popular brand Evelyn occupies the middle segment at prices, so many consider the ratio of price, economy and quality of face or body depilation creams to be optimal for the consumer.

  • Ultra-gentle, ultra-fast, ultra-nourishing, 9B1, express creams with aloe, sea minerals, for sensitive skin - this is an incomplete list of depilatory products from Polish cosmetologists.

In total, Evelyn offers 15 varieties of products, created for both universal use and for individual zones. They contain innovative components, extracts and organic oils, silk proteins, antioxidants, take into account the type and condition of the skin.

  • The ultra-gentle series from Evelyn was created for sensitive skin prone to drying out, irritation, and capillary expansion. It requires delicate care, which 9 in 1 and Bio Depil creams can provide.

In addition to the depilatory effect, both products are enriched with antioxidants that promote youth. Aloe vera and proteins make the skin silky. Due to the slowdown in hair growth, the depilation procedure can be done less frequently than with other drugs.

Supporters of Evelyn discovered another practical application of the cream: it turns out that it perfectly softens the keratinized skin on the heels. The procedure is usual: after the bath, these places are covered with a thick layer of the substance, after 10 minutes they are washed off and rubbed with pumice stone. Then the heels are smeared with a nourishing cream. Soon they look like those of a baby.

Face depilation cream with gold

Real cosmetic gold is an effective component of special face depilation creams. Particles of precious metal give the skin a natural glow, soothe sensitive areas, prevent pain, irritation and discomfort. Colloidal gold promotes cellular gas exchange, restores and tightens the skin. Face depilation creams with gold dissolve the hair shafts without harm to the surface, and caring substances moisturize and soften the skin.

Byly laboratory has developed a whole range of high-quality hygiene and body care products, including depilatory ones. Selected natural ingredients, professional experience and creative solutions of cosmetologists allow us to produce effective products that have gained popularity in many countries.

  • The hair removal cream containing gold particles perfectly performs its task, in addition, moisturizes and makes the surface of the skin radiant. After all, gold is not only a precious metal, but also the best antioxidant, thanks to which the skin becomes radiant and healthy.

Thanks to other substances, the skin softens, retains moisture and remains protected from external irritants. Suitable for any skin, especially very sensitive.

Cream with gold is kept on the face for 8-15 minutes, depending on the effect produced. If irritation occurs, the mass should be washed off immediately. By the way, it is not recommended to apply it on the armpits, near the eyes, nose, chest. Also, depilation is not carried out in places covered with warts, eczema or wounds. In case of accidental contact with eyes, immediately rinse them with clean water, and test the first time.


Information on the pharmacodynamics of face depilation creams was not found.


Information on the pharmacokinetics of facial depilatory creams was not found.

Dosing and administration

Depilators are intended for external use. The procedure with the use of face depilation cream is short and painless. Vegetation is removed without damaging the roots, so that new hairs do not grow into the dermis. Unfortunately, they appear after a week, sometimes darker than before.

The method of administration and doses are indicated in the instructions. Usually the procedure begins with preparation - cleaning and degreasing, taking into account the type of skin. It is not bad to pre-apply a light mechanical peeling that removes dead skin cells.

  • Withstand the mass on the skin for 3 - 10 minutes, depending on the thickness of the hairs; destroyed hairs are removed with the applicator along with the remnants of the product. Move the applicator against hair growth.

Creams are very thoroughly washed off with water. In case of irritation, antiseptic ointments, special lotions or decoctions of herbs - chamomile, calendula or celandine are used. Then special products are applied to prevent ingrown hair and slow down subsequent hair growth.

  • Do not use metal accessories for the procedure. Protect your hands with gloves so as not to destroy the nail plates.

During the day, the places of depilation should not be washed with soap or subjected to tanning - neither under the sun, nor in a solarium. And remember that they need enhanced nutrition and care, since depilators greatly dry out the dermis.

Use Facial depilatory creams during pregnancy

Since radical hormonal changes occur in the female body while waiting for a child, a reasonable question arises: is it indicated to use various methods of getting rid of unwanted hair during pregnancy, in particular, through face depilation cream?

  • According to the manufacturers, drugs of this kind do not affect the fetus in any way, since they act locally and do not enter the general bloodstream. However, the caution of the expectant mother does not hurt.

To prevent undesirable consequences, it is necessary to check its effect on a trial plot every time, and not just before using a new drug. Just as conventional paints sometimes strangely color a pregnant woman’s hair, so a face depilation cream can behave differently than usual. Experts advise everyone expecting a baby to purchase drugs with a minimum of aggressive and smelling components. Some creams, like Sally Hansen, are not used at all during pregnancy and breastfeeding. If you decide to depilate with a cream, read the instructions carefully, including the list of contraindications, and do not save on quality.


The use of facial depilation creams is not always good. There are contraindications for use related to the state of health in general, local pathologies or facial defects, namely:

  • damage of various etiologies;
  • warts, rashes, infections;
  • moles and other protruding formations;
  • oncology;
  • a short break from the previous depilation;
  • visiting the beach or solarium 2-3 days before the procedure;
  • hypersensitivity, allergy history;
  • intolerance to one of the components.

During pregnancy, you need to follow the advice of a doctor and be guided by your own common sense. It is better for a future mother to do without unnecessary chemicals, replacing it with mechanical depilation with a razor.

Side effects Facial depilatory creams

When applying face depilatory cream, avoid contact with eyes. If this happens, rinse thoroughly with clean water. Preliminary testing is highly desirable, and before each procedure.

  • Side effects include the likelihood of allergies and an unpleasant odor. It is emitted by caustic chemicals - the essential ingredients of depilators.

The smell lasts for a long time even on cleanly washed skin, which is fraught with inconvenience for the user, and sometimes for others. Another undesirable item is tan bleaching.

It is advisable to use the products strictly for their intended purpose, that is, do not apply the faces intended for depilation to other problematic parts of the body, and vice versa. If irritation occurs, the cream should be washed off and no longer applied.

Side effects include the following:

  • Regrown hair may darken and become more visible.
  • The procedure has to be repeated regularly.
  • Too thick and coarse hairs, typical for some brunettes, are not removed by creams.

The low effectiveness of the drugs may be due to high fat content or insufficient cleansing of the skin before the procedure.


Facial depilatory creams are for external use only. To avoid overdose, breaks are required between treatments to allow the skin to rest. If the cream is kept longer than indicated in the instructions, then the treated area turns red, irritated, and in the worst case, even burns.

To prevent drying, tightness, discomfort, the break should be at least 76 hours, and after each procedure, the skin must be nourished and moisturized with appropriate creams.

Interactions with other drugs

Interaction with other drugs is not described. However, it can be assumed that the ingredients interact undesirably with alcohols, soaps, possibly other chemicals, and ultraviolet light. All manufacturers of face depilation creams warn about this.

Storage conditions

The main storage conditions are a cool place and inaccessibility for children. After each use, the face depilatory cream should be tightly closed.

Shelf life

When purchasing a face depilation cream, pay attention to the expiration date. Products of various brands are kept from 24 to 36 months.


Often negative reviews are caused by errors in use. Those who understand the principle of chemical depilation carefully read and follow the instructions for using facial depilation creams, so they get the desired result without side effects. The effectiveness of the drug also depends on the individual characteristics of the skin, including hormonal ones.

All people are subject to age changes. You can ignore wrinkles, gray hair, sagging skin. But it is hardly possible to ignore the appearance of a mustache or hair on the chin. Facial depilation creams help to remove them without pain and prying eyes, and useful information, including those provided in this material, will tell you how to choose them.


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