Effective facial creams for wrinkles for men and women

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One of the eternal questions of concern for the better half of humanity is whether youth can be prolonged and beauty preserved until old age. Above the secrets of eternal youth, the ancient healers who create exclusive drugs and the current cosmetic industry, working in full power and accessible to all, fought. The question is, is it possible to achieve a miracle by applying facial creams from wrinkles?


Indications Face cream from wrinkles

Age changes of varying intensity and their prevention are practical indications for the use of a face cream from wrinkles. Read more:

  • decreased skin tone;
  • slackness and flabbiness;
  • the appearance of wrinkles near the eyes and mouth;
  • interbrown and nasolabial folds;
  • dryness and pigmentation;
  • oval drift, defects in the ocellar area.

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Release form

Forms of creams for the face from wrinkles: creams, lotions, gels, mousses - in tubes, jars, bottles, equipped with dispensers.


Names of face creams from wrinkles of different production:

  • Placental;
  • Collagen;
  • "Source of Life";
  • Cream of youth from wrinkles;
  • «Armenia»;
  • «Bioven»;
  • "Bear power" for men;
  • Goggie;
  • Cream wax "Healthy";
  • «Biorecin»;
  • Anti-aging WISH;
  • Intense from wrinkles;
  • With sea-buckthorn anti-aging;
  • "Premium";
  • Recovering Anti-Age;
  • DERM ACTE expert;
  • "Aphrodite";
  • Intensive;
  • Lora is anti-aging;
  • Serum Ekolab.

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Bear power

Superintensive universal face cream from wrinkles "Bear power" is designed for men after 35 years. His tasks are typical for natural anti-aging cosmetics: nutrition, toning, smoothing, moisturizing the skin. The formula is designed taking into account the nuances of the male skin.

Face cream from wrinkles "Bear power" is produced by the company "Natura Siberica". The formula includes components of a strong anti-aging effect. They are not obtained from super-strong animals, as the name may seem, but from plants - bear berries and St. John's wort, as well as wild honey of Kamchatka bees.

  • Thanks to the active ingredients, the cream for men intensively smoothes the folds and improves the tone of the skin.
  • Bee honey affects the cellular level, nourishes and moisturizes the dermis.
  • Extraction of red berries serves as an antioxidant: it updates and protects from harmful external factors.

The cream is applied by massage movements on any type of skin, at a convenient time of day. With systematic use, the face becomes clean, moisturized, healthy and pleasant in appearance. The man looks young, stylish and confident, but it always attracts women in the strong half of humanity.

Baby face cream from wrinkles

Creams for children are devoid of dangerous ingredients, and this is their advantage. But are they able to affect the adult skin, which is much rougher and tougher than the nursery? Is the baby face cream effective against wrinkles and other shortcomings that occur in adulthood?

Children's cream is indispensable as a base for making home nutritional and moisturizing products. In addition, it is justified to apply it in frostbite, burns, weathering, allergies to cosmetics, to smooth the reticular round the eyes, to eliminate unwanted pigmentation. For example, old stains can remove the remedy prepared according to the following recipe:

  • 5 g of mummy in a serving of cream, squeezed from one tube. In a day, when the mummy dissolves, stir until uniform. Apply daily before bedtime.

Completely replace the face cream from wrinkles of its category childish is not recommended, because the skin of people of different ages has features. Cosmetologists warn of the risks of prolonged use of children's cream, which are manifested in:

  • edema formation;
  • dehydration of tissues;
  • hypersensitivity;
  • allergic reaction.


Panthenol cream for face from wrinkles

Look young want everything, but not all can use super-expensive face creams from wrinkles. What to do to those who can not afford brand cosmetics?

There is a way out, and panthenol cream for the face from wrinkles is one of the simple solutions to the problem. After all, panthenol contains vitamin E, fatty acids, oils and plant extracts, and all these substances effectively resist wrinkles, dryness, lethargy, activate cell renewal and restore elasticity.

  • As a basis, panthenol is used in home cosmetics recipes.
  • It is allowed to apply to pregnant and lactating women.
  • Effectively heals microcracks.
  • Protects against external factors.
  • It is applied to sensitive areas without causing a reaction.

The way of using panthenol depends on the form. For dry skin, a cream is more acceptable, for a greasy or difficult - a spray. Panthenol masks are applied at night, after pairing the face, not more often than twice a week. After 14 procedures, make a week-long break.

Recipe for panthenol mask: for 1 tsp. Cream takes 2 drops of camphor and 23 drops of tea tree extract. The mixture is applied in a thin layer for 25 minutes, rinsed with water, then lubricated with a nutrient.

Placental cream

Placental cosmetics are products created on the basis of drawing a placenta. What are the cosmetic advantages of the placenta, and what is the effectiveness of placental face creams from wrinkles?

The placenta is an organ enriched with a whole complex of natural components useful to the skin. These are proteins and amino acids that soften and moisturize, heal and accelerate the metabolism of the compound. Biological activity of the placenta beauticians are used to create innovative formulas for facial creams from wrinkles designed for mature skin.

  • The source of raw materials is the postnatal placenta of mammals: man, sheep, cows, pigs. The cream-balm "Source of Life" ("Yalma"), "Collagen" (Plazan), "Placental" (Japan Demax) is popular on the market.

The Japanese cream acts on a deep level, it provides full nutrition, moisturizing, strengthening of tissues. Under the influence of active substances in the cells, biochemical processes occur, due to which the skin is restored, wrinkles are reduced, the face oval is leveled.

But there is another opinion. Some opponents of placental products are reminiscent of the ethical side of the issue and the problem of protecting animals, others are concerned about safety: they indicate the likelihood of the transfer of infectious diseases by creams and the undesirable effects of hormones contained in raw materials.

In connection with these warnings, the production of cosmetics from the placenta in European countries is prohibited. And where it is produced, there is a need for a thorough check of the source material, which raises the cost of production.

Cream goji

Shrubs goji are called differently, but in fact, he has no kinship ties with either the wolfberry or the derevy. Goji belongs to the barberry family, and for us is an exotic. His homeland - China, there is found in both wild and cultural forms, and Chinese medicine has been using red berries since time immemorial.

The fruits of goji contain a whole list of minerals, polysaccharides, antioxidants, amino acids. A rich composition determines the benefits of medicinal berries: they are used for treatment, weight loss, prevention of cardiovascular and intestinal diseases.

  • Last time the steadfast attention on a product was turned by cosmeticians and have offered a cream goji for the face from folds.

The fruit extract is added to anti-aging and weight loss products. The face cream from wrinkles tones up, eliminates the first signs of aging and improves the appearance. It is also used for skin care, accidentally damaged during cosmetic procedures.

Advertising claims that juice contributes not only to health, but also to longevity, putting goji almost a panacea for all ailments. In contrast to enthusiastic promises, experts are more restrained in the forecasts and pay attention to the lack of serious research on the medicinal, no doubt, plant.

Incidentally or not, the consumer's opinion of goji cream is very contradictory. And the number of categorically negative comments is just off scale.


The popularity of Vichy's products is based on the fact that thermal minerals rich in minerals are used in their formulas. The Frenchmen are sure that such a composition helps to keep the youth and freshness of the skin long. Cosmetologists of the company have created several series of female face creams from wrinkles.

  • MYOKINE - day and night options for 25-35 years of age. Eliminates mimic folds, prevents their return.
  • LiftAktiv - for 35-50 year olds, with saccharide rhamnose. Daytime funds are designed for different types of skin. They promote the regeneration of cells and restore elasticity, they struggle with pronounced dryness. The wrinkle filler ADVANCED has an instant action, stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid.
  • Neovadiol - for ages from 45 to 60 years. It takes into account hormonal changes in dry, as well as normal and combination skin during menopause. The first moisturizes, the second tightens the face. Night cream of the same series serves to seal the skin and prevent puffiness.
  • Cellebiotik - for people after 60. Creates a protective barrier, heals tissues, maintains a well-groomed appearance.

Vichy products are hypoallergenic and safe. When choosing a remedy, you should follow the manufacturer's advice, specific indications and individual characteristics of the organism.

Day creams for face from wrinkles

The tasks of day cream for the face from wrinkles - saturate with useful substances, protect from external factors, moisturize and maintain, maintaining the health and youthfulness of the skin. The company SOTHYS has developed a series of cosmetics, including facial creams from wrinkles, representing 4-level skin care of various types and ages.

  • The first level - the restoring means: improve the appearance, preserve a healthy color, minimize wrinkling.
  • At the second level, smoothness, elasticity, skin tightening is achieved.
  • The third stage provides tightening and regeneration.
  • The final stage should increase the updating functions, align the relief, saturate the dermis with the components necessary for the young species.

Cosmetics SOTHYS is organic, without dyes, synthetic fragrances and other unsafe compounds. "The cream of youth from wrinkles" is applied to the skin for 35-45 years. Supports tone, aligns the color, smoothes thin creases.

"Youth cream for elasticity comfortable" with an innovative component reduces wrinkles and dark spots, improves elasticity. "Secrets of SOTHYS" category VIP-rejuvenation has protective, moisturizing and nourishing properties. This is the most expensive drug in this series.


Night creams for face from wrinkles

At night, while the skin and the whole body are resting, there is active nutrition of the epidermis and cellular renewal of tissues. Correctly selected night cream for face from wrinkles can fully use this time to improve the appearance and condition of the skin.

Each age category needs different substances used as ingredients of face creams from wrinkles. If in 30-35 years in a priority humidification, after 45 and stronger structure is necessary.

It is necessary to consider the skin type, composition and even the smell of the cream. If it is intrusive or simply unpleasant, then all other benefits lose appeal. Important in the storage of cosmetics is the material and the type of packaging.

Rules for the use of night tools:

  • Apply from below upwards, on massage lines.
  • The procedure should be performed an hour before going to bed so that the mass can absorb.
  • Work with your fingertips gently and do not stretch the skin.
  • Excess soak with a napkin.

In cosmetics reviews, the cream of different value is positively evaluated: Moisturizing Nivea, Moisturizing Expert Loreal, Genifigue Lancome, Multi-Regenerante Nuit by Clarins, Lifting Vichy, La Nuit Chanel, Magic Night Cream-Dream by Garnier, Benefiance from Shiseido.

Nightwear for men takes into account the characteristics of their skin, which is thicker than female, and is more prone to injury. Men are offered creams with a light structure and strengthened functions. Famous brands produce cosmetics for various needs and skin types - Nivea's "Charge of Energy", Guadra FX Avon, Homme Hydra Mag C Vichy.

Men's face creams from wrinkles

It is believed that men's skin is more resistant to aging. The years spent are really more supportive of the stronger sex, but the time is coming when age changes become noticeable on men's faces.

Without proper care, the face is covered with small or deep furrows, and this is not the scars that supposedly adorn these men. To avoid this picture, men's face creams from wrinkles should be used long before the profound changes on the face.

Features of men's skin are such that women's face creams from wrinkles are not suitable for them. In the afternoon gels with a gentle texture and UV filters are necessary, at night - cosmetics are denser. Beforehand, you need to cleanse your face with special preparations. After 25 years, it is advisable to moisturize the skin, and from about 30-35 years to use anti-aging cosmetics. Creams for men on the market are enough.

  • Drops of Youth - moisturizes oily skin.
  • Payot Homme Soin fluid against mimic folds; supports the dermis. Additional advantages - the corporate smell and the presence of a dispenser.
  • Age Fitness Night works through antioxidants: applied at night, refreshes and smooths the skin.
  • Shiseido Man - restores after stress, brightens, protects the skin from external influences, especially in the cold season of the year.
  • Dior Homme Dermo System rejuvenating serum - increases elasticity, stimulates renewal.
  • Moisturizing Clinique prevents premature aging, refreshes, relieves irritation.
  • Mineral Declare increases elasticity, removes redness and dryness, provides long-lasting hydration.
  • Complex anti-aging Juvena activates the restoration of the epidermis, returns the dullness and tone.
  • Phito Uomo - a unique remedy with a complex of active substances that take into account the characteristics of the structure of the male dermis. Promotes the preservation of the structure and strength of the skin.
  • Softening Bielinda - for skin prone to inflammation and stress. Deeply moisturizes and smoothes the fading skin, soothes and improves its general condition.

Face Mask Cream for Wrinkles

Night cream face mask from wrinkles with extracts of mesembriantemum crystal and rice, according to the application, serves to smooth out the relief of the skin. Face wrinkle cream "Natural shine" has a mousse texture, effectively moisturizes the skin and activates cellular respiration during sleep.

  • A difficult part is an annual plant distributed in the Mediterranean and islands, synonyms - ice, midday, crystal grass. There are several types of mesembrianthemum with different but equally beautiful flowers, which is why many growers grow it in home gardens and flower beds.

The Ukrainian company "New Life" produces a cream mask with extracts of carrots, kelp, basil and a whole list of useful herbal ingredients. And similar masks with demineralized water and various clays: "Cleansing" with green, "Health-improving" with blue, "Rejuvenating" with red, "Nutritious" with white, express mask for care, "Antioxidant", "Complex care" for the basis of the mud of Lake Saki. They are applied and act according to names and composition.


Recipes for home face creams from wrinkles

Many women are confident that face creams from wrinkles of their own manufacture are better than industrial ones. And they confirm this with a blossoming look and personal grooming, and on the forums they share their own recipes of home face creams for wrinkles, including unique ones.

Creams are prepared according to different methods. Ingredients are essential and fatty oils, wax, honey, food, berries and fruits, even cognac (in the minimum dose).

  1. Cognac cream is prepared according to this recipe: 2 tsp. Drink, yolk, 100 g of cream, 1 tsp. Lemon juice, 1 tbsp. L. Honey - stir and steam for about 10 minutes. Soak for half an hour on the skin. For best effect, it is recommended to perform a home or salon peeling.
  2. An interesting tool is obtained from plant material and fats. Take 8 leaves of currant, 3 mountain ash, 5 nettle, 3 flowers of jasmine and red rose, 50 g of parsley, crushed to a mushy consistency. For 1 tbsp. L. Wax, melted margarine and lean oil combine with 1 tsp. Liquid vitamin A, then - with a vegetable slurry. The cream is ready.
  3. Cream with eggs quail is prepared on the basis of wax, which is melted in a warm oil - olive or jojoba. Stir continuously, then inject 2-3 yolks and allow the mixture to simmer a little. The mass increases in volume. Apply the coolant in the evening, standing for an hour. Use twice a week, stored in the cold for no longer than 5 weeks.

Shark Fat Face Cream for Wrinkles

Shark fat contains many components useful to the human body, therefore it is used in medicine and cosmetology. Especially beneficial effect on the skin, hair and nails, as well as joints. In ointments with shark fat, they add medicinal, in creams for the face from wrinkles - cosmetic components.

"Shark Fat" - a face cream from wrinkles with this name was developed for moisturizing and nourishing, satiating with vitamins, eliminating dryness, reducing wrinkles, and refreshing the hue. When the body receives a sufficient number of useful components, the fragility of the nails and the dullness of the hair disappear in parallel. If necessary, fat is treated with hair, elbows, nails along with the cuticle.

In the day cream ultra-lifting from LUCHIKS, in addition to shark fat, included Q10 and elastin, so that the cream performs the following functions:

  • Has an emollient, tonic, tightening effect.
  • Restores the protective properties.
  • It blocks free radicals.
  • Aligns the irregularities.
  • Slows down the aging.

To improve the effect it is recommended to combine with night cream and masks of this line. The same company offers a muscle relaxant "Peptides and silk proteins" with shark fat, created by an innovative formula. The drug is useful as a filler of wrinkles.

Gelatin cream for face from wrinkles

Gelatin is obtained from an animal connective tissue containing collagen. There is food, technical, and from some time - and cosmetic. It is the same food gelatin, the useful qualities of which are used not only in cooking, but also when creating face creams from wrinkles.

At its core, gelatin is a split collagen, that is, a protein responsible for the turgor and elasticity of the skin. With a shortage, wilting begins and wrinkles form. Creams of gelatin for the face from wrinkles are opposed to undesirable changes and make them less noticeable. Therefore, many women actively use the substance in their home "laboratories".

  • When buying gelatin, pay attention to its color and smell. The quality product is almost transparent and odorless. Sold in powder, granules, grains, plates. Depending on the form, it is dissolved in different ways, so follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Independently it is possible to prepare not only rejuvenating, but also nutritious or softening masks and creams. With the appearance of the first wrinkles, a mask with glycerin and honey, with cream and other fermented milk products will benefit. The composition is applied to the face, as usual, for 20 minutes, until it dries.

The peculiarity is to maximally relax the musculature for this time: this will help to strengthen the tightening effect. Wash off the mask with warm water. Do not tear off the formed film in order not to damage the skin.


The essence of the action of facial creams against wrinkles is in active confrontation with signs of wilting and aging, rejuvenation of the skin. The pharmacodynamics of individual ingredients used in cosmetics of this genus is described.

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Face creams from wrinkles have a local effect. There are no detailed data on pharmacokinetics.

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Dosing and administration

A small pea of a face cream from wrinkles is applied to a pre-prepared face and neck once or twice a day. Massiruyut before soaking, the rest is usually removed, but in some instructions it is recommended to not remove the remains.

On the methods of use and doses, as well as the features of use, is reported on the packages. The course of application ranges from 2 weeks. Up to 2 months. A noticeable improvement occurs around the end of the first week.

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Use Face cream from wrinkles during pregnancy

The use of various cosmetics in the bearing of a child must be metered. Refuse to care for the skin is not worth it, but with facial creams from wrinkles, be more careful.

  • Search for special with a note for future mothers or act on the advice of a doctor.
  • Carefully study the composition for the presence of dangerous components: retinol, salicylic acid, estrogens and so on.

Cream "Pantenol", for example, does not contain a ban for use during pregnancy.


Face creams for wrinkles should be applied according to age. Otherwise, there may be undesirable consequences. Contraindications to use - allergic predisposition, skin pathologies, individual sensitivity to individual components.

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Side effects Face cream from wrinkles

When applying a face cream from wrinkles, allergies are possible: redness, swelling, itching, flaking. Such side effects usually disappear soon, and if not, then the application should be canceled. Some brands offer probes that you can use to test a new tool.

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Overdose of face creams against wrinkles is unlikely.

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Interactions with other drugs

Face creams from wrinkles can not be used together with pharmaceutical preparations without medical indications and doctor's prescription. Interactions with other cosmetic preparations in the instructions are not limited. Moreover, with most of these drugs, they combine well, especially with serial, from one manufacturer.

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Storage conditions

Storage conditions are standard for cosmetics of this type: a clean dry room, protected from sun and external factors, at a temperature of 5-25 degrees. Face creams from wrinkles of hand-made manufacture are stored in cooler places.

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Shelf life

Face creams from wrinkles store 24-36 months. Open - according to the instructions. Creams-masks 2 years, home remedies - from several days to several weeks.


Most face creams from wrinkles justify the expectations of women who want to prolong youth. Disappointment is experienced only by those who, in adulthood, do not cease to expect a miracle.

Biorecin cream attracts attention, positive opinions regarding which coincide in specialists and in many consumers.

Effective facial creams from wrinkles

The effectiveness of cosmetics is difficult to measure by specific indicators. Even the most high-quality facial creams from wrinkles and other blemishes show a different result in different people. When choosing it should be based on the fact that an effective face cream from wrinkles should have the necessary qualities. What are they?

  • Ingredients: natural substances - elastin, caffeine, oils and extracts, lipovitamins A and E, phytoceramides, flavones and phytopeptides, retinol, collagen, ANA-acids are important components of anti-aging cosmetics. Good creams contain substances that penetrate the dermis, not just the epidermis.
  • Sterility: reliable hygienic packaging is not just a manufacturer's whim to raise costs. The fact is that a poorly protected product becomes vulnerable to bacteria, sunlight and other factors unfavorable for natural substances.

Effective luxury creams produce brands Dior, Clarins, Clinics, Estee Lauder, Guerlain. Pharmacy brands also have anti-aging lines: Vichy, Avene, RoC, La Roche Posae, Nuxe, Lieras. The mass-market is represented by the brands Garnier, Green Mama, Nivea, Vitex, Loreal, Natura Siberica.

Professional brands Cristina, SesDerma, NeoStrata, Janssen, SkinCeuticals, Magiray are used in salons or according to the appointment of a cosmetologist.

Magic effect, none of the creams for face from wrinkles does not have, although some advertise it promises. All the rejuvenating ingredients, which are rich in cosmetics, are obtained from natural raw materials - plants, food, beverages. All this can be obtained with proper nutrition. Genetics and way of life are also important. If all these factors are aimed at health and well-being, then a woman at any age will look beautiful and dignified.



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