Cream mask for face: rejuvenating, whitening, tightening

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In the cosmetic vocabulary there are terms "cream" and "cream-mask" for the face. Are these concepts sound, and if they differ, then how? And does every woman need cosmetics of this kind?

Indications Face mask cream

Indications for the use of facial creams are age-related skin defects:

  • dryness;
  • presence of spots;
  • unhealthy color;
  • loss of elasticity;
  • complications after cosmetic and surgical intervention.

Creams-masks are able to quickly correct flaws, and with regular application saturate the skin with all the necessary ingredients.


Release form

Names of facial creams:

  • "Intensive moisturizing" Anew Clinical;
  • "Before the date" Cettua;
  • Moisturizing Caudale;
  • Cleansing "Pineapple with enzymes";
  • "Chinese magnolia vine and Ussuri hops" Green Mama;
  • Mud Himalaya Herbals;
  • Restoring Irushka;
  • Cleansing with papaya extract;
  • Immediate action Lancaster;
  • Immortelle L`Occitane;
  • Express OTI BOTOX;
  • For intensive care Vetia Floris;
  • Vitaminized with peeling Purederm;
  • With isoflavones Pure Love;
  • The immortal L`Occitane;
  • Crystal with collagen Tiande;
  • Soothing Shary "Green Tea";
  • With mucin snails Escargot;
  • With biogold and crystalline collagen;
  • Placental-collagenic Diazo;
  • "Swallow's Nest";
  • "Minerals of thermal waters" Hadabisei;
  • Purederm Olive Collagen.

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Anti-aging cream facial mask collamask

One of the very popular anti-aging drugs is a rejuvenating cream of the face mask Collamask with collagen. Contains the following ingredients:

  • Amino acids - provide a rejuvenating effect.
  • Alganate sodium, extracted from seaweed, eliminates toxins.
  • Collagen - updates the damaged structure and smoothes the skin.
  • Blue clay - cleans the pores, tones.
  • Betaine - nourishes, retains moisture.
  • Oil of palmarose - provides antibacterial action and a fragrance of cream face mask.

Collected in one formula, these components perform a set of tasks. They quickly cope with irregularities, clean the pores and restore the structure of tissues, optimize the fluid balance. After the procedure, the skin begins to actively breathe and update, the effect is noticeable almost immediately, and after a few applications the result is really impressive. The person is protected from premature old age, younger and fresher.

The procedure is specified in the instructions. The agent is applied to a cleansed face, spread over the skin and left for 20 minutes. Then wash off and, if necessary, moisturize with everyday cream. Periodicity of the procedure - once or twice a week.



The drug Immortel is two in one: a cream and a face mask. Nutrient has a dense consistency and rich in useful ingredients. Used at any age with dry, normal, combination skin.

Thanks to vitamins A and E, shea butter regenerates cellular activity and microcirculation, deep penetration of nutrients, protection from the harmful effects of free radicals.

  • At high dryness, the Immortelle is used as a nourishing cream. In this case, it is applied in a traditional way: on a clean face, twice a day.
  • As a restorative mask, L`Occitane is recommended for normal and complex skin. Apply twice a week, also in the usual way: put on the neck and face, and after 10 minutes remove unabsorbed leftovers.

Cream mask not only performs nutritional and protective functions, but also provides a sense of comfort, especially in adverse weather and climate conditions. The name of the mask is not accidental: after all, the immortelle is the name of a non-moving flower.

The company L`Occitane in its activities relies on the nature and "behavior" of plants, which are the raw materials for cosmetic products. Natural extracts are obtained in peak concentrations in plants of active substances, and their effectiveness and safety are checked by the company's specialists in close cooperation with scientific and medical institutions.

Anti-Aging Cream Facial Mask

Humidification, nutrition and lifting promises a cream-mask for the face Botox Activ Expert. The product is positioned as unique, with the effect of botox, and is used in the presence of facial wrinkles, decreased tone and associated age-related changes.

Features of the application of anti-aging face cream:

  • Apply to cleansed lotion, gel or soap face.
  • Thin layer to distribute with soft massage movements.
  • After 20 minutes, rinse the rests with warm running water, mineral water, milk or herbal tea.
  • Do not wipe so that moisture is absorbed and the face is dry.
  • Do not apply moisturizers.
  • Mask applied at night, but in advance, so that the active components before sleep have time to saturate and renew the skin.

Botox Active Expert is sold only through the Internet. However, the network contains information about the spread of obvious fakes, which differ dramatically from the product shown and described. Therefore, women, attracted by the magic word botox, should exercise caution and care, so as not to make mistakes when buying.

Whitening Face Mask Cream

The complexion is adversely affected by many factors, and over time, such factors, unfortunately, become more. Smoking, sickness, lack of oxygen and vitamins, stress, unhealthy habits and environmental conditions leave a bad imprint on the skin, especially the face. Because of them, the skin loses its freshness and radiance, becomes blotchy and gray, creating an image of untidiness and wilting. Creams for face mask can help the cause and change the skin for the better.

  • Do not experiment and try to improve and up to that good, healthy complexion. Such actions can damage and cause unwanted skin changes.

Also, do not take the concept of "whitening" literally, because no one expects a wholly white result. In fact, it is about lightening the skin.

Natural bleaching face cream creams are prepared by themselves. To do this, use improvised components with bleaching properties: cottage cheese, hydrogen peroxide, parsley greens, cucumber pulp.

What masks are capable of:

  • lighten a few tones of freckles;
  • align the color and bring it closer to the natural one;
  • eliminate redness and acne;
  • reduce tan and unwanted swarthiness;
  • smooth complications after procedures that leave reddish scars or nodules.

To achieve the result, several procedures are required. Each successor consolidates the success of the previous one. However, you can not abuse whitening: after 10 masks a break for several weeks is required.

Recipes for face masks and creams

Popular ingredients in recipes for masks and face creams - honey, yolks, proteins, dairy products, fruit of gardens and beds, gelatin, cosmetic clay, vegetable oils and esters, lemon juice, waterlog, herbal infusions, therapeutic mud. In creams-face masks are added vitamins and various pharmacy products. When self-made, remember that the highly active ingredients are added strictly dosed.

  • Cleansing masks remove excess fat, tighten pores, smooth the skin.
  • Moisturizers increase elasticity, saturate with moisture, refresh.
  • Tonic is saturated with oxygen and nutrient components, refreshing.
  • Soothing and soothing have a beneficial effect on dry irritated skin.

Whitening masks:

  1. 2. Art. Spoons of currant puree mixed with honey melted (1 tsp).
  2. Grind 2 tbsp. L. Parsley, mixed with liquid honey and fresh lemon juice.
  3. Lemon flesh combine with sour cream or kefir in a 1: 2 ratio.
  4. Grated cucumber, parsley, fat sour cream (2: 2: 1), mix with 1 tsp. Lemon juice.

The three-stage mask "Trio" protects against wrinkles and dryness. The first mixture is applied directly to the steamed skin, the second - after 7 minutes and the final one - after 7 minutes.

  • 1 mixture: grits in a coffee grinder oat flakes and olive oil (2: 1).
  • 2 mixture: a half-apple of green color and 1 tsp. Of natural honey.
  • 3 mixture: a drop of lemon juice on a spoonful of sour cream.

Wash off the layers with warm water, then sprinkle with soda and dry your face without wiping with a towel.

In the presence of fresh scars and scars, a mask with turmeric is shown, which is mixed in equal quantities with milk and honey. Kashitsu stand for at least 25 minutes, rinse with water, alternating the contrast temperature. Such a measure improves blood flow in tissues that have been traumatized or surgically treated. This same mask has anti-aging properties: it improves color and eliminates wrinkles.

Preparation of face mask cream at home

Among home-made bleaching methods, clarifying facial creams are most effective. Although compresses, herbal lotions, lotions, essential oils are also popular. With severe pigmentation or other problems, a combination of different types of procedures is required.

It is proved that during the action of the mask, all the active substances are delivered to the cells, enriching the dermis. Thanks to this, she is healthy, straightened, and fresh. It is not possible to keep the mass further than recommended, because this can have the opposite effect.

Preparation of facial creams at home has its advantages:

  • The ability to use an individual recipe or create an exclusive recipe.
  • Performing the procedure in a comfortable home environment.
  • Personal guarantee of freshness and quality of ingredients.
  • Provides a pleasant relaxation, promoting the assimilation of nutrients.

For masks will require a separate clean dishes of different sizes, better glass or ceramic: bowls, spatulas, spatulas. To remove the mass - cotton swabs or disks: clean, moistened with water or, according to the requirements, any solution.

When making home cosmetics, try to avoid unfamiliar or exotic ingredients that may "not like" the skin. And to prevent undesirable consequences, do preliminary allergic testing.

Cream mask for face with mink oil

The brand "Siberian Health" produces a cream face mask with mink oil. The product is called legendary and unique - thanks to this particular natural ingredient. The name of the product is "Baarkhad-velvet", the destination is facial and decollete.

  • Cream mask for the face in the heat protects against ultraviolet light, and in winter - from peeling and inflammation arising from wind and frost.

The product actively saturates the dermis with nutrients and moisture, increases elasticity and turgor, softens and improves shade. It increases the protective forces, promotes the healing of various abrasions, injuries, irritations. Small irregularities in the eye, lips and neck area also make the cream even.

The effectiveness of mink oil increases due to the presence of additional components: fatty acids and glycerides. As a result, the skin acquires elasticity, smoothness and velvety.

The mask is kept for up to 20 minutes, the excess is removed with a soft swab. But it is possible and not to remove, in order to maximize the effect on the skin. "Baarkhad-velvet" can also be applied as a night cream.

Mask for face from custard

The recipes for facial creams include substances of vegetable and animal origin, including food. Therefore, do not be surprised that the custard favorite by many can be consumed not inside, but externally, as a mask. And if nutritionists do not approve the regular use of delicious "tarts", they are extra calories, then such masking does not apply to facial masks from custard.

  • The recipe for the mask is a recipe for the cream: 100 ml of milk and 100 g of sugar brew and cool, add a spoonful of flour, an egg and 20 g of melted butter, put again on the fire, without intermittent stirring until thick. In the mass, you can add useful substances, depending on the problems that need to be solved with it.

The preparation is prepared independently, in the home kitchen. The process takes approximately 50 minutes. While the mass cools down to the desired temperature, it is necessary to prepare the face: to clean and, for better penetration of substances, to steam out.

Apply a lot of fingers, discs or a brush, avoiding the gentle areas around the eyes and lips. After the mask has solidified, wash your face with water at room temperature. As a result, we get freshness and smartness of the face.


Pharmacodynamics of the popular ingredients of facial creams:

  • Hyaluronic acid normalizes the water balance, neutralizes free radicals.
  • Peptides reduce muscle activity, smooth wrinkles and prevent the formation of new ones.
  • Squalane is highly compatible with the skin, forming a protective balance from external toxins.
  • Shea butter activates the synthesis of collagen and elastin.
  • Vitamins act as antioxidants: accelerate the exfoliation of dead cells and the healing of lesions.

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The pharmacokinetics of face creams are not described. It is known that the drugs act locally, on the application sites.

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Dosing and administration

The method of administration and dosage, as well as the specific features of the use of facial creams, are indicated in the instructions. For example, when applying a mask with mink oil, the residues are not removed - for more intense exposure.

Home masks are liquid and can stain clothing. To avoid this, you should cover your shoulders with a towel. Hairs are stabbed, hidden under a bandana or a kerchief.

Step-by-step preparation of the procedure:

  • Pre-cleaning the face of cosmetics and natural dirt.
  • Apply a thick layer, starting from the neck or chin; clean leaves 1 cm to the hair growth line.
  • The gentle areas around the mouth remain clean.
  • Exposure procedure - 15-20 minutes.
  • Flushing (ordinary or carbonated water, wet sponge).
  • Application of a moisturizer.

The face with the mask should be calm, during the procedure you can not smile and talk. The procedure is repeated no more than 2 times a week.

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Use Face mask cream during pregnancy

There is no categorical ban on the use of various cosmetics during pregnancy. After all, the skin of a woman in this condition is no less than at another time, requires careful care, nutrition, moisturizing and so on. Actions. But caution in choosing cosmetics and methods during pregnancy is really necessary.

It is recommended to choose special products for expectant mothers, safe quality face cream creams or cooked alone .  Aggressive or dangerous for the fetus, regardless of their effectiveness, are excluded for the entire period of pregnancy and lactation.

From home ingredients it is easy to prepare various combined products for pregnant women - with clarifying, moisturizing, cleansing, nourishing properties. A simple clarifying cream is prepared from grated potatoes, olive oil and milk. After 20 minutes, the mixture is washed off and the daily cream is applied.


General contraindications for use are individual intolerance, high sensitivity of the skin. Various cream face masks have separate contraindications. In particular, contraindications for whitening masks are complex skin diseases, multiple inflammations, hypersensitive skin type, recent cosmetic procedures, fresh wounds, seams and injuries.

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Side effects Face mask cream

Side effects occur when the masks are applied incorrectly to the face or hypersensitivity to individual components. Appear reddening, itching, inflammation, rash.

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Overdose of some facial creams or individual ingredients can cause an allergic reaction or swelling.

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Interactions with other drugs

Information on the interaction with other drugs or active substances face creams is not.

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Storage conditions

The storage conditions of any cosmetics are dry clean place, without getting sun rays. The temperature is from 5 to 25 degrees.

Home cream face masks are prepared in small portions, immediately before use. Large portions are stored in the cold.

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Shelf life

Packed facial creams preserve the shelf life of 12-36 months. Shelf life of open cosmetics is up to six months. Home remedies are kept in the refrigerator for several days.



Positive responses about Kollamask leave even men. They say that thanks to this excellent facial mask, plastic surgeons can stay without patients.

Surely this is an exaggeration, but not all means respond in this way. One of the surgeons also left a positive comment.

Comments on other masks are different, but most interested women find in the cosmetic sea an ideal tool for themselves.

The task of the mask is a purposeful quick action on a particular problem. This is its difference from creams that perform a universal action. Cosmetologists are sure that correctly prepared mass, superimposed on the prepared surface, can perform a miracle. He also owns the following aphorism: good face mask creams are not the ones that made the skin perfect, but those that left no unwanted effects. The truth is obviously in the middle.


To simplify the perception of information, this instruction for use of the drug "Cream mask for face: rejuvenating, whitening, tightening" translated and presented in a special form on the basis of the official instructions for medical use of the drug. Before use read the annotation that came directly to medicines.

Description provided for informational purposes and is not a guide to self-healing. The need for this drug, the purpose of the treatment regimen, methods and dose of the drug is determined solely by the attending physician. Self-medication is dangerous for your health.

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