Cream-gels for the face: moisturizing, matting, tonic

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The difference cream-gel for the face from the usual cream is that the first does not contain some ingredients (animal, vegetable, mineral fats and oils, emulsifiers, etc.). And if the problem skin does not take fatty preparations, then watery light gels can be the solution to the problem.

Indications Cream-gel for face

Cream-gels for the face, depending on the composition, perform various tasks to eliminate deficiencies (cosmetic) and skin diseases (homeopathic, therapeutic drugs). Therefore, the indications for the use of cream-gel for the face of everyone - their own. Problem skin, the presence of acne and inflammation, dryness, wilting, sebaceous shine, seborrhea - all this, and not only, is a weighty reason for purchasing a gentle, light drug with a gelatinous texture.


Release form

Names of cream-gels for the face of different price range:

  • Aloe vera Oriflame;
  • Moisturizing Multi-Hydratante from Clarence;
  • Caribbean holidays;
  • On pomegranate juice "100 recipes of beauty";
  • Korres Greece;
  • Balance;
  • "Energy of vitamins" Lirene;
  • "Life-giving moisturizing" Garnier;
  • Moisture Surge от Clinigue;
  • Korean with sea minerals;
  • Aqua-gel from Novosvit;
  • Jojoba, Hlavin from Israel;
  • Night with nectar Manuka from Living Nature;
  • Soothing from Banana boat;
  • Skin Care от Biotherm;
  • With slime snails from Limoni;
  • Toning from Mirra;
  • Multifunctional (for face, hair, body) from Tony Moly;
  • With aloe and calanchoe from the "Kingdom of fragrances";
  • Universal from Nature Republik.

Moisturizing cream-gel for the face

Cream-gel for the face "Humidification Expert" class of mass market is designed for normal and mixed skin. The purpose of moisturizing cream gel for the face from Loreal - toning and replenishment of water balance.

It is characterized by a delicate texture, instantly absorbed and deeply penetrates, saturating the tissues with moisture. At the same time it acts selectively: the areas with normal epidermis moisturizes, and delicately cares for the fatty zones. Rich in vitamins and minerals the composition maintains the well-being and health of the skin.

  • Intensive protection from ultraviolet and external negative manifestations, as well as moisturizing and soothing, provides Jojoba gel (from Hlavin). Contains 25% of jojoba oil. Effective in seborrhea, it can easily cope with redness, irritation, suitable for any skin type.
  • ELLA BACHE - used in salons and at home. Moisturizes and cools the face, nourishes, resists acne.
  • Gel on pomegranate juice from "100 beauty recipes" represents anti-aging remedy 30+. Stimulates the production of collagen. Removes dehydration, moisturizes and protects by means of special filters.
  • "Energy of vitamins" (Lirene) is suitable for the whole face, including perio-eye zones. Contains the vitamin E. E. Acts on the deep levels of the dermis.

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Cream-gel for face malavit

Cream-gel for the face of Malawit is made from natural ingredients. This is the original development of specialists, which are combined with the tried and tested alternative recipes. Such products preserve the feminine beauty, protect from the adverse effects of the external environment and premature aging.

  • The recipe for "Malavita" includes 24 plants, as well as oleoresin, mummies, silver ions. Plants and minerals are products of the Mountain Altai, the main mineral is malachite. The original name combines this word with Latin vita (life), thus emphasizing the idea of malavita - "to give life."

Cream gel for the face has the ability to moisturize, soften, smooth the relief. Replenishes the lack of moisture, maintains the water balance. As a result, the skin becomes fresh, breathes, becomes soft and matte. The processes of withering slow down, the flaws become invisible.

Multifunctional compound "Malavit" makes the face light and radiant. Vegetable substances, in the name of which there is a definition of "Japanese" (algae, rice, honeysuckle, rose, apricot), remove traces of lack of sleep or fatigue, remove minor imperfections.

The gel is applied in small portions daily, twice a day. Light movements are distributed over the face. For better absorption, use the same scrub.


Cream-gel for the face of the Caribbean vacation from avon

The night gel of this brand is included in the series Planet Spa, designed to eliminate stress and its consequences, restore inner harmony and peace of mind. The name of the cream-gel for the face "Caribbean vacation" from the eivon is not accidental: it causes logical associations with the atmosphere reigning on tropical beaches.

  • Relaxation, negation, hot sun and gentle sea - what else does a person need for happiness, even for a short time?

The gel contains useful ingredients extracted from seaweed of the Caribbean Sea, in combination with pearl powder. These are very valuable components for restoring and smoothing, keeping youth and freshness of the skin.

Light texture provides a rapid absorption and refreshing effect, softness and silky skin. The product put on the night in the morning makes the skin rested, fresh and glowing. Application is made by the smoothing movements of the fingertips. For a single procedure, a small dose of the gel is sufficient.

The same summer line, in addition to cream-gel for the face, includes several types of uhod cosmetics. In the formulas of all products there are seaweed and pearl powder.

Light cream-gel for the face balance eyvon

An important role in maintaining the health and youth of the skin is played by the water-fat balance. Normalize this indicator called light cream-gel for the face "Balance" from Avon with a unique formula that includes the complex "active seed".

  • Cream-gel for the face contains mineral powder, which regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands, prevents overabundance of fat. The dullness lasts 12 hours.
  • Chia seeds retain moisture, preventing evaporation.
  • The grape extract protects against the negative influence of external factors.

The light consistency of the product guarantees the air permeability of the greasy film formed on the surface. After soaking, the gel refreshes the skin, moisturizes and enriches it with vitamins.

The drug is intended for consumers with combined, as well as sensitive skin. It is applied by gentle movements, massaged before absorption.

Cream-gel for the face of aloe vera

The most important skin problem is a lack of moisture, which leads to deterioration of its condition and premature withering. A good cream-gel for the face is designed to correct the imbalance and restore the previous state of the skin.

  • The Oriflame brand offers an aloe vera gel cream that restores, moisturizes and softens the skin. The formula is designed for normal and combined type. Thanks to the presence of aloe vera, healing takes place in the shortest possible time.

The gel has a gentle texture, absorbed without greasy marks and stickiness. The product was subjected to dermatological testing, therefore it is safe in the sense of allergic reactions. The method of application is standard: application to cleansed skin, twice a day. In order to improve the effectiveness before applying, it is recommended to use the same gel for washing and tonic for the face.

Moisturizing cream-gel for the face ultra moisturizing

Ultra-moisturizing gels fill with moisture, restore elasticity, refresh the skin. The cream-gel formula for the face of Garnier's "Basic Care" includes components of medicinal plants that guarantee normal skin hydration during the day. The cream promotes cell renewal, removes toxins, enriches with energy, smooths out the tone, protects from the effects of the environment.

  • The Faberlic brand produces an ultra-moisturizing series of Agua Smart. The cream of the face gel takes into account the characteristics of young skin. The prescription includes the innovative Agua Smart complex, a unique oxygen compound that acts on deep levels.

Moisturizing cream for face ultra-moisturizing (FITokosmetik) is created on Kamchatka thermal water. The formula includes extracting brown algae and such important components as aloe juice, silk proteins.

Moisturizes, softens, sates with vitamins, protects against UV. The manufacturer attributes the product to a new generation of aqua-creams that act on all levels: superficial, dermal, cellular. Deep penetration of water molecules enriches the dermis with moisture, increases the turgor, which leads to a marked improvement in its condition.

Cream-gel to cleanse the face clean clear

"Deep Cleansing" - this is the name of the cream-gel to cleanse the face clean clear. It is useful to owners of problematic, acne prone or acne skin. The composition - salicylic acid, menthol, antioxidant.

  • Salicylic acid eliminates excess fat, dead elements and accompanying dirt.
  • Menthol tones up, heals.
  • The antioxidant BHT slows the oxidative reactions that occur when in contact with air. This reduces the number of free radicals that accelerate the aging process.

Cream-gel for the face, thanks to a light, low-fat texture, penetrates into the deep layers, without clogging the pores. Systematic application of the product provides a complete cleansing, gives freshness for the whole day.

Some users are very creative in using the product and argue that the face cleansing cream is quite suitable instead of shaving foam and also as an axillary antiperspirant (if to apply a pea on the damp skin and after two minutes to wash off). According to reviews, the gel also perfectly copes with teenage problems.

Cream-gel for face avene cleanance

Therapeutic face cream avene cleanance combines nutritional and anti-inflammatory properties. Performs superficial peeling, keratolytic and seboreguliruyuschee action. Due to this, the tone is leveled, the comedones disappear.

Cream-gel for the face has a triple effect:

  • exfoliate dead cells with hydroxy acids and keratoregulators;
  • calms by means of thermal water;
  • Matiruet surface thanks to the presence of emollients and absorbent capsules.

The gel attracts with a gentle texture, easy absorbability. Applying for make-up, prolongs its durability.

Under the influence of the drug, small defects disappear, inflammations are observed less and soon cease, the skin becomes clean and healthy.

The clinic from Aven is applied to the previously cleaned surface, the recommended multiplicity is twice a day.


Pharmacodynamics of cream-gels for the face is not investigated.

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The pharmacokinetics of cream-gels for the face has not been investigated.

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Dosing and administration

Cream-gel for the face is used once or twice a day. If in the morning, then half an hour before leaving home.

In the case of "Malavit" it is recommended to pre-clean the skin with a scrub.

Massage movements that promote the application of cosmetics, stimulate blood circulation. This way of applying cream-gel to the face promotes the rapid penetration into the deeper layers of the skin.

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Use Cream-gel for face during pregnancy

It is allowed to use during pregnancy cosmetics, the components of which are not absorbed into the blood and do not have a systemic effect on the body. Concerning the use of therapeutic cream-gels for pregnant women, it is necessary to consult separately with a specialist.


Hypersensitivity to individual components of cream-gels for the face - almost the only contraindication to use. In case of doubt, for example, with sensitive skin, testing is recommended.

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Side effects Cream-gel for face

Information about the facts of side effects is absent. When applying cream-gels for the face, one should avoid getting onto mucous membranes, and if not rushed, rinse abundantly with clean water.

When allergic reactions occur, the use of the gel is stopped.

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Overdosage of cream-gels for the face is unlikely.

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Interactions with other drugs

Cream-gels for the face perfectly match with the cosmetics of "related" rulers. Interactions with other drugs have not been studied.

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Storage conditions

Conditions for storing cream-gels for the face - room temperature, absence of moisture and excess light, adherence to the tightness of packages. Therefore, you do not need to throw out the gaskets under the covers of the jars and carefully screw the caps of the tubes. Personal accuracy protects residues from the oxidation and reproduction of microorganisms. In hot weather, it is better to keep cosmetics in the refrigerator.

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Shelf life

Open face cream gels are stored from 6 months to a year. The shelf life of packaged gels is longer (up to 18 months - Agua Smart).

For clarification, it is necessary to study the information from the manufacturer about the characteristics of your cream. It is well known that at temperatures below +5, cosmetic products harden, and at 25 and above - they oxidize and can release harmful compounds.



Reviews about cream-gels for the face are diverse. And this is logical, because there are a lot of drugs, and each person's skin has peculiarities and reacts differently to the same cosmetics.

The benefits of the reviews are that they can help in choosing, to get an idea about the novelties of the cosmetic market, which is so diverse that it is impossible to keep track of everything personally.

Cream-gels for the face are characterized by a special consistency and properties. They are easily absorbed, perfectly moisturized and looked after, do not clog the respiratory pores. Gel-like drugs are able to restore, nourish, moisturize, protect, mask, treat problem skin. Choosing a tool for yourself, it's important to remember that it's impossible to solve everything at once, so first concentrate on solving one that is particularly troubling to you problem.


To simplify the perception of information, this instruction for use of the drug "Cream-gels for the face: moisturizing, matting, tonic" translated and presented in a special form on the basis of the official instructions for medical use of the drug. Before use read the annotation that came directly to medicines.

Description provided for informational purposes and is not a guide to self-healing. The need for this drug, the purpose of the treatment regimen, methods and dose of the drug is determined solely by the attending physician. Self-medication is dangerous for your health.

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