Blood transfusion

Эритроцитарная масса

Erythrocyte mass (EM) is a component of blood, which consists of erythrocytes (70-80%) and plasma (20-30%) with an admixture of leukocytes and platelets (hematocrit - 65-80%). According to the erythrocyte content, a single dose of erythrocyte mass (270 ± 20 ml) is equivalent to one dose (510 ml) of blood.

There are 6 types of erythrocytic mass (erythrocyte mass, filtered, erythrocyte mass, gamma-irradiated, erythrocytic mass depleted of leukocytes and platelets, erythrocyte mass with removed leukotrombolome, erythrocyte mass with removed leukotrombolome, filtered, erythrocyte mass with removed leukotrombolome, gamma-irradiated) and several kinds of auto-erythrocyte mass (auto-EM, auto-EM, filtered, auto-EM, gamma-irradiated, etc.).

Erythrocyte Suspension (EB) is an erythrocyte mass resuspended in a special solution of sodium chloride and a hemoconservant containing gelatin preparations and some other components. As a rule, the ratio of erythrocyte suspension and solution is 1: 1. Erythrocyte suspension, acquiring higher fluidity and correspondingly higher rheological properties, simultaneously has a lower hematocrit (40-50%).

There are 5 types of erythrocyte suspension (erythrocyte suspension with physiological solution, erythrocyte suspension with resuspension solution, erythrocyte suspension with resuspension solution, filtered, erythrocyte suspension with resuspension solution, gamma-irradiated, erythrocyte suspension, thawed and washed).

Erythrocyte mass depleted of leukocytes and platelets (washed erythrocytes - (OE) is an erythrocyte mass lacking plasma as well as leukocytes and platelets by 1-5 times repeated addition of physiological solution and removal of the supernatant after centrifugation .The washed red blood cells are stored until use in a suspension of 100-150 ml of physiological solution with hematocrit 0,7-0,8 (70-80%).

To remove leukocytes from whole canned blood or erythrocytic mass, special filters are actively used that allow to remove more than 99% of leukocytes, which allows to reduce the number of post-transfusion reactions of nonhemolytic type and, thus, to increase the effect of medical procedures.

Erythrocyte suspension, thawed and washed, - the method of freezing and storing erythrocytes at low temperatures (up to 10 years) allows you to get functionally full red blood cells after defrosting and washing from the cryoprotector (glycerol). In the frozen state, red blood cells can be up to 10 years.

As with donor blood, it is more advisable, from both a medical and an economic point of view, to harvest autologous (autogenous) hemocomponents instead of whole canned autografts: erythrocyte mass, freshly frozen plasma (FFP), in some cases, thromboconcentrate. With adequate medical preparation of the patient (iron preparations, vitamin therapy, erythropoietin) 2-3 weeks before the operation, it is possible to prepare from 600-700 to 1500-18 000 ml autosilicates, 400-500 ml of autoimmunoassay.

In some cases autoEV is obtained from autoEM with a physiological solution or with additional filtration - autoEV with a resuspension solution, filtered.

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