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Injuries and poisonings

English translation unavailable for The first signs of methanol poisoning.
English translation unavailable for First aid with a stalk bite.

Poisoning with nitrates and nitrites

Sometimes eating fresh food can encounter an unusual reaction on them of the gastrointestinal tract. It seems that everything was fresh on the table, but there are symptoms of poisoning. 

First aid with a viper bite

Today various kinds of sports, extreme employment, tourism are wide enough. Every year the number of enthusiasts engaged in independent tourism is growing.

Symptoms of fish poisoning, the main causes

Fish is a popular product that happens on our table and on weekdays, and on holidays. The speed of preparation, the straightforwardness of the culinary processing of most fish species, the relative cheapness (with the exception of delicacies)

Poisoning with wine

Wine is a fragrant alcoholic drink with an exquisite taste based on grapes or fruit and berry raw materials. A low fortress and excellent taste qualities make it popular both among men and women.

Poisoning with vinegar, cyanide, boric acid vapors: assistance, gastric lavage

Acids have become quite widespread in everyday life. Today, acids are encountered in everyday life, in agriculture, in industry, in research institutes and in practicing laboratories. 

Poisoning with acids: sulfuric, citric, hydrochloric, nitric, orthophosphoric

Today, acid poisoning occurs more and more in medical practice. This is due to the fact that acids are increasingly being used in various fields of human activity.

Isoniazid poisoning: signs, consequences, emergency care

Isoniazid is an antibacterial agent that is used to treat tuberculosis. This is a potent remedy, which is in a separate classification in the pharmaceutical directory. 

Poisoning by oysters: through how many symptoms appear, diagnosis

Oyster meat is popular all over the world. Practically in every restaurant you can find a dish in which these marine inhabitants meet. They have a very gentle pleasant taste and leave no one indifferent.

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