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Атипичная депрессия

The insidiousness of this disorder of the psyche is not even in the difficulty of its diagnosis. Depressed (depressed) condition is associated in everyone with retardation, apathy, lack of appetite and dreary nights without sleep. 

Синдром рассеянного внимания: причины, симптомы, лечение

The pathogenesis of development and symptomatology can vary depending on the nature of the disease.


The notion of cliquishness comes from the word click, scream and means to broadcast. Klikush still in the distant past was considered demoniac, the result of spoilage, witchcraft, the consequence of instilling in them the devil. 

Кожная трипофобия: из-за чего появляется, признаки, лечение

Panic fear of openings and holes is triphophobia. Let's consider features of the given pathology, signs, methods of diagnostics, correction and treatment.

Социальная и оргазмическая ангедония: как с ней бороться

Recently, there has been a bad tendency to reduce the overall level of mood. People have become more prone to stress and can no longer give themselves wholeheartedly to those joys that once were dear to them.

Реактивная депрессия

Reactive depression is one of the types of psychogenic disorders provoked by extreme shock, commotio animi - a psychotrauma. More than a century ago, in 1913, the great German psychiatrist Karl Theodor Jaspers formulated the main criteria for reactive negative states. 


Man from nature is given a great gift - the ability to feel and experience different emotions. Thanks to this gift, we can love and hate, have fun and be sad, experience joy or anger.

Клептомания: причины, симптомы, лечение, психотерапия

Pathological dependence, in which there is an obsession with small thefts - is kleptomania. Let's consider its features, signs, methods of correction and treatment.


Fire - a fascinating sight, to which it is difficult to remain indifferent. No wonder they say that this is one of three things that you can watch forever. And the craving for fire in man has been laid down since childhood. 


In this state there is a regression of motives and hypokinesia (a sedentary lifestyle), and besides this the patient develops a subjective feeling of helplessness and constant fatigue.

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