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Diseases of the genitourinary system

Песок в почках у женщин и мужчин: что делать, лечение народными средствами в домашних условиях

Kidneys are a natural filter that cleans our blood, helps maintain the constancy of the internal environment of the body, maintains blood pressure and participates in the construction of red blood cells of blood.

Шеечный цистит мочевого пузыря у женщин и мужчин

Inflammation of the bladder in the region of its neck is cervical cystitis. Consider the main causes of the disease, symptoms, methods of treatment and prevention.

Ретроградная эякуляция: чем опасна и как вылечить?

The health of the reproductive system of men is an opportunity not only to receive sexual satisfaction, but also to acquire offspring, which is important for every self-respecting man. 

Клебсиелла в моче: норма, лечение

Klebsiella in urine, found during the delivery of laboratory tests, does not bode well, since gram-negative enterobacterium Klebsiella spp., Being a conditionally pathogenic microorganism, can cause many serious diseases.

Камни в мочевом пузыре: что делать, как лечить с помощью операции, дробления, народных методов

Normally, urine contains no more than 5% of salts, but under certain conditions, their concentration increases, and then stones can be formed on the basis of salt crystals - stones in the bladder. This process is called cystolithiasis, and the pathologies associated with it are according to ICD-10 code - N21.0-21.9.

Гнойный пиелонефрит

Purulent pyelonephritis is a serious and dangerous disease, which, fortunately, does not occur very often. Like any abscess, it is an abscess on the kidney, located in a special capsule and protecting healthy tissue from a purulent focus (kidney abscess).

Уремическая кома: неотложная помощь, интенсивная терапия

Kidneys in the human body perform a very definite work. Their main function is eliminating. The kidneys remove water from the body and excess hydrophilic metabolites, including toxic substances and slags, pumping and purifying the blood. 

Диффузные изменения паренхимы предстательной железы: признаки, лечение

Pathological disorders in the prostate tissue can be detected only when it is visualized during ultrasound examination, and they are defined as diffuse changes in the prostate gland.

Почему моча светлая и что это значит?

Some characteristics of urine can be assessed even before it is submitted for analysis. This suggests that you can monitor your health without leaving your home. It is enough to collect the urine in a clean container and evaluate its color, smell and transparency.

Кровь при мочеиспускании с болью, резями

The appearance of blood can indicate a large number of pathologies: some of them are treated quickly and without any problems, while others represent a serious danger to the body.

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