Кремы от экземы

Allergic rashes are a problem known to many. To eliminate it, various drugs are used. Consider the cream of eczema, their types and rules of application.

The defeat of the skin of an allergic nature has several forms: acute and chronic. Its causes are diverse, it can be external damage (mechanical, thermal, chemical), and a number of internal factors (diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, central nervous system, kidneys, liver). Because of multifactority, the pathological condition very often recurs. In some cases, hereditary predisposition causes exacerbations.

As a rule, the disease comes due to a decrease in the protective properties of the immune system, the effect of constant factors and in the cold season. Provocateur rashes can become household chemicals, various detergents, that is, chemical irritants. Depending on the cause, dermatologists distinguish several main types of eczema :

  • Atopic
  • Professional
  • Seborrheic
  • The microbial
  • Dysgidrotic
  • Tylotic
  • Sycosiform

In addition, the rash is wet and dry, but regardless of the form and form, there is a symptomatology characteristic of all cases: bubble rashes, peeling and burning, severe itching, the formation of painful erosions and cracks. For each specific case, appropriate treatment with the selection of drugs is necessary.

The most effective is treatment with ointments and creams - non-hormonal and hormonal. If the pathology is of an infectious nature, then antiseptic preparations are shown, with fungal lesions - antifungal. In addition to local remedies, the treatment consists of a complex of measures: physiotherapy procedures, diet, systemic therapy. The use of any drugs should be allowed by the attending physician, who selects effective medications, focusing on the features of the course of the disease.

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