Витамины для мужчин после 30

The body of a man needs the same useful substances as a woman and a child, but only the amount of vitamins consumed must be much higher. Especially it concerns fat or experiencing constant stress of representatives of a male. A separate conversation will be about athletes, workers in the mental sphere and people engaged in heavy physical labor. It is quite natural that a certain group of vitamin complexes is often required to maintain specific processes with age. Maintaining men's health, namely: the normal functioning of the prostate gland, spermatogenesis, hormonal balance provide vitamins for men after 30.

In order to prevent cardiovascular problems and prevent aging, men need antioxidant substances. An important place in the diet should be occupied by group B, which participates in the assimilation of protein and triggers synthesis processes to form a strong muscular apparatus, improve the quality of the seed, and so on. For the period of planning a child, men and women should take folic acid, which increases the chances of conceiving a strong baby. Male half of 30 can not do without vitamins A, F and E, helping to produce testosterone and normalizing potency. In the case of negative addictions (tobacco, alcohol) should lean on medicinal compounds for the liver (acid lipoic or N).

The concept of vitamins for men after 30 includes a set of organic substances with a pronounced vitamin activity, supporting the normal performance of a specific functional load of the body of a man during the period of his life.

Витамины с цинком для мужчин

Vitamins with zinc for men are a good "base" for improving the body's functions.

They are biologically active additives , which perfectly fill the lack of important substances in the daily diet. The ways of taking vitamins and their action will be discussed below.

Витамины для мужчин Дуовит

Vitamins for men Duovit have the optimal composition of vitamins and minerals, the selection of which was based on the needs of the organism, providing an active lifestyle.


For vitality of cells vitamins and trace elements, taking part in metabolic processes, are necessary.

Vitamins for humans are necessary for the full functioning of all organs and systems. This is especially true for children, when intensive growth processes are observed, as well as with active mental and physical activity.

Insufficient amount of nutrients coming from food can be caused by improper diet, poor-quality products, and pathology of organs, which does not allow physiological absorption of vitamins.

As a result of inferior micronutrient intake, a man feels weak, working capacity decreases, increased fatigue and apathy appear to the outside world.

Daily intake of the necessary amount of vitamins and microelements allows us to normalize the human condition and protect the body from the harmful effects of free radicals.

Most of the nutrients the body is not able to synthesize, so it should receive them with food or in the absence of adequate nutrition - take vitamin complexes. Thus, a man becomes more resistant to the impact of stressful situations, physical and psychological stress.

The international name for Duovit vitamins is Multivitamins and trace elements. According to the ATS encoding, the drug refers to biologically active additives that affect the digestive system and metabolic processes. Duovit is one of the components of the pharmacological group of multivitamins with trace elements

Витамины для повышения потенции мужчин

The conditions of modern life are such that cause a significant strain of the nervous system and are associated with a large number of stressful situations and adverse environmental factors. The totality of such permanent effects adversely affects the potency of men, especially after 35 years. Therefore, in order to avoid the emergence of all sorts of problems associated with sexual activity, it becomes important to ask what vitamins can be useful for increasing the potency of men.


Regular consumption of foods rich in vitamin A or the use of vitamin preparations containing beta-carotene leads to increased sexual desire and promotes the retention of male power.

B group vitamins, in particular B1, help to avoid fatigue, reduce irritability, help normalize sleep, and also are beneficial for brain activity.

Vitamin B3 is involved in the regulation of circulatory processes and increases muscle tone. It is necessary for the normal functioning of the central nervous system and is a participant in the synthesis of serotonin, also known as the "hormone of happiness".

Vitamin B9 called still folic acid provides an increase in working capacity and improvement of the general condition of the body. Another action of B9 is the enhancement of the erectile function.

Vitamin C is especially important for men's health because it plays a role in the production of dopamine - a hormone that causes sexual desire and the achievement of orgasm. It is also important that it increases the permeability of capillaries, which is important for erection.

Vitamins D are progormonal substances that positively influence the level of testosterone, the main male hormone. Proceeding from this, vitamin D is very important for potency.

Vitamins to increase the potency of men suggest an improvement in male health and the provision of a normal erection. The importance of vitamin E in this context seems almost exclusive. It helps normalize the functions of the pituitary gland and other endocrine glands. The pituitary body in the body of a man in turn is responsible for the production of sex hormones and ensures the normal development of spermatozoa.

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