Pregnancy test at home

Despite the fact that pharmacies can freely purchase any of almost two dozen brands of testing systems for determining pregnancy, some are wondering whether it is possible to make a pregnancy test in the early stages without the help of a ready-made rapid test kit.

How to do a pregnancy test at home?

As is known, testing for pregnancy based on the fact that a few days after held conception (fertilization) in chorionic cells (embryonic part of the placenta) begins the synthesis of a special hormone - human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). It falls into the urine women, and there it loose particles (beta-subunit) can be detected using monoclonal antibodies to human chorionic gonadotropin - proteins produced by B-lymphocytes of the immune system and have a high sensitivity to hCG.

Ie pregnancy staining test strips is determined by specific immunochemical reaction - immunochromatography. A test strip, more precisely, their membranes, treated with the corresponding chemical structure. This composition, apart from the dye (colored latex particles, nano-particles of colloidal gold or carbon) comprises a compound labeled specific monoclonal antibodies to human chorionic gonadotropin.

What can oppose immunochromatography People's pregnancy test with iodine? Argue that everything is very simple: if pregnancy occurs iodine becomes purple - if it drip on a paper moistened with urine. And if a woman is not pregnant, the iodine or does not change at all, or will turn blue.

Even offered to follow the behavior of iodine drops, which should drop from a pipette into a bowl with urine when this drop as soon as blurs, then it must mean that she is not pregnant. But if a drop of alcoholic iodine solution stayed on the surface - then the pregnancy.

Neither the chemical mechanism, nor experimentally proven data it was not possible to find about the validity of this method.

A pregnancy test with soda

Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is alkaline salts, and a pregnancy test with soda - apparently - uses this quality.

To carry out the test for pregnancy soda will need half a cup the first morning urine and a teaspoon of baking soda, and then just have to give up soda in the urine. Education hissing foam and bubbles will indicate a negative result, and precipitate without bubbles - is positive.

The whole secret of this "focus" that soda has alkaline properties, and acidic urine. So a negative result of this "test", taking into account the specific pH of urine, guaranteed. Burrs and bubbling upon contact with carbon dioxide urine acids and water, into which the intermediate usual reaction soda - carbonic acid.

A pregnancy test with potassium permanganate

Offers some pregnancy test with potassium permanganate is based on the belief that if pregnancy occurs urine did not change a faint pink solution of potassium permanganate, but it should appear suspended particles. And if the woman is not pregnant, then adding it to a solution of potassium permanganate urine mixture acquires a yellowish tint.

Potassium salt of permanganic acid is a strong oxidizer and enter into redox reactions with salts, which contains urine. Upon decomposition anions and cations moving in the released molecular oxygen, which discolors the potassium permanganate solution. And where do the pregnancy?

About the same nonsense emanates from trying to take a pregnancy test in the early stages with the use of ... Toothpaste. The capacity of the urine advised to put a sufficient quantity of white toothpaste and wait 10 minutes. By the appearance of foam in the container is judged on the ensuing pregnancy, everything else is considered a negative indicator.

We would like to remind you that in the court of the 21st century, and to try to do a test for all of the above methods the pregnancy at home simply impractical.

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