What is pregnancy is known to everyone ... According to most definitions, this is a "special condition", and in medicine, pregnancy is defined as the physiological state of a woman during the development of a fertilized egg in the embryo and fetus in her body. Note that this state is physiological, that is, natural - connected with the fulfillment of the most important function of any living organism - the functions of reproduction.

So what is pregnancy? A special condition of the woman's organism or, first of all, the physiological process of the development of a new organism?

Obviously, it is worth to learn more about how to make this state-process appropriate to the main goal - the birth of a healthy child.

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Аскорбиновая кислота при планировании беременности, в 1, 2, 3 триместре

To be able to function fully and maintain good health, the body needs vitamins. No matter how varied our diet is, it is impossible to completely supply the body with all the necessary substances. Even with a full and balanced diet, not all substances are absorbed. The amount of vitamin consumed by the body varies within certain limits and depends on the situation, the state of the organism, the current state of health of the degree of stress on the body. The entire complex of vitamins and minerals must be supplied to meet the body's natural needs. Pregnant women need vitamins in a double, because vitamins are needed not only to maintain the condition of a woman, but also for the normal development of the fetus. Ascorbic acid during pregnancy acquires a special significance, because this vitamin is involved in many vital processes. The need for it increases with a change in the functional state of the body, in the period of adaptation of the organism to new conditions, to enhance immunity and protect against infectious diseases.

Can ascorbic acid be used during pregnancy?

Ascorbic acid is not only possible, but it is also necessary to take it during the period of bearing the child. This is the main element, the need for which is dramatically increasing. It provides reliable protection against bacterial and viral agents, stimulates the production of interferon, promotes reliable immunity strengthening. It is recommended to be used to increase resistance and endurance, in the period of viral diseases and epidemics of influenza.

When there is a shortage a person begins to often get sick, there are constant relapses. The process of recovery is quite long. Lack of vitamin C is accompanied by a decline in strength, poor health, weakness. Diseases of the oral cavity and teeth, gums are noted. Shortage affects the condition of the hair, skin. Dryness arises, the gums bleed, wounds heal badly, a tendency to bleeding appears, which will have a particularly negative effect on childbirth, and can have serious consequences.

If you ensure the intake of vitamin C, there is strengthening of the vessels, many organs. It is a good antioxidant, removes free radicals from the body, metabolic products, prevents the formation of cholesterol. Also involved in the development of other vitamins and coenzymes, promotes normal iron metabolism, respectively, increases hemoglobin and prevents the risk of anemia. Stimulates the production of elastin and collagen fibers in the female body, which is a good prevention of stretch marks and varicose veins, will further stimulate normal labor activity, help to avoid ruptures, and accelerate postpartum recovery.

Ascorbic acid in pregnancy planning

Preparation for conception is no less important stage than the pregnancy itself. At this time the body must receive the necessary amount of vitamin, microelements, nutrition. Vitamin C is needed in a double dosage, which will help the body to prepare for bearing, regain one's own strength, and regulate protective mechanisms. This is especially important for women who have recently quit smoking. This will allow the body to quickly purify and recover, normalizes biochemical metabolism. Vitamin C is the prevention of anemia, increases blood coagulability, prevents the development of thrombi, various deposits. It has an antitoxic effect, neutralizes bacteria and viruses, eliminates foci of inflammation and normalizes immunity.

Свечи и мазь виферон при беременности: применение в 1, 2, 3 триместре при простуде и герпесе

In pregnancy, as in any other period of life, a woman is susceptible to various diseases and infections. This is due to the fact that there is a weakening of the immune system. First, the immune system perceives the fetus as an alien formation, and all the forces are directed at fighting it. But gradually there is an addiction and the struggle is weakened. There is a decrease in the activity of the immune system. But a similar effect of such a reaction is a decrease in the protective properties of the organism, its resistance to infections. As a result - diseases, colds, attachment of bacterial and viral infection. The problem is that the treatment can not be carried out, since it can negatively affect the fetal condition. But today this problem can be successfully solved using viferon suppositons during pregnancy. This tool, which allows you to effectively support the mother's body, protect it from infections. Promotes activation of the immune system, neutralization of infection.

Can candles viferon be given during pregnancy?

Intended for therapy during pregnancy, are safe. Their main action is protective. In the composition - interferon, which is usually produced by the human body to protect against viral and bacterial flora.

Despite safety, the drug should only be used according to the indications, and after consulting with the doctor, since with incorrect application, many side effects can occur. In particular, it is possible to overload the immune system, resulting in an autoimmune disease. The essence of this pathology is that the immune system starts to work too hard, produces an excessive amount of interferon and other active substances. Their action can be aimed at attacking and destroying their own cells.

Гинипрал при беременности: инструкция по применению, побочные действия, аналоги

Pregnancy is a trembling and responsible period in the life of every woman. During this period, medications can harm a developing child. It is not always the doctor who patiently and intelligently explains to the future mother the advisability of using this remedy, which, moreover, has many impressive side effects. And there are doubts - is it worth using Ginipral during pregnancy?

It is a drug that depresses the contractile activity of the muscular layer of the uterus and, thereby, prolongs the term of intrauterine development of the fetus. Its active ingredient (hexoprenaline sulfate) belongs to the group of selective β-2 sympathomimetics.

Currently, Ginipral is one of the most commonly used drugs for prolonging the bearing of a child. Its impact is well studied and predictable enough, the measures taken by medical personnel in the event of undesirable reactions from the future mother's body are worked out.

In the ideal case, with a normally proceeding pregnancy, the uterus muscles are in a relaxed state for the entire period of time. However, in reality, modern future mothers often experience stress, suffer from chronic diseases, lead a not very healthy lifestyle. In the last months of pregnancy, an increased tone appears in women with a large fetus or - bearing twins. Many reasons exist that the muscles of the uterus begin to decline actively. Hypertension of the uterus can cause premature delivery, in addition, unfavorable conditions for fetal development - hypoxia, malnutrition, which primarily affects the central nervous system and its main body - the brain.

In order to protect the child and his mother from these dangerous consequences of increased activity of the musculature of the uterus, just apply the aforementioned drug.

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