Аргановое масло для волос

Currently, the use of various oils in industrial and home cosmetics is extremely popular. One of the most common oils can be considered argan - this is a product obtained from the African argan tree plant. What can be useful argan oil for hair? How to use it to ensure maximum effect?

Argan oil is rich in many useful components - it is polyunsaturated fatty acids, and sterols, which repair damaged tissue and eliminate inflammation. In addition to these, among the main components of the oil, it is necessary to distinguish:

  • alpha-tocopherol and -spinosterol eliminate age-related changes in the tissue structure;
  • vitamin E and phenols - natural antioxidants;
  • triterpenes - alcohols providing protection from infections;
  • Triglycerides, which make the hair soft and stabilize the fat content;
  • Sterols - special compounds that accelerate the metabolism and excretion of metabolites.

But the main benefit of argan oil for hair is fast assimilation, healing of micro-damages of the hair follicle, regeneration of the hair structure after thermal and chemical damage. In addition, the argan product perfectly moisturizes, tones up and stimulates local metabolic processes.

The use of oil in cosmetology is undeniable. Preparations based on it prevent signs of early aging of the hair, correct violations related to insufficient or incorrect hair care. Also, oil provides protection against damaging environmental factors, such as ultraviolet rays, excessive humidity, frost or dry wind. As a result, the structure of the hair improves, it becomes stronger and healthier. If you use funds with argan oil regularly, then stop worrying dandruff, and the hair will become thicker and more magnificent.

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